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    Be patient. Potentially, he could be the next Jordan Shipley.
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    Signing Day Fallout

    "LJ Johnson - RB - Texas A&M

    The Cypress, TX product is rated as the second best running back in the country by Rivals and fourth best RB by 247Sports from the 2021 class. Heading into signing day Johnson had whittled his list down to a pair of in-state powerhouses in Texas and Texas A&M. Despite a spirited effort from new Longhorns HC Steve Sarkisian and his staff, Aggies HC Jimbo Fisher and RB Coach Tommie Robinson spearheaded a successful charge at the high four-star ball carrier.

    Johnson (5’10/204) burst on the recruiting scene in 2018 when he rushed 206 times for 1951 yards and 37 rushing touchdowns en route to being named second-team all-state, which is no small feat in the lone star state. When asked about the reason why he chose A&M over Texas, Johnson said “It was the system. What Jimbo’s done over the past three years, what his offense and running back have done, the progression they’ve made and where they are heading into the future. I felt it was a great fit.”

    The number 45 overall recruit cited A&M’s signing of four-star 2021 offensive line prospects Bryce Foster, Marcus Burris and Reuben Fatheree as being a big influence on his decision, as well as noting that he liked the downhill, one-cut system that HC Fisher runs. One look at Johnson’s game film and you can plainly see that the talented tailback’s vision, strength, low center of gravity and acceleration should help him assimilate to the collegiate game quickly. He has a verified 4.42 40-yard dash on record from The Opening Regional back in 2019 where he also posted a 34-inch vertical, as a sophomore.

    This class represents another rock solid recruiting effort from the Aggies who have strong-armed the once impenetrable Longhorns as the premier statewide recruiting force in the fertile football hotbed of Texas. Rivals rates their haul as the fourth best in the country while 247Sports is slightly more bearish, ascribing A&M the seventh highest overall class and fourth in the almighty SEC. Their average recruit rating even ticked up from 0.9111 last year to .9212 this year, as the Aggies continue their upward ascension in the SEC West. Texas A&M is likely the division’s best hope to dethrone Alabama, and their 2021 recruiting haul is another sizable step in that direction."

    "It was the system"

    Did he not watch Alabama's system?
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    Statistically true, at least if we use the NFL as a guide
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    Ovie Oghoufo has not yet graduated from Notre Dame, that is why he was not listed. I forgot.
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    I agree with his assessment and can't fault the decision at all. He should be a great fit there. Hopefully our system and trajectory (along w oline recruiting) will look the part to guys like LJ within the next few years.
    And whether it is what LJ was looking for or not......I expect our system is going to reflect real well w Bijan in there
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    Top Recruiting Class - past ten years

    2012: Alabama
    2013: Alabama
    2014: Alabama
    2015: Alabama
    2016: Alabama
    2017: Alabama
    2018: UGA
    2019: Alabama
    2020: UGA
    2021: Alabama

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    How to win national championships... win the recruiting battles in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Hell if you win just one of those states, you will have a team that will probably compete for a BCS playoff spot. All three is just amazing.
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    Basically the same story we have been hearing for +/- 10 years. Have to start winning. I am thinking to myself with a couple of these close recruiting losses, what if Urban had signed...
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    All we have to do is be better than Oklahoma and get into the playoffs, once we do that then we can climb up in recruiting to a top 3 class just by keeping in state Texas guys and using Sark's Cali roots to get a few guys from out west. We do that and we can eventually put ourselves in a place to compete with Bama and Ohio State for championships.

    Let's first start with beating Oklahoma and winning this damn conference

    We are the Kracken, winning will release us and recruiting 5'star kids will be much easier.
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  10. 4th_floor

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    I keep telling myself the competitive Horns are not mythical like the Kraken. It seemed like it was real in 69, 70, and 05. Was it just a dream?
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  11. Joe Fan

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  12. RainH2burntO

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    Been saying it for a couple years.....but I have a feeling UGA is one if the lyinest, cheatenist, somethingelseicantthinkofist bunch of....
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  13. Joe Fan

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    They did just walk out of the store with one of our players hidden under their sweatshirt
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    Hard to believe Cole is not at LSU. Must be the chaos over there.
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    Is he a ship or PWO?
  16. Sangre Naranjada

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    Pwo is what I heard. Jim Bob Moffett's grandson doesn't have a financial need for a schollie.
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    “The Times They Are a-Changin'

    Channeling my inner Bob Dylan.
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  18. dukesteer

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    Nothing lasts forever. Saban is 69. Sark is 46. While there is no guarantee that Sark will be our savior, there are some very positive indications, starting with the extraordinary staff he has assembled, his recent track record as a very innovative OC, and quite importantly, his humility.

    Someone will take over from Alabama. It’s just a matter of time. Candidly, I like this choice, and our odds.
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  19. Chinstrap

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    You guys gonna be luv’n the kid before he’s through. Betcha!
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  20. 2003TexasGrad

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    Replace Alabama with Louisiana. Hell, California. In the pantheon of recruiting, Alabama isn't in the top 3 states in the country.
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  21. rreading

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    you forgot 09

    had colt not gotten hurt...
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  22. RainH2burntO

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    I thought we would see some at uga....a few indications of violations.....thought we might hear and see some more rumblings and start of some turmoil ala LSU, but.... no....
  23. 2003TexasGrad

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    They are both white.
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    Does this also mean injuries and a redshirt and a medical redshirt?
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  25. longhornlegend

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    Mack did more than fine by locking up the top talent in Texas for 10+ years. No reason that Sark shouldnt follow that. If you just take with Ohio State and Alabama got from Texas in the last 2 years, we would probably being the playoff discussion.
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  26. Pomspoms

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    It will take a greater effort by Sark to dominate recruiting in texas in order to match what Mack accomplished simply because of the momentum of out of state schools. But it can be done.
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  27. cnb

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    Herman really set back Tx's. recruiting relationships ( Hawkins) for example. Sarks hire, his staff he put together as well as Gilbert in the HS relations position is going to mend a lot of fences.
    But Sark is definitely starting in a massive hole.
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  28. dukesteer

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    I suppose, but I see it differently. If we perform on the field; if we beat OU this year, all of a sudden many of those kids that have been going to Bama and tOSU will give Texas a serious look.

    We now have, arguably, the best (or close) OC in the game, the best (or close) OL coach, and a DC that may be in the same category. If I am the competition, I’m not as confident about locking up the talent in Texas as I was in late December.
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  29. beijinghorn1

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    I don't think that Sark has it any different than Brown had it except OU was also bad when Brown took over. Mackovick like Herman basically alienated anyone and everyone he ever met on the recruiting trail. Basically you are either a good recruiter or you are not. Circumstances can help, but someone like Brown can recruit anywhere anytime when he sets his mind to it.
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