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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, May 7, 2018.

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    Inside Texas thinks this is b/w us and Ole Miss

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    Right, a flip from LSU
    But it's a rumor, we will see if there is anything to it
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    LSU is possibly going through worse turmoil than we are. There are members of the media thinking their coach should be fired. They have a lot to answer for but somehow they keep rolling. They still haven't fired their basketball coach. They are the most stubborn, corrupt group of people around. Right in line with the other pathologically ambitious SEC alumni/administrators.
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    It's the sec sec. They'll find a way to make it go away.
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    The only way LSU gets in serious trouble is if it can be proven that football coaches were told their players were accused of sexual assaults, and didn't forward it up the line.

    I can see having that rule for grade school teachers where the student is a minor - the teacher may be the only adult who sees a 6 year old with bad bruises, signs of abuse, etc.

    But for grown-*** women, of whom I'm constantly told how are Strong and Powerful, and how the Future is Female!!!, call the police, not your tennis coach if someone commits a crime against you. Lord have mercy, when I went to Texas if someone stole my bike I wouldn't have told my Physics professor - that's what the cops are for.

    Main thing I've seen the media scum excited about is not seeing police reports - never actually saying to the reader if police reports are public record in LA or not - I have no idea, and apparently, neither do they. Some places they are not, as there's a lot of non-proven information, or confidential information that isn't fit for public release.
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    They won the national championship. It's all worth it.
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    Duncanvile OL Savion Byrd commitment set for Dec 16th. SMU and blow u are the leaders. UT no longer a player. Of the top 15 OL's on DCTF we have 1.
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    tounge in cheek?
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    I dunno. Will always be the best team so far.
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    “I've been screaming this for the last few months. Texas is going to sign the lowest rated prospect they've offered at each position.“
    - Mike Roach

    Here is a breakdown by position:
    QB: UT commit is the lowest ranked of 6 offered (ranked 1077)
    RB: UT commit is the lowest ranked of 7 offered (ranked 479)
    WR: UT commits ranked 22 and 30th out of 31 offered (ranked 373 and 948)
    TE: UT commit is the lowest ranked of 9 offered (ranked 646)
    OT: UT commits ranked 7 and 13 out of 14 offered (ranked 330 and 1059)
    OG: no commitments out of 5 offers
    OC: UT commit lowest ranked of 3 offered (ranked 1049)

    Decommits in this class include:
    QB Jalen Milroe (ranked 83)
    WR Quay Davis (ranked 108)
    TE Lake McCree (ranked 469)
    TE Landon King (ranked 579)
    QB Quinn Ewers (ranked 2 - 2022)
    WR Phaizon Wilson (ranked 245 - 2022)
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    Mike Roach

    Texas high school football players don’t want to stay in Texas anymore. At least not the elite ones. There was a time that this was inconceivable. If they did leave the state borders it was understandably to a regional rival like Oklahoma or LSU. Now, kids are leaving their families and flying across the country to play college football, and it’s hard to blame them.

    Over the past five cycles, half of the prospects in the Texas Top 10 decided to leave the state. Of those prospects who stayed, Texas only signed 13. A big percentage of that number was bolstered by the 2018 class in which the Longhorns locked down the elites in Tom Herman’s first cycle. The larger fact remains that it’s difficult to criticize kids for going elsewhere.

    Do you want to win? The best a team in Texas has done in the postseason was the Longhorns’ Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia in 2019. Do you want to get developed and play in the NFL. Texas A&M and TCU have had years with higher than normal numbers, but no school in the state can compete with the elite programs in the country.

    During the last five years, no two schools have victimized the in-state powers more than Alabama and Ohio State. Over the past five years, those schools combined to take 10 of those Texas Top 10 prospects. What do they have in common? Winning and development. Sure we can write stories about recruiting rainmakers, and to a point they matter, but the two key components of winning and development are usually central to strong recruiting results.

    Over the past decade, Texas has just three Top 25 finishes with one in the Top 10. Texas A&M has just four Top 25 finishes with one in the Top 10 and another opportunity to do so this year as the Aggies are ranked No. 5. Baylor has five Top 25 finishes with one in the top 10 and TCU had the most impressive run with 5 Top 25 finishes and four in the Top 10.

    Fair or unfair, this falls on Texas and Texas A&M. As the two major powers in the state, lackluster results by and large left the most talent-rich state in the country vulnerable to outsiders. 2022 is already off to a hot start for the Buckeyes in Texas. In the last week, Ohio State landed five-star Texans Quinn Ewers and Caleb Burton. Ewers was a former Texas commit the Longhorns held on to for a little over a month and Burton is an Austin native the Longhorns were hoping to keep at home. He will join former Lake Travis wide receiver Garrett Wilson in Columbus.

    If this is upsetting to fans of schools in this state, it’s understandable. While it’s common for fans to question a kid’s loyalty to their home state, they rarely question the contributing factors that led them there. While it’s a novel idea and admirable for a kid to want to stay home and change the path of a program, we’ve seen that story play out over the last ten years and ultimately end up nowhere.

    Programs in Texas have a battle on their hands, or we will continue to watch our favorite high school players leave the Lone Star State for better opportunities. Elite kids don’t want to stay in Texas, and it’s tough to blame them for that right now.
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    And but for a few exceptions, we lose our out of state guys. ( Kenyatta Watson , Bru McCoy).
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    Herman made it clear he wanted to recruit nationwide and not necessarily just in Texas. So when you piss off the HS coaches who have been funneling players to Texas for years, they just tell their guys to go somewhere else even when Texas is interested. Mackovic did the same thing and the first thing Mack did was go on a statewide tour putting on seminars for any HS coach which almost instantly fixed the problem. Here we are again.
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    Well, when you put it like that, my friends we have a problem!
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    A 10 year itch
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    Sorry state of affairs in year 4 of Herman. Given we’re a fumble on the one yard line and a 4 OT loss from being undefeated, if Herman can’t produce a conference championship and get draft picks out of the 2018 class then he never will. They’ll be seniors next year. Problem is Sam staying and Card sitting (he’s my pick to start if Sam goes, but Sam isn’t going anywhere).
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    What if Urban doesn't want Sam back? /s
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    He'll make Sam an H back or TE.
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    I can't find it online, but doesn't playing in the Senior Bowl mean Sam is done with college?
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    Since they get paid to play I would say yes. The discussion is does just accepting the invite mean he has foregone another year?

    I would speculate that he can change his mind up until he shows up for the first Senior Bowl practice.
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    We need to grab a top notch JC QB for next year. While Casey has shown promise, he may or may not pan out. Same for Hudson. We need multiple options.
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    Was hoping that Casey would have had some opportunities this year. But because of the crap season he hasn't had any other than the first game.
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    Been wrong before but I think Casey may be a good one. I know we haven’t had a lot to see which disappoints me but I’ve liked the little I have seen. I’ll sat this for sure he can run.
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    Commit Jonathon Brooks set school records by rushing for 506 yards (unofficial) and 9 TDs in a 61-48 win over Lorena.
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    I think we have plenty of QB talent on the roster. The problem with QB production is mostly coaching and development. Get the right coaches and in short order they will suddenly be better.

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