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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, May 7, 2018.

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    Is this an HIV analogy?
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    IMO, Herman is a bright guy, good coach. Some people find his personality abrasive or objectionable but I dont really care about that. Lots of winning coaches have this said about them (Saban/Meyer for example). It's an extremely competitive world they survive in and a unique job in modern America while the rest of the country seems to be looking for another reason each day to be offended by something new. Will there even be head coaches like Satan and Meyer 20 years from now?

    I would be curious to learn if Herman's changes on assistants was sua sponte or whether it came only after being nudged/threatened by our AD first. If the latter, it's a problem. But I also think it's easy to see, if he were fired, going wherever and winning once extricated from the whirlwind that is the head coaching position at UT.

    I also think he has proven to be a top notch evaluator of talent. Projecting talent is a tricky business and he and his guys have shown to be better at it than most. They dont always close it, which is another issue, but at least they get the first part right which I find very encouraging.

    But, yeah, there is room for improvement all around.
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    While lightning itself is not preventable, I would argue being struck by lightning, practically speaking, is more preventable than contracting the CCP virus. Lightning in the area?...Stay indoors.
    Covid-19?? I'll save time and just link to an essential article on the subject by Dr. Scott Atlas to summarize my views and personal approach from the beginning...
    The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation

    [Dr. Atlas is a senior fellow at Stanfords Hoover Institution and former chief of Neuroradiology at SUMC]
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    I usually carry a 2-iron in my golf bag. If a thunderstorm blows up suddenly, I will hold the 2-iron up straight up above me because even God can't hit a 2-iron.
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    4 th - your avatar makes me smile almost every time I look at it...
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    I know, beating a dead horse, but here is my concern on the 2021 class. We are offering a lot of talent at positions but are missing and seeing zero to little interest. All of this info is compiled from 247 and is not every single position. I know we have some studs committed, but what's left out there seems pretty bleak especially if we whiff on the one person interested in a few of these positions. Am I missing something?

    RB - 7 offers, 3 star Brooks is the lowest rated player on the offer list, no other interest. One of the best players in the state is probably going to OU.

    WR - 23 offers, 3 star Cain is the lowest rated player on the offer list, only one other 3 star player interested.

    TE - 7 offers, 3 star King is the lowest rated player on the list, no other interest

    OT - 11 offers, Connor is 4 star commit, Brockermeyer showing 50/50 split between us and Bama, would be a huge win for the O-line if he comes here.

    OG - 4 offers, no commits, no interest

    SSDE - 12 offers, no serious interest

    DT - 2 offers, no commits, no serious interest

    ILB - 4 offers, no commits, no interest

    OLB - 11 offers, 4 star Blackwell commit, no other interest

    Corner - 18 offers, no commits, only Deuce Harmon showing interest at 17th on our list

    Safety - 10 offers, no commits, only 4 star JD Coffey showing interest who is high on our list
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    If this is accurate then it is bleak or maybe just disappointing; not doomed, just very disappointing. No buzz.

    I'm the bystander; a t-shirt fan, so I can say this without the orangeblood of an alumnus:

    From my point of view, this university considers itself to have an elite football program. The legacy and the facilities are pretty much backing that up. As such, we (yes, I said we; I've loved the Longhorns ever since I saw Big Bertha on TV during the Cotton Bowl game in 1969 against the University of Tennessee. I was living in Florida at the time, a kid who grew up on the Florida State Seminoles) should AT LEAST be top five on the INTEREST list of the top players in the nation. That's just the interest list.

    Beyond that? It's the commitments. That's what matters.
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    Wow, if this true, how deflating and deplorable. You would think Austin is a miserable ugly city and the university was all male. I guess this is why we are pushing OOS. Last season is proving to be a kick in the nuts. What we feared. Hence the staff turnover.
    But I really believe this season could turn things around if we play. We have really good talent plus experience. Win baby win as they say.
    That was a real eye opening post.
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    I recently have noticed that a lot of the top end recruits who pay attention in school, have good parents and well instilled life skill values are really interested in the education offered them in return for their dedication to an athletic program. Alexis, a fairly capable WR in FL, has mentioned how impressed with his Virtual Tour including speaking with faculty in the Business School. He mentioned he would not even have to make an OV to Texas to commit. If there is one advantage that few schools can match-up with Texas, it is the quality of the education. It would be detrimental not to pitch Texas academics to any recruit who has half a grasp on the facts of life.

    One thing I have been impressed with Herman's recruiting is that every time one of his players is interviewed, that player is articulate and aware of what he is doing and the situation around him. I think he has learned that he should pay less attention to Star ratings in high school and rely on his own evaluations more. Recruiting athletes is fine, but recruiting self motivated and responsible athletes builds a better team on the field and better alumna citizens long term.
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    can you get struck by lightning while inside buildings and not outside with a golf club raised?

    Will also apologize for not reading all the way thru the thread where there were much better posts than mine
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    Here is what I will say about this recruiting cycle. If you look closely, our defense recruiting has been pretty stellar so far. We are filling our biggest need at linebacker and speed rusher. We will see what happens at strong side DE, DT is a non-issue, we don't really need one. DB recruiting is trending for us.

    Offensively we have our QB, we have TE covered, we have one big need and that is at offensive line. Of course, we want top end RBs and Wrs, but we have a pretty full backfield and a very talented WR group with no seniors and only Eagles as a possible Early Entry.

    What we need is performance and development, I'll sacrifice a good recruiting class if we get those things. Recruits will come when we can shut up the critics.
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    Good and even exceptional recruits have come and will continue to do so. Good programs always invite negative and false recruiting clichés like Adeleye's. He is most likely just repeating something that made him feel justified with not having to redshirt to develop enough to play on the Texas DL. We have really good players and some recruits who likely will be even better when they are ready.

    Do not be like these conference publicity organs like Saturdays Down South who repeat trash trivia without analyzing it.
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    Well I do agree we have some good recruits and I expect out team to do much better than 8-5 this year but adeleye's assessment is pretty much right. I do hope that he changes his mind when he sees the d-line kicking arse this season. Maybe that might will help.
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    Speaking of Sweat
    Goalline FB?
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    No, it is fundamentally inaccurate and wrong. You are drinking the aOSU Kool-Aid like he is.

    I really care not if he he wants to change. We need hungry junkyard dogs on the DL, not pampered lap poodles. I trust Herman's evaluation and hope he does too. 4 & 5 Star Pretty Boys deserve a pass and Herman is learning this.
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    Hell yes! Make him the Henry Melton designated TD back. Brick walls mean nothing to him.

    Ready by the LSU game, I hope?
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    Are you denying we have been sucking in the draft the last seven or eight years? That's what Adeleye is saying and as such we have not been developing talent.
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    OK, you tell us which 4 or 5 Star DL have not been drafted the last 7 or 8 years. Not Brown, Melton, Omenihu, nor Ridgeway. Ford and Omenihu were 3 Stars anyway.
    So who are the other 17 4 and 5 Star DL in the last 8 years at Texas who did not get drafted? I can not remember their names.

    Secondly but most importantly for the Kool Aid drinkers, this is Herman's 4th year and thus his first class of eligible DL recruits. So prior to the conclusion of this year, all the graduating DL were either Mack's or Strong's recruits. Thus his whole comment is inaccurate and at best ignorant. Bottom line, he does not know about what he speaks.
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    Looks like Landen King was recruiting for Texas earlier this week but went psycho and decommitted today and headed for $EC power house Auburn.

    Glad to discover these head cases early.
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    Well that's a teenager for you.
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    Chad Morris...
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    But do the Aggies consider him SEC-good?
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    more Roach - "I talked to some more sources who said the kid just feels a real strong pull to the SEC"

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    Couple possible replacements

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    And Demetrius Davis is a good "friend." I also read Auburn reportedly prefers McRee over King.

    Right now, Milroe is thinking, "WTF, dude?"

    Evidently Texas is not out, but Georgia is trying to wiggle in. And of course, $EC because "We are going to put you in the NFL in 3 years."

    Poor kids. I like Herman playing it straight. Morris will go down in flames again.
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    So Texas is nowhere with Crownover?

    Why not this guy?


    Or Right behind King.

    There is an uncommitted 6'7" 240 big guy from OH in front of King too.

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    The decommitment of the King sent us spiraling down from #10 all the way to #12 in the 2021 rankings

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