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    Not sure what that mood is meant to convey.
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    Oh come on, everyone knows what that means
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    On the "blue-chip ratio" of UT and aggy

    Herman took over a roster with ~47% blue-chip ratio. He has the ratio up to ~64% heading into his 4th year

    aggy is a different story. Jimbo took over a 44% blue-chip ratio team and has managed to boost it to just 47-48% heading into his 3rd year. And they are paying $75M for it
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    Thus disapproving the adage that money doesn't necessarily mean happiness. aggy spends the money and now feel that they have to act like it was money well spent.
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    The $75 million was just for Jimbo, Maybe his fat paycheck is why their bluechip ratio is so low; there isn't enough money to pay the players. If jimbo would chip in some of his $75 to spread amongst the recruits, their roster might reflect a better ratio.
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    Will you be seeking any advice from Jimbo on said BBQ, Joe??
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    Just read an interesting article yesterday on how many companies are more than comfortable hiring people with even no degree these days if prior and successful apprenticeships, experience, and reliability is established. The article was actually highlighting companies specifically designed to foster this type of preparation for those wanting to forgo lengthy college route. These people help fast track others into experience-based learning situations that they can parlay into careers.
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    On the Texas Gulf Coast and in Austin, there is a huge shortage of skilled labor.I have forgotten the numbers now, but something like 150,000 electricians and even more welders and pipefitters.

    My young cousin is intelligent but not focused on academics. We discussed it, he chose the electricians training and employment training program. He's not killing it, but for a kid with one year of college, he is working some 60-70 hours a week, and has been bumped from $13.50/hr to $18/hr on his way to $40/hr. He has a learning curve, career path, and electricians will be in demand throughout his lifetime. Will he go back to college? Doubtful, but for a kid with less than 30 hours credit, he ain't doing bad. i told him as he progresses through the journeyman process, he should consider taking some accounting classes online.
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    Top 200 WR supposed to be on campus

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    I hate to put this out here but how many OL has Texas had drafted to the NFL in the last 3+ years? How many has Bama had? I think that ends the discussion about future for the kids. Yes I wish they had picked UT and they may still if by some miracle we have a monster year but all the hope from fans doesnt equate to getting drafted. Either develop the kids you have and get them drafted or accept this result. Like I said, win and this fixes itself. Lose and this too will fix itself but not quick enough for most of us!!!

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    TFB on Gunnar!
    " .... ‘It does sound like Helm is nearing a decision and it appears a number of folks believe he is headed to Texas.

    I had been given the impression previously that Texas was not ready to take a commitment from Helm. I plan on rechecking but that was the latest word I had received. I’ll update once I receive new information or confirm the information in this post.’

    As K stated at the end of the post, he would update once he received any new information…

    I’m here to let you know K has relayed to me that he has received some new information and by the sounds of things you should be getting some good news here in the near future as K is now hearing Helm is in fact a take. "
    Open Post | Weekend, July 24th - 26th - The Football Brainiacs - UT Edition
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    Grad LB transfer from AZ. Three year starter at AZ. Texas makes his top 3

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    Gunnar! to announce soon
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    Blair Angulo on Gunnar Helm --

    SCOUTING REPORT: Good physical upside with growth potential. Long arms, narrow build through the hips with high waist. Possession tight end with decent body control and high-point ability. Impressive route runner with feel for soft spots in coverage. Valuable pass-catching asset near the goal line. Above average hands and shows tendency to catch the ball away from his body. Can plant his foot and change directions to keep linebackers honest. Physical enough to lower his shoulder and pick up extra yards. Could continue to improve separation from defenders, particularly over the middle. Must get stronger to be a reliable run blocker who can seal the edge. Potential multi-year starter at the Power Five level with chance to garner buzz as All-Conference type performer later in college career. He is the nation’s No. 27 rated tight end and No. 6 overall prospect in the state of Colorado for the 2021 class, per the industry-generated 247Sports Composite rankings.

    247SPORTS’ TAKE: Although Helm didn’t get to meet with any coaches or players while on his swing through Austin last Monday, the Longhorns definitely benefited from getting the last stop even though they were relatively new to the recruiting battle, having just joined the chase with an offer on June 9. It speaks to the recruiting muscle that Tom Herman and Co. have shown throughout this off-season to ascend to No. 1 among Big 12 programs in the Composite team rankings for the 2021 class strictly via virtual means. It might not be a big-splash victory that will garner national headlines, but Texas did beat out a number of schools that have a recent history of producing tight ends. Wisconsin and Iowa were up there, and UCLA had been in the chase for a long time, but the Longhorns were able to sell a bright future at the position. Helm has plenty of room for growth and improvement, but if he's able to meet some of that upside, as evidenced by his eight touchdowns on only 25 receptions last fall, then Texas is getting a pass catcher that should be able to push for playing time early in his college career.
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    Can always use another gunner, Gunner!
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    Pompano Beach (Fla.) Monarch 2021 receiver Jaden Alexis feels "blessed" to be in the position he's in right now, holding close to 40 scholarship offers with his senior season fast approaching. "I’ve worked really hard and continue to stay focused," ..."I have a couple of great options. Not in any particular order, Rutgers Miami, Penn State, Kentucky, Texas."

    The Longhorns are the current 247Sports Crystal Ball favorite for Alexis who caught 49 passes for 894 yards and eight touchdowns as a junior. He talked about each school. ... Texas, really relatable receiver coach. Great quarterback coach. And the offensive coordinator Coach Yurcich brings and explosive offensive to the Big 12." Alexis is tabbed by the Top247 as the nation's No. 49 receiver.

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    We may be back in the Camar Wheaton sweepstakes. This is from Roach --

    I feel Texas is quietly surging for Camar Wheaton. The Longhorns have been a constant in his recruitment as other schools have moved up and down. I spoke to a source over the weekend near Wheaton who told me that a few months ago, Oklahoma seemed to have the recruitment in the bag. Despite a strong relationship with Stan Drayton, ou had the offense and opportunity for playing time to sell Wheaton. The five-star back and one of his coaches visited Austin just before the COVID-19 shutdown to take in Texas one last time. It would end up being the last visit he’d be able to take before his senior season, and it seems to have left a lasting impression.
    * * *
    As we enter his senior season, I don’t think ou goes away easily. The Sooners have been all out trying to land Wheaton and still have an exciting brand of offense to sell. They’ve also got a strong class of offensive players coming in. Reading into things I’ve been told, it sounds like Texas has been able to put a more well-rounded pitch and Drayton seems to have the best relationship with Wheaton. Add in the fact that Tom Herman is personally involved along with Jay Valai and there’s some reason for optimism in Austin right now. Of course, Camar’s recruitment is one of the most unpredictable and mysterious recruitments I’ve ever been part of ...."
    ou 247 guru Drumm also now thinks he is leaning Texas
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    We are also still pursuing RB LJ Johnson
    I’ve heard that Texas is trying to turn up the heat there as well. Bijan Robinson has been talking with Johnson as well. I still feel Texas has a better shot with Wheaton at this point, but they aren’t going away in the race for Johnson. ​
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    I want to see Bijan on the next level before I pick which back I want the most. I love Wheaton's speed, he has that Jamal Charles speed, but I like LJ's power. To me it comes down to which one is a better fit for what we currently have on campus.

    Real answer is, I'll take either one and be happy as a puppy with two tits.
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    Ed Zachary
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    Rivals/Spiegleman on what is going on with Shemar Turner --

    " .... Texas was long perceived as the leader in the clubhouse for Turner, but right now it feels as if the quartet of SEC schools has put itself in a better position with the sought-after four-star defensive end in recent months.

    One source suggested the SEC teams are convincing Turner that he'd be in a better position to get drafted by playing in that conference. Saban has taken an amplified role in courting Turner and a visit with his mother go a long way. He still has yet to visit Athens or Baton Rouge, which is why official visits loom large. Texas A&M is not a team to sleep on here either, as Turner has visited College Station almost as often as he's been to Texas."
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    Sometimes I think what we're cheering for is our recruiting ability and not the players themselves, because a mercenary is a hired gun. So what is left for the local fan but to laud those who were able to convince him to leave his home. To pretend mercenary coaches and players are actually symbolic of who you are as a person, a life-long resident of a given state and possibly cheering for a university you did not attend, is a strange thing. It's not proving that a certain state (Alabama) is superior in its DNA or genetics. It's just the guy you hired from some other state who is making you happy.

    It probably describes me to a certain extent. I'm a t-shirt fan. So why Texas? I liked Big Berta and Bevo when I saw them on TV as a child. I liked Roosevelt Leaks and Earl Campbell. I moved to Texas in 1970 and to Austin in 1994. They are the flagship school and I like to watch a good game. So I root for the home team.

    But I'm not kidding anyone, least of all Tom Herman, when it comes to my personal feeling for the players. I don't know them. They don't know me. I hope they perform well and do likewise in their coming life.

    But that's it.

    Hell, I'm more connected to everyone on Hornfans than I am to the team.
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    This one is different
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    Thanks for sharing. Now hookem horns:hookem:
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