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Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Aug 22, 2018.

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    Yeah I was going by individual year which would be spring 2021. I was not thinking about fall of 2020 If there will be fall ball this year but that's my bad
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    This is confusing to me as well. But I guess you think of the season as when things count in the record books. So...2021? I'll create a 2021 Transfer thread since I know things will be shifting in the next 8 months or so.
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    We'll find it one way or another.

    But, the year usually reflects the academic year (unless they are mid-season transfers). So, the '2020' signing class is for those who enroll in classes summer/Fall 2020, and those recruits/signees are listed in the 2020 recruiting thread.
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    Molly Jacobsen's transfer from Ole Miss allows Texas to add to its surplus of pitchers | Hookem.com

    Jacobsen went 5-6 with a 3.42 ERA and 64 strikeouts during this abbreviated spring. As a junior, Jacobsen was an All-SEC honoree whose 26- and 23-inning scoreless streaks were the second- and third-best runs in school history. Jacobsen started her collegiate career at Des Moines Area Community College and was the NJCAA Division II Pitcher of the Year in 2018.

    Texas coach Mike White didn’t need to dig up much film on Jacobsen during her recruitment. Over the past two seasons, Texas has faced Ole Miss three times. Jacobsen pitched in all three of those games.

    In those 12 2/3 innings against Texas, Jacobsen surrendered six earned runs. In one of last year’s two meetings, she held Texas scoreless until the sixth inning of UT’s 3-2 win in Austin. Texas beat Ole Miss in Mexico this year, but Jacobsen only allowed two earned runs and eight hits over her seven innings of work.

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    In regards to Jacobsen transferring to Texas, I had to ask myself "Why?". My summation is:
    1) Ole Miss under Mike Smith (without Jacobsen), went 32-25 in 2018 season
    2) With Jacobsen transferring in from Juco, went 42-10 in 2019 with Jacobsen going 14-8 with 2.15 ERA
    3) Jacobsen played against Texas twice (where Mike White saw her in person)
    3b) Jacobsen named 2nd team SEC
    4) issues between some players, their parents, Mike Smith, and admin. Internal investigation
    5) Smith quits before season starts, interim coach takes over and Ole Miss goes 12-13, with Jacobsen going 5-6
    6) Interim coach not getting the job on a permanent basis

    I remember that Jacobsen pitched pretty well against Texas in 2019. Maybe that's what Mike White saw that intrigued him.

    I'm scratching my head because this player never played for Mike, like the Oregon 4, but he was willing to add her to this already fully packed team and all that implies in terms of scholarship money and chemistry.

    Well Mike has shown he knows what he's doing and it's obvious with his recruiting that he's got a pipeline of skill players eager to come to Texas, which is a change from the past.

    Here's fingers crossed we get a look-see with Fall ball?
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    Not sure how good she is, but should look good in the Burnt Orange and White. Doesn't seem to walk many batters, so with White's coaching she could be really good. I think Green sucking in the circle was a shocker and our #2-#4 pitchers were not show stoppers against really talented teams.( Always had to go to Elish to close the door this last season ) To win a Natty you have to have two top flight pitchers unless you have a Cat or Garcia in the circle.
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    Green looked pretty awful in....looking up stats less than 1 inning pitched:
    IP 0.0, Runs 3, ERR: 3, BB: 5, SO: 0​
    So not a good debut. Mike White pursued her for Oregon and she didn't want to go there, so he got her for Texas. He must something, other than she needed another year.

    O'Leary as #2 was rocky at the start and started getting better. And I have to disagree about Day. She would have started more games, but she was thrown in to bail out starters who were getting tired or having a bad game. Looking at her stats, it shows in 28 (total) innings she pitched she walked no one. Impressive.
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    I don't think pitching will be a problem in 2021 at all. I think O'leary finally turns the curve and Elish is going to dominate regardless. I think it will be a dog fight for that 3rd spot between Day, White, and Jacobsen. My main concern is the shortstop position now that slack is gone. Parker just makes to many errors and is not an offensive weapon so I think Alyssa Washington will be the one to get the spot.
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    Slack was ok at SS, but not irreplaceable. No, Parker is not the answer, but surely someone will emerge as good a Slack was.
  10. Ellis21d

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    No one mentions Corona as a potential SS. She didn’t get a chance to play this year but she was a highly decorated SS at Dripping Springs. I think she’ll get her chance to win the job this year!
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    I think Jefferson has a better shot a winning it. It will come down to Washington or her for the spot.
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    In year 1 of Mike White, he gave Slack the starting SS job. I was kinda "meh" on that. But about a third of the way through the season when the errors were piling up, he shifted to Parker. Okay, she looked decent until the flubs started piling up. So White went back to primarily Slack and occasionally Parker.

    I was hoping that the influx of IF freshmen would give them both a run for their money, but no. Mike decided to stick with Slack through most of the season, except a very few handful of games where Jefferson was given a try at SS. Unsure if he thought that he needed her more at 2nd than he did at SS.

    Interesting fact is that I had a chance to speak to CC's parents. They told us that her natural position is 2nd. So although she played SS in high school, 2nd is her natural spot. Also, I learned last year that MK Tedder's natural position was 2nd as well. I liked her at 3rd her freshman year, but during Fall ball of Mike's first year, a few errors at third and that was it, banished to the outfield. Although, she does have the strongest arm of any of the outfielders!
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    They all are more than capable of playing ss but I really do like Jefferson at SS. Unless Washington comes in and shows she can handle starting as a freshman than keeping Jefferson at 2nd is good. A huge factor that plays in it is the bats! If it comes to who will be more effective in the batting lineup then Washington will for sure take it. Her bat is a powerful one even though she is small.
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    What about Jefferson's arm? I'm thinking with the problems we've had
    at SS the last 2 years, Jefferson would have already moved over if she had the arm.
    I've not seen enough of Corona to judge her arm. I'm thinking it will be Parker
    and Washington in the battle for SS. Also, although an outfielder , I remember seeing
    some video of the California recruit Bailey ____ ? playing SS and she looked OK.
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    Corona was used at 3rd some this last season, so surely she has an arm to handle SS.
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    Aha! Answers many questions:
    Molly Jacobsen Follows Gut To Texas

    I think the part: "It was awesome that the coaches would go to that extent to try and make it as realistic as possible"

    Was them saying, "Hey, you have to realize when you show up here we will have 7 pitchers on staff"
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  17. Jacob Johnson

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    Yes I watched video on her she has a strong arm. She has played ss and outfield as well as 3rd base. She throws similar to slack in terms of power
  18. UTexRulz23

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  19. Jacob Johnson

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    Her family may be aggies but she is definitely on another level. If the scholarship part works out I hope Texas makes an effort to recruit her since she wants to stay close to home. Would be beneficial for both sides.

    sidenote: she is following both coach white and Steve Singleton as well as a couple Texas commits and Texas softball on twitter so I would say she is interested:hookem:
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  20. racerx5908

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    We're....kinda full, which is why she decommitted from A&M right? More than happy to get Miranda back for a bonus year, but this is what I wondered about with bigger rosters for the good teams.
  21. Moooooo

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    Well, she plays Catcher, which seems to be our most loaded position the next few seasons. Hopefully, she can play an additional position.

    While she did start following our coaches on twitter (as well as those from Ohio State, Washington, Alabama, Houston, etc.), our coaches haven't started following her. Typically, when Coach Singleton starts following a recruit, that's a sign we are interested (like with Brianna Cantu).
  22. NBhornfan

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    Watched a few of our recruits of the last couple weekends:

    Katie Cimusz is the price of the class in my opinion. Will be ready to hit in the middle of the line up on Day 1. Elite level approach. Lexy Bennett comparable.

    Mya Homles great athlete booming with potential. Reminds me of a right handed Lindsey Stephens or even Shannon Rhodes. Good defense, good speed, plus pop potential.

    Allie Clements has big time pop. With that you do get some swing and miss. Nadia Taylor comparable without the approach right now.
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  23. Jacob Johnson

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    How were they looking on the defensive side
  24. NBhornfan

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    Mya Holmes more ready than the other two. Could patrol center easy.

    Allie Clements has a cannon.

    Seen Katie DH most of the time.
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  25. Jacob Johnson

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    Big bat!
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  26. NBhornfan

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    Couple more from watching the bombers today:

    Sophia Simpson has a college ready change up now. Probably those mid 60s but feels even harder because her change up is that good.

    Mia Scott was a good steal from Texas A&M. Smooth swing and speed to beat anything out. Body type that looks to lend it self to more power in the future.

    Katie Cimusz, Mia Scott, Sophia Simpsons will be ready to start right away. This class has a chance to be the best in awhile.

    Going to watch Nelia tomorrow.
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  27. NBhornfan

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    Alright yes this class could be special. Just watch Nelia Peralta go 3 for 3 with two oppo doubles and a bomb.
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  28. Jacob Johnson

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    Thank you for the updates first and foremost! How is her defense looking? I heard she was an elite shortstop but I have not had the chance to see any video on her
  29. NBhornfan

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    If you can't tell I'm all about the offense lol. She was playing 2B today. Was only watching offense today but for sure looks to be able to play up the middle or corner.
  30. NBhornfan

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    We had two players in the championship games of Nationals: Katie Cimusz Hotshots and Nelia Peralta Thunderbolts.

    Both impressed through out the weekend. Katie hit 3rd every game but played first primary. Nelia hit 3rd and played 2nd. Both hit homers on the WCWS field, hope we get to see more of those in the future.

    Mia Scott racked up a lot of hits throughout the tourney. As a lot of tools.

    Sophia Simpson is a good pitcher but got pulled out of quite a few games. Had quite a bit of tough luck.

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