2020 SDE Van Fillinger Decommits

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by BevoJoe, Dec 1, 2019.

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    If we are being honest, there is a 50/50 chance he made the right decision since that is about the odds Herman has of keeping his job past 2021 season.

    Overall, the reason I think he made the safe decision, if Herman is let go then he is looking at a new coach who doesn't know him, and a new system. I'm pretty confident Whittingham will be a Utah for a long time, same with his DC. By chance, if they do leave, he is still only 20 minutes from his house. Like I said, he made a safe choice.
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    Yes, this. I'm not sure why some are having such a hard time with his decision. Perhaps he just saw a bit of an uncertain situation here and decided that he was more comfortable attending a school in his home state that also has a pretty stable environment. Would we question a Texas kid who made the same kind of decision?
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    I'll remember you said 50/50.
  4. BurntOrangeLH

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    I repeat, he is just barely 17 years old.

    Also, he is one of only 3 4 Star recruits at Utah. There are 14 3 Star recruits on their roster.
  5. Austin_Bill

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    Utah's stadium is about the same size as TCU's stadium. the fact they got any 4'star players is pretty amazing. They will get better recruiting as long as USC and UCLA are down. It's a good school has a great medical school. If I compared them to another program it would be Colorado or maybe Arizona. They don't have the alumni base that most of the big programs have. They have potential, but they are a long way from being one of the big boys.
  6. CreakyHorn

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    Was this a rebuttal? I can't tell. Someone here recently was at pains to point out that choice of college should not be just about football. I believe the point being made was that quality of education is at least as important. My son is a top student and has lots of options for college. He's choosing UT because he's comfortable there and has friends who are also going there. Perhaps Mr. Fillinger made the same kind of decision. And, his family will get to see him play.
  7. BevoJoe

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    Yeah, that guy had at least two shots at an NC and blew it in the bowl games.
  8. BurntOrangeLH

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    Well, at least Georgia had some help from the referees is one of the chances. Give credit for Akers being there.
  9. BevoJoe

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    The first shot IIRC was the '78 Cotton. Notre Dame's D shut down our O and won something like 38 -10. We could never consistently get sustained drives going and the ND D shut Earl down (29 carries 116 yards) for the most part, plus, McEachern threw 3 pics and we lost 3 fumbles. It was grim at the half 24 - 10 but the Irish put us away by scoring 14 points in the second half and shut us down. Can't fault Akers totally for that, since it was the ND D getting 6 turnovers which killed us.

    The '84 Cotton Bowl against Georgia was lost when our Punt Return guy fumbled the catch inside our 25 and Georgia scored with a little over 3 minutes to play. That was not all on Akers, but he did not have the type of O that could consistently move the ball down field quickly and score. Had the the punt not been fumbled, the O might have been able to run out the clock, and we most likely win the NC, even though Miami beat #1 Nebraska and, since we lost to Georgia earlier that day, Miami ended up the with NC.

    I was at both games. Neither was a good day and we were outplayed by ND. We killed ourselves against Georgia.
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    They should rename Horn Fans to Freddie Aker’s Land. Been this way since 2004 when I first started lurking.
  11. BurntOrangeLH

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    I would say the '84 game was decisively lost when the Texas middle linebacker was tackled on the scoring play and it was not called.
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  12. Horn87

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    the fumbled punt was by Craig Curry, a db who I don't recall ever fielding punts for us that year--missed chances, all I remember is us bottling down when in scoring position and settling for FG's :brickwall:
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  13. ViperHorn

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    As hard as I tried to justify the ND win in my mind, I kept coming to the same conclusion. Rout 66 was easier to justify.
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  14. BevoJoe

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    That was a day that will live in infamy for me. I was there and by the end of the 3rd Quarter, I was about the only person wearing burnt orange in UD section 105. Stayed mainly because I didn't want to deal with the traffic jam created by everyone else that left early. Worst performance I've ever witnessed by a Texas football team, and I hope I never see another one like it, or Heaven forbid, worse.

    PS: That was the beginning of the end for John Mackovic.
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    No, that was the end. There was no way Mackovic was ever going to coach at Texas after that season. I remember one horn site that turned their page completely black and was going to keep it that color until we had a new coach.

    I hear it was a good day for Marty Cherry, evidently some California modeling agency saw him TV and gave him a modeling job. What ever happened to that dude?
  16. BevoJoe

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    LOL. I had forgotten about that. But I remember the story. What happened to him after he appeared in a few advertisement, I have no clue.
  17. BevoJoe

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    I found this quote about Cherry:
    "We had a quarterback, Marty Cherry, who had spent all summer modeling for Polo,” former Texas wide receiver Wane McGarity recalls. “He took a beating that day and never played in a game again. “They beat him back into modeling. That's what UCLA did; they turned us all into models.”

    I found this about him, how it started after the Rout 66 game:

    "A square-jawed, aqua-eyed 22-year-old from Texarkana, Ark., Cherry bombed miserably when he entered what would become the Longhorns' worst-ever home loss, against UCLA in Week 2 of 1997.

    "Cherry threw incompletion after incompletion and had three turnovers - two interceptions and a fumble - that led to easy touchdowns for the Bruins.

    "Late in the game, which UCLA won, 66-3, an ABC camera honed in on Cherry as he watched dejectedly with his helmet off. The announcers joked that while he may not have been able to connect with his receivers, he would probably have no trouble finding a date with such an impressive mug.

    "Enter Bruce Weber, one of the world's top photographers of male models, who just happened to be catching the game on television.

    "Weber had an assistant track down Cherry about two weeks later and propose that he attend a four-day shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch in Los Angeles. Such a high-profile layout would all but guarantee the quarterback a chance to become a top model."

    Abercrombie & Fitch Male Models: Abercrombie & Fitch Male Model: Marty Cherry
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    Marty had a tough gig for A&F and Polo. Taking off his shirt and playing rub body with beautiful women for a mere $12-15,000 a day. Then there was his problem of having to jet to Tahiti, Paris, and other exotic places to do those photo shoots. Wonder if he ever gave Mackovic a fee for jump starting his career?
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    I want to rate this...but I'm scared and confused about how to.
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    Go on, rate it, share how you really feel. We won't judge you. You are in a safe place, surrounded by people who love you. We will accept you no matter what.
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  21. BevoJoe

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    It’s a sad story from a Texas Football perspective. But it was how Cherry found a new career, outside of football thank God, and HIS lone bright spot of the day. It was the only flower blooming in Hiroshima post atomic blast is the only vision I can create.
  22. RainH2burntO

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    No, I dont believe you
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