2021-2022 Season

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Jacob Johnson

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    for next season but thought everyone should know just in case some might want to plan trips now like I’m about to do:p
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    OTOH, who felt last year at this time that we would even make it to the big dance, let alone Elite 8? This team, with the 3 freshmen, will get better as the season progresses and, I feel, will be ready for the tournament.
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  3. brnkj

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    Absolutely! We all knew this team was young, and it was going be fun to watching the ups and downs of their growth over the course of this season.
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    I recently expressed frustrations with this year's lack of quality out of conference home games for both men's and women's basketball games. A friend suggested that this may have been strategic to play the away game of a home and away deal this year, so that we would play the home game next year in the new Moody Center next season. That does make some sense and I have resolved to be less critical of this year's schedule and look forward to next season in the brand new Moody Center.
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  5. Jacob Johnson

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    Yeah and now that I see our team, I wish we would’ve played UConn this season that way we would’ve played them in the moody center because, although this team is young we’re much better than I thought we were going to be and I have very high hopes for this team so we could’ve competed and beat UConn this season imo. Hopefully we get Arizona, Stanford, Aggies, and Tennessee in the moody center next year
  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Ewww I would hate to be in that locker room at halftime. Vic is going to chew them out for this first half performance. We may be winning but we are very sloppy in all aspects of the game especially on the defensive side. I expect to see us regroup and get back to our level of play in the second half.
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  7. racerx5908

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    In case you didn't know about it, the first one is tommorrow

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    In case you think rankings make any sense whatsoever, follow this ridiculous logic.

    Baylor has played one ranked team, then #3 Maryland. Baylor lost. They played a couple of nothing, unranked teams and won. They almost lost to Texas State by the way.

    Texas played then #3 Stanford and won. We lost to then #16 Tennessee. We’ve played a few unranked teams and won.

    Stanford lost to then #25 us but beat then #2 Maryland as well as then #4 Indiana. They lost to then #18 South Florida.

    Tennessee beat then #23 South Florida and as well as #12 us and won to a few unranked teams.

    This week Baylor went up one spot to #5 and we dropped one spot to #15. Stanford moved up to #4 and Maryland dropped to #8. Tennessee remained at #11.

    Baylor has not beaten any ranked teams.

    My head hurts and rankings are bullsh**
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