2020 Softball Season

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Steve Singleton is a surprising choice to say the least. Hope Coach White is right about him.

    Here is some info from the Statesman article introducing him...

    “Singleton has never coached a softball team before. An instructor in Minnesota’s minor leagues since 2016, Singleton spent the 2015 season as an assistant coach with the baseball team at Florida SouthWestern State College. Singleton played baseball at the University of San Diego and was the Twins’ 11th-round draft pick in 2006. Through their first 80 games this year, the Blue Wahoos were hitting a Southern League-low .226. The offense’s 730 strikeouts were the second-most in its 10-team league. The 69 homers hit by Pensacola, though, ranked second in the Southern League.“
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    Singleton was at the fields today too along with White and the assistant coach (can't think of her name right now). He seemed more interested in talking to other coaches than watching players. It was a little odd to me. He had a few team player profile sheets that he was holding but all day I never saw him look at the sheets nor watch any players. Maybe first day on the job and isn't really sure what he should be doing yet?

    I'm sure they'll be around all day tomorrow too so I'm going to see what he does.

    Here are the schools at our 4 field pod today plus a few I couldn't quite make out and didn't want to stalk...:smile1:. This is a stud stacked tourney.

    Fla St
    Arizona St
    McNeese St
    Oklahoma State
    Penn State
    Iowa State

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this is exactly why I was so mad at Clark. She was never at these events, but White and crew never miss. If you don't attend, scout and recruit these events you end up with what everyone doesn't really want.
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    I was looking to see if our 2020 commits are playing in Col.
    Hannah Earls - playing for the Texas Dirt Divas 16u and they are in Colorado.
    Divas got 2 wins yesterday! Next up: Wednesday 7/3, 2 p.m. vs. Finesse Aurora Sports Park C3. Winner advances to TV game 7/4, 7:30 p.m. Aurora Sports Park B1
    Hailey Hudson - I can not find where she is playing this summer on any team?

    2021 commit
    Allie Clements - playing for the Impact Gold Jazz 16u and they are also in Colorado playing in the Fireworks power pool.
    Great update you gave Vol and have fun.
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  4. Ellis21d

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    Schattle not playing next year! This article brings us up to date on movement in the program.
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    Yup, as one predicted.
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    Portal travel will make things interesting. Also interesting that White would hire a BASEBALL guy as hitting coach....Softball hitting much different than baseball ???? I kinda remember stories about good baseball players having issues hitting a good softball pitcher. Gotta trust in White, as he has proven himself by what he did at Oregon.
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    Anxious to see how the next couple of years go.
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    Drove by McCombs to see if any sort of construction had started on the new addition for Softball. Nothing. Tweeted to CDC to see what's going on.

    But the baseball developmental building is looking nice. ;)
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    Looking at the 2019-2020 roster, Taylor Ellsworth is listed as a Senior...not like a redshirt Junior as I was expecting. So, not taking a redshirt year for her injury last year? Regan Hathaway listed as Redshirt Senior, as expected.
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    Medical redshirts come after all eligibility has been used. If she is entitled to a medical she should be able to play next season also.
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  12. Ellis21d

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    Nice Road trip!
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