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    TFB -

    Blue holds over two dozen offers which include all of the big boys in college football.

    The 2022 class is off to a good start as Blue joins WR Armani Winfield and CB Jaylon Guilbeau in the class.

    Darius had this to say about Jaydon Blue while he was breaking down the running back class for ’22:

    ‘This guy is a natural runner of the football. He shows an understanding of how to change speeds to set up blocks and defenders and makes moves with his next counter already in mind. Blue consistently runs through contact and explodes through arm tackles on his highlights. The clips are particularly impressive because there weren’t huge holes for him to run through. He had to squeeze through creases and elude guys in small spaces forward and laterally before he could show what he has in the open field. Blue has terrific balance. He doesn’t get asked to catch the ball much in his high school offense, but Blue shows off some impressive hands and route-running ability for his 7on7 team in the spring and summer. He’s the top back in the class right now for me.’

    Big pickup for the Longhorns from an in-state talent! His personality could also go a long way in building out the rest of the class!
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    Let's go Sark
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    He’s so good, he committed to 2020 and 2022.
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    He can throw far
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    Cool! We can draw up a touchdown play from our own 20. We'll just need the line to hold for 5 or 6 seconds...
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    Dang I did it too. Wrong thread. Sorry

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