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    Recruiting is very fluid, Herman didn't do anything that Sark can't fix. Every year is a new opportunity, this is why I never get too high or too low when it comes to recruiting, I know there are no misses that can't be fixed in the next cycle.

    With that said, Sark is right now behind the 8-ball in recruiting because he has nothing to sell other than optimism. Yes he can say he did this and this at Alabama, but he hasn't done anything as a head coach. On the other hand tOSU, blOwU, Aggy, Bama, LSU, and Georgia all have real things to offer these kids.

    Top priority for Sark for next season.

    1. Create a top offense that averages over 40 pts a game.
    2. Show defensive improvement
    3. no more than 2 losses
    4. Zero losses to KU, KSU, Baylor, TT or any other program we are favored to beat. I recommend nothing but blowout wins.
    5. Win a couple of games we will not be favored to win such as ISU and TCU.
    6. Play Oklahoma twice. BlOwU is loaded so there is no shame in losing to them, but we keep it close and give them something to think about for next season.
    7. BEAT ARKANSAS - I don't want to hear a single chant of SEC SEC SEC.
    8 Feature Bijan in the Running game, show the world why he is the best running back in the country.

    We do those things and Sark will finish strong in recruiting. Maybe not a top 3 class but for sure a top 7 class.
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    No more than 2 losses with this schedule and a new QB and no depth at LB, CB, DE, and OL is going to be a reach. I wouldn't be surprised if we were a dog in our home opener. I'm hoping for 8 wins, 9 wins would be amazing.
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    There are several accounts like these about how Herman and Company screwed the pooch on 2021 recruiting
    But my sense is that no one care anymore and just wants to move on, so I have not been posting much of them
    But if there is any particular recruit anyone is interested in, I have the stories, just give me the name

    OL Reuben Fatheree, Richmond Foster (Texas A&M): Again, Texas over-estimated its standing with other offensive linemen and ran far too hot and cold on Fatheree. It really was the worst I’ve ever seen a position group recruited. Ever. No hyperbole.

    OL Donovan Jackson, Bellaire Episcopal (Ohio State): Texas had his attention early on and then even more after Jalen Milroe’s commitment. There was a budding consensus behind the scenes and Jackson’s future was fairly well laid out: spring official visits with the UT visit being last followed by a Texas commitment. But he watched OU sack Sam Ehlinger 9 times and justifiably lost interest in Texas. Ohio State talked him off his timeline and he committed earlier than he originally intended to.

    OL Austin Uke, Parish Episcopal (Stanford): A Herb Hand special: miss on higher targets, contact the backup plan months later after hemming and hawing about size, and then have to make up a lot of ground. Kyle Flood made a credible push but couldn’t overcome Stanford.

    OL Jonah Miller, Tucson (AZ) Salpointe Catholic (Oregon): At one time, Texas looked good for the Arizona native. The Bijan Robinson buzz seemed to boost the Horns’ favor. Then they didn’t push hard while Oregon did.

    LB Clayton Smith, Texas High (Oklahoma): UT was on Smith before anyone. He visited Junior Day two years ago with barely any offers. Texas and Derek Warehime built a strong foundation for this pursuit, but the staff inexplicably ran hot and cold on him. Warehime was let go and it seems they were doing The Who’s on First routine while OU stepped in and stole home. This should have been a Giles layup.

    S Andrew Mukuba, LBJ Austin (Clemson): Before Covid shut things down, Texas brought him in the same weekend as Denver Harris and Bobby Taylor. Chris Ash and whoever else then proceeded to give most of their attention to the 2022 guys instead of the 2021 guy. Great process, gang! It was an uphill climb from there. Texas was his emergency school but he didn’t need it. As OU pulled back, Clemson started to pursue. This one should have been a layup.

    CB Deuce Harmon, Denton Guyer (Texas A&M): Bad process alert! After Texas slow played him with the previous staff, the same thing continued with the new staff. Most egregious, Harmon was a pupil of Jay Valai’s when Valai was a trainer in DFW. How did he not have the pulse of that recruitment? Even if they size queened him as a corner, Harmon could clearly become a nickel or safety. This should have been one of the biggest layups in the class. Credit to A&M.

    WR Hal Presley, Mansfield Summit (Auburn): Interest in Presley arrived too late, but at least he had an offer. *Looks in the general direction of J. Michael Sturdivant*. When Texas finally offered Presley, they failed to ever truly make him a priority. That will be looked back upon unfavorably.
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    On a more positive note, Jeff Howe loves him some Morice Blackwell

    " ... The 240-plus-pound thumper in the middle of the defense has been a liability in the conference for a while, unless the player is a rare breed like Malik Jefferson who had elite speed at that size. Recruiting and NFL draft data both suggest the 6-foot-1, 200-pound Blackwell is the kind of linebacker the Longhorns need to land out of high school in order to develop him into a product player who can become a high draft pick.

    Inside linebacker is one position where the number of recruiting misses Texas has endured over the years is something those who’ve follow the program over the last 20 years would find staggering. The reason is because the Big 12 continues to evolve so quickly as an offensive league to the point where in 2021, for example, there won’t be near as much Air Raid influence across the conference as there was even three years ago with the likes of Dana Holgorsen and Kliff Kingsbury long gone.

    Gary Patterson’s TCU defenses have survived the continually changing offensive landscape by recruiting linebackers like Blackwell. If Texas can truly get that position figured out under Pete Kwiatkowski, the Longhorns can avoid seasons like they could potentially face in 2022 when the defense falls off of a cliff, which is usually related to drastic changes from one season to the next at the second level."
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    I have one question, did he really not offer one of the Brockermeyer twins on their first visit? I have heard this before (you probably already posted it), but it is so unbelievably stupid my mind refuses to accept it.
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    And Nick Harris loves him some Jordon Thomas --

    He is a freaky competitor and has one of the craziest motors I’ve ever seen in a human. Really aggressive and plays with some ferocity. He had a solid senior year after coming off of an ACL injury in 2019, and the sky is the limit for this one. Under Bo Davis and Pete Kwiatkowski, I think Thomas can really thrive off the edge or possibly inside with a little more weight. They can be flexible with how they want to use him and Thomas will be open to it. Really excited to look up a year from now and see the progress he’s made at the college level. ​
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    IT on the Brocks --

    OT Tommy Brockermeyer, Fort Worth All Saints (Alabama) and James Brockermeyer (Alabama): Offering James later than some other schools didn’t scuttle this recruitment, the overall feeling Tom Herman wasn’t the guy was the number one impediment to the whole thing. The second issue was Herb Hand was seen to be lacking both tactically and technically. The Brockermeyers were right on both Herman and Hand. If UT’s academics took a big slide would you sacrifice your kids to the school or send them somewhere more proven? They made the correct call with the information they had. On the bright side, we know they’re very high on Kyle Flood and Steve Sarkisian.

    And here is the Mile Roach/247 version --

    — When Texas offered Tommy Brockermeyer, it was thought that there was no way they could lose out on the five-star prospect and Texas legacy. However, everything went wrong from the beginning. To start, Oklahoma beat Texas to the punch which irked the family a bit. It didn’t help matters when they visited during the spring. Tom Herman offered James Brockermeyer a preferred walk on spot which really pissed off a competitive kid in James. On the way home from that visit, Iowa called to offer James and their history of offensive line play was higher than Texas historically. The Longhorns continued to pursue James and later offered, but the boys were looking around. As I reported prior to their junior season, Alabama and Clemson were going to be major players if they offered James. Had they done it, the boys would have likely picked the Tigers, but Saban’s offer was also huge for them. As Alabama showed off its history of NFL development and championship play, Tom Herman fumbled through a disastrous 2019 season. Lost in all of this was the fact their brother Luke was inside the locker room during a tumultuous season for the Longhorns. He didn’t actively dissuade them from joining him, but they obviously had an inside look into the state of the program. By this past spring it was headed in a strong direction toward Alabama despite protests from their mom and grandfather who wanted them at Texas. Blake Brockermeyer worked at the college level for SMU, and there were several coaches in the business who didn’t have the highest opinion of Tom Herman. I was told that Herb Hand did a really good job of recruiting the brothers and the family liked him, but there was more trust in the teaching ability and development skill of Kyle Flood.
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    And Roach on a couple other of the OLs --

    The Savion Byrd recruitment was perhaps the most frustrating recruitment for Texas. At the time Ja’Quinden Jackson committed, someone at Duncanville told me they’d be flabbergasted if Byrd went everywhere else. In fact, the exact quote was, “Byrd would walk through hell for Ja’Quinden Jackson.” Byrd was reportedly close to closing it down at times, but something happened between his junior and senior year. It seemed that his family was looking hard at SMU and there was some pressure to stay home. Since assistants were only allowed so many visits and Duncanville was loaded with big-name prospects, Byrd’s main relationship was with Tim Beck and Craig Naivar who were frequently at Duncanville. Losing Ra’Shaad Samples hurt the recruitment a bit, but losing those recruiters hurt. It also didn’t help that Byrd said he experienced a big drop in contact for a period of time. By the time Texas came back around and turned it up, it was too far gone.

    I believe Texas would have had a better shot at Jonah Miller had they pushed earlier. There was a time where the former Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe Catholic offensive lineman was leaning toward following Bijan Robinson, but Texas tried to put the brakes on anticipating a big recruiting class. Once Texas started to push again the COVID-19 pandemic stopped Texas from hosting Miller and Oregon added him to one of the strongest offensive line classes in the country.
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    Indeed but it's difficult to move on when news nuggets like these keep popping up. People would be sick if they realized that Jackson, Smith , Mukuba and Miller were ours to lose. And we found a way to do that.
    Fatheree would have been a little more work but was very getable.
    It's simply amazing.
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    Were there not red flags in regards to Herman's recruiting/personality prior to Texas? I mean you pay a guy +/-6 million/year, I would have thought that there would be background checks where these issues would have been realized. I will say that from +/- November on he was actually kind of likeable. I guess he was humbled at this point. Perhaps getting the Texas job changed him in a bad way, but there was some serious smoke from OSU in regards to his personality so I am not sure Texas changed him.
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    This is good news as I think the defense has been really missing a guy like this. Typically these guys will have a few personal fouls per year, but if they keep the whole team in high gear, I think it is worth it. Suh comes to mind even though I always really disliked him.
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    We were in such a huge hurry to get Mensa before others did that I doubt if the proper vetting took place.
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    What about WRs? Seems 50% of the truly elite WRs in college football are from Texas, they just play for OSU, OU, and Alabama. I would be curious to see why elite WRs did not choose Texas.
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    Multitude of reasons. We haven't been winning and have not been in the national title picture in a decade.
    Our qb situation has been a mess since Colt. It can be argued that Sam settled that position down a bit but out side of the Ga and ou win that same year, he didn't have any signature wins.
    If you were a kid being recruited by all the heavies your choice would be easy.
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    Sounds like 2021 class was the perfect poop storm of bad coaching bad recruiting and bad development.

    Fish rots from the head down, thank heavens for CDC who is a very good track record of finding good coaches, hopefully we struck gold with Sark.
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    We've signed plenty of highly ranked WRs
    But we get them to the NFL at an alarmingly low rate
    ou gets more 3-star WRs to the league than we get high 4-stars
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  17. Joe Fan

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    Indeed, there were even more bad stories than I posted
    But that is the summary of it all, Herman and staff blew it
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    I'm thinking that there is a correlation between the quarterback play and lack of NFL draft success with 4 and 5 star receivers. I'm not saying Sam was bad. But years of less than stellar quarterback throwing means wide receivers don't get as much of a chance to look good.
  19. Joe Fan

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    My 2 cents -- worse than unstable pass delivery, I would list the #1 issue as our WR's inability to get separation
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    Guys it's all water under the bridge, it's a new day a new staff and a greater emphasis on development to go with superior offensive strategy.

    It's going to come down to can the new staff get better results than the old staff did? Keep in mind, the old staff wasn't bad at development, I think we made great strides last year in player development. So much so I wanted us to keep several of the staff. The new staff has also come from schools where they proved they can get the job done so now it's a matter of putting it all together.

    If we can win a few games we will not be favored to win and not have any slip ups we will get to face Oklahoma twice and that is how it should be. We do that and we will have a top 7 class. We beat Oklahoma and we could have a top 3 class.
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    Sark already mentioned he thinks we have too many WRs on roster
    And too few ILBs
    We lack balance, like Guam
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    When I am king for a day, I will proclaim this family shall henceforth not weareth the orange forevermore

  23. I_Dont_Exist

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    The Brockermeyer family doesn't owe UT-Austin a damn thing.
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    I am not sure whether to give you credit for an attempted joke, or not? Were you really going for the lol because Herman put Luke on schollie (this no tuition paid by his poor parents?)

    If not, which seems more likely, then are you willing to admit the reverse is just as true?
    That "UT-Austin doesn't owe that family a damn thing?"
    I am sure you believe in the same rules for everyone, right?
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  25. Joe Fan

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    Keithron Lee quote --

    "Today is a pretty special day. Coach Coleman was the one that recruited me so as far as the coaching change, I could see that if there was meant to be a coaching change that it could only get better."

    "I actually talked to Coach Sarkisian last night. He told me there would be a lot of motions and a lot of slinging the rock and I think that's right down my alley. Instinctively, me and Coach Coleman connected. My mom liked him and him being straight up from day one is what took me.
    " ​
  26. I_Dont_Exist

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    They don't owe the University to send their kids to a school that doesn't give them the best chance at future success.
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  27. Joe Fan

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    So it wasnt a joke. It would have been a clever one, that's why I was skeptical

    OK, so what does "UT-Austin" owe them?
  28. OrangeShogun

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    Loyalty is a two way street. As you state, the Brocks owe nothing to UT, so too then, UT, its alumni and fans owe nothing to the Brocks.
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  29. I_Dont_Exist

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  30. X Misn Tx

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    so we're in agreement?
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