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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, May 7, 2018.

  1. Joe Fan

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    I am now moving on to the Middle East
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  2. Sheldon Cooper

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    Is his oldest son still at Texas or did he leave the team?
  3. RainH2burntO

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    No...I do care...as it has become painfully apparent that THs unprofessionalism, childishness, and sloppiness (just poor leadership overall) ruined a very timely and crucial opportunity for this program and ceded more power to those with whom we compete for recruits (and therefore Wins).
    It has and will continue to adversely affect the program for years and cannot be ignored
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  4. mchammer

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    On the team last I checked.
  5. Joe Fan

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    I think we graciously left him on schollie. but those are renewable
  6. SabreHorn

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    He will be on scholarship as long as he wants, OR someone's Spring Break will include a trip to Anahuac.

    It's called honor, class & dignity, something Powers, Fenves, & Herman knew nothing about.
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  7. dukesteer

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    Not sure that I agree although, no doubt, Herman hurt the program. But that damage might just end up being a short term, one cycle blip.

    If Sark produces some magic this coming season — and I think he just might, all bets will be off and it will be a new day. After all, how many kids wouldn’t want to be on the Sark train, once it starts rolling? To me that means a stellar 2022 class is not only possible, but likely.
  8. caryhorn

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    His oldest son, Jack, graduated from Rice, did not play sports. His 2nd son, Luke, is on the team.
  9. caryhorn

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    Ya'll are a bit confused; confusing oldest son Jack who did not attend UT, instead going to Rice, with the second son who is on the team, on scholarship. That would be Luke.
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  10. Sheldon Cooper

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    So to sum it up, Blake Brockermeyer has 4 sons, first one is a smart kid, the second one is a great kid, and the last two are scoundrels.
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

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  12. Vino Bevo

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    It's been said here already, but the current situation is such an eerie parallel to Mack's arrival. Mackovic had some limited success, but pissed off way too many boosters, fans and high school coaches. Mack comes in and immediately mends those fences, has a strong first season behind Ricky, and things took off from there. I feel like Sark's first season, behind Bijan, will be similar and things will explode with the 2022 class.

    Time will tell, but I'm damn excited.
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  13. RainH2burntO

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    I agree....but there was an opportunity to start in 2021 what you suggest for '22. It wasn't only a year partially wasted, recruiting wise, but one which would create some momentum and separation for the victors. Those victors appear to be Ohio st., ou, aggy, and of course Bama. Wherever we now are on the road, talent wise, it is a little further back than we should or could have been....and we now have some making up to do. And it isn't just that we missed.. .it is the fact that we missed primarily due to unforced errors. I, too am optimistic about the future and agree with you moving forward and about it being 1 cycle...but 1 cycles impact in cfb shouldn't be underestimated. We missed some real key talent that were leaning here. It will work out....but we are moving forward talent wise from a poorer position than was very possible..and our "competitors " have those players.
    (I'll move on now....
    ....that is, after I go post a juicy TH stat in on the field lol...You'll find it under MC's "FU Tom Herman" thread with an original post by MC that begins with the very subject we are addressing)
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  14. SabreHorn

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    I would say two outstanding young men, both of whom are really good HS players, turning down the arrogance, stupidity, and overall incompetence that is Tom Herman, to accept an offer to win four National Championships with Saban instead of losing another four in a row to OU, as well as losing half a dozen other games they should have won, are two very intelligent young men looking out for their future.

    It is not the Brocks fault that Fenves, et al totally humped the puppy on our program and allowed Herman to drive it into the ground. Place blame where it belongs, and that ain't in Southwest Tarrant County.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    Casey Cain

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  16. dukesteer

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    It’s a great comparison. I actually think that Sark could be > Mack. Of course, I hope so. If his staff is any indication, happy days may be here again, very soon.

    I also like the Bijan analogy as I mentioned in another thread. Both of our Heisman winners won with a first year HC. History does tend to repeat.
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  17. X Misn Tx

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    I'm with you. We can't blame Herman in On The Field for his negative impact, then blame two kids for basically agreeing with us. Lol
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  18. bystander

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    I don't know all the ins and the outs and I wasn't there for any conversations Herman had with the Brockemeyers. What we do know is that Herman had an arrogance that far lapped his actual accomplishments several times. And if I was a great high school player, I'd say it would be damn hard to turn down Alabama at this point. It is about winning and development. Nobody can really stand up to Alabama except maybe Clemson and Ohio State on a year in year out basis. To go to Texas would be about loyalty to Dad's alma mater. But the arrogance of "We're Texas" has to make people laugh when it comes out of Herman's mouth.
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  19. Joe Fan

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    While this class is not stellar, 2014 was even worse.
    It was also a "transition class" and I convinced myself it was better than it was.
    But Poona and 3-star D'Onta Foreman were about the only players. Only Foreman was drafted (3R to Hou). Beck was a decent TE but was a convert from LB. And the state champ QB was converted to WR
    Texas 2014 Football Commits
  20. RainH2burntO

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  21. X Misn Tx

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    I REALLY liked those three though :hookem:
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  22. Joe Fan

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  23. beijinghorn1

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    I would say hell no. Sucks!
  24. Joe Fan

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    Feels like 247 has a new source
    Last week they were promoting him as future head coach

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  25. RainH2burntO

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    No, because we all know putting recruits in the NFL is hard
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  26. RainH2burntO

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    When pressed on the issue, TH would not relent and refrained from acknowledging this verifiable fact... citing something about the wind, sociopolitical trends, and some incoherent formula from page 46 in the binder
  27. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    Coaching up good recruits is harder.
  28. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    Page 46. That's interesting. I would have thought that would be a lot closer to the front of the binder
  29. Joe Fan

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    Here are Scipio's top "Underrated" 2021 commits

    WR Keithron Lee - 3 star, #78 player in Texas
    Maybe I'm alone, but it took me about ten plays to see a dissonance between Lee's skill set and his ranking. Granted, WR is the deepest position at the high school, college, and NFL level and you can go deep down the list of the best in Texas and still get quality. That's a ranker's dilemma. So yeah, a guy outside of the Texas top 50 can still be a stone cold baller. I think the difference between the #3 WR in Texas and #9 is far too often about camp circuit participation, team profile, sophomore and junior seasons, groupthink, and early scholarship offers than pure assessment after the last game of their senior season.

    Lee was highly productive as a receiver and runner (he's great on fly sweeps and gadgets) at Bryan and he shows a knack for adjusting to the ball down the field. He's a fearless runner and runs through contact despite modest size. I like that. I also like his acceleration and refusal to quit on a play. I see a lot of heart and ability. Kind of what I want in a slot. If he can run smart routes and catch the ball reliably, Sark will love him.

    I don't know how he fares in the shorts Olympics, but I like him with pads on.

    If there's something off the field weighing against his evaluation, I get it, but I'm not aware of it. BTW, fellow WR Jaden Alexis is probably being sold a little short by Texas fans as well, but his ranking is appropriate.

    DT Byron Murphy - 3 star, #56 player in Texas
    Murphy is 6 feet even but carries his weight well. You will hear Poona Ford comps, but Poona was actually a freakier athlete, though shorter. Murphy shares the same dawg mentality though. That matters.

    I prefer long DL and Alfred Collins is my model, but here's the deal: if a short guy at any DL spot has a huge motor, first step quickness, and the ability to break down a larger OL's arms in extension, they're a freaking nightmare for less athletic guards and centers. A short DL "space eater" can be rendered useless athlete against modern offenses. Murphy is not that guy. Folks portraying him that way don't understand line play. Murphy has motor, quickness, and he never stops moving his feet. Develop his power and max him out at a rock hard 290 and we're cooking with gas. But let's not chunk him out. If he puts on bad weight, he's a JAG.

    Think Andrew Billings from Baylor (absent the incredible powerlifting numbers). Ignore his 5.0 40. Pay attention to that 31 inch vertical. Bursty.

    Murphy has a huge chip on his shoulder. Don't underestimate the power of that in a DL recruit.

    DL Jordon Thomas, low 4 star #45 in Texas
    DL David Abiara, 3 star, #62 in Texas
    DL Barryn Sorrell, 3 star, #21 in Louisiana

    Same, same but different. Three guys lumped together? What kind of weak hedge is this? I'll explain.

    I'm not saying all three will pan. DL don't pan for reasons off the field as often as on it. But I will tell you that absent landing the elite guys, these are the kinds of prospects Texas should be taking on the DL as secondary and tertiary options. Each player has some individuality: Abiara is the strongest and most imposing, Thomas is the most consistent dawg (not many soft dudes from Port A in my experience), Sorrell is the most sushi raw with interesting flashes, but all three share one key commonality: they're tweenerish edge guys who can move, have big frames, and have the highest level starter potential inside.

    They're all athletic enough to play credibly outside. But I want to see them fill out and attack the passer and running game from a 3 or 5 technique.

    Might each player be rated appropriately individually? Sure. Though I'd quibble on Abiara if his off field issue was a one off. But this is a collective trait bet. These are the right kinds of takes of the available options.

    LB Morice Blackwell - low 4 star, #49 in Texas
    He barely slid under the 4 star concertina wire, so I'm including him. #49 player in Texas is not a ringing analyst endorsement. I also see their point about his potential limitations a level up. However, he's one of my class favorites as a pure football player. He's just that guy. That dude who keeps making critical plays that change a game while also making the routine plays reliably. He's narrow and lithe, but he moves really well and diagnoses like a freaking scientist. Watching him play makes me happy. I honestly think he could play safety in some schemes. If he can carry 215-225 well, he's a greyhound LB in the best of the TCU mold who will fill up the entire box score like a young Magic Johnson: 9 tackles, 1 PBU, a QB hit, forced fumble, a pick. You know the guy.

    Size and frame are legitimate knocks, but if Texas can't retain his quickness and fluidity while adding 25 good pounds, go to the weight room and start handing out pink slips.
  30. RainH2burntO

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    Rick, you clearly have never seen The Binder.
    That is very near the front.
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