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Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Aug 23, 2018.

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    She is currently playing Michigan State. Enrolled early.
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    Correction, playing now but flying around the country to play where there's no snow!
    First home game in East Lansing is 3/25!

    Graduated early to enroll early? A rarity, but props for that effort.
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    Just some fun information that I just found out.... Jayda coleman who is the #1 ranked player in the nation in the 2020 class and an Oklahoma commit is the girlfriend of Texas football commit Billy Bowman Jr. Would have been nice for him to convince her to bring her talents to Texas.
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    Does anyone have or know where I can watch video of Ryleigh White or highlights?? If so please drop the link.
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    Ryleigh White:

    Talking Texas with 2020 Softball Commit Ryleigh White

    “I de-committed from the University of Tennessee and committed to Texas for the huge opportunity to play for and learn from Coach Mike White,” White said. “I am so excited to play with the best. It doesn’t get any better than Coach Spencer, Coach Singleton, and Coach White.”

    Ryleigh White is a 6’1” right-handed pitcher and she has been a machine for the Blue Eagles at Immaculate Heart Academy. She hit over .400 in each of her first three seasons, for a total of 93 RBI’s in just 100 hits with 29 home runs. Those numbers are all outstanding, but she’s known mainly as an ace on the mound.

    In her high school career, she has an earned run average under 1. During her junior season, she went an incredible 20-2 with an ERA of 0.67 and 277 strikeouts. She allowed just 40 hits in 136 innings pitched.
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    Based on that quick video Washington is a power hitter and will do wonders in the lineup with a little coaching from Singleton

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