2022-2023 NCAA Tournament The Big Dance

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by HornView, Mar 15, 2023.

  1. Moooooo

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    Oh, Tara. No, you didn't . . .

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  2. HornView

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    Is she going senile?
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  3. Jacob Johnson

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    Texas has a legit chance at the final 4. Of course it’s one game at a time and Louisville is the next big matchup but I am confident in our abilities as a team. These next couple games will come down to conditioning.
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  4. Sincerely hookem

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    I’m up late at night like I coach us. Look at box scores and seeing weak points and what happen when they lost verses when they won. 1st both team are totally different than when they meet early in season. They go as Van Lith takes them but Carr and Cochran worry me similar to a version of Oklahoma In ways. When we played them the first time of course we didn’t have Rori so that changes a lot of the dna of this team now. Also they have to deal with us and I don’t think they can ( hopefully). Faye, Shay, and Gatson wasn’t who they are now then.
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  5. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    The tweet is not available. What did Tara do?
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  6. 512HornsUp

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    the tweet is now deleted…what did it say?
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  7. brnkj

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    She said that the Stanford men's team would've been thrilled to play two NCAA tournament games. :e-face-tears:

    Edit: Or something to that effect. I watched their post game presser but I don't remember her words verbatim.
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  8. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    Somebody tweeted that in Tara's post-game press conference, she said "Our men's program would love to be able to play 2 NCAA tourney games in one season" or something to that effect.

    Now I have to wonder if it was accurate / real.
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  9. Statalyzer

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    Maybe trashing your own school's other basketball team isn't the best move? Also, men's teams with the top seeds would love to be able to play home games in the tournament.

    She was great on defense but had a tough time scoring near the basket. Ended up with 20 points but only shot 5-13 from the field.
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  10. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    I know that the scheduling of these tournament games, for the purpose of TV coverage, depends heavily on the sub-regional locations and their respective time zones. I do appreciate the effort to fully over all the games.

    However, what I don't like is that going into the Sweet 16 next weekend half the teams will have an advantage over their opponent in the form of an extra day's rest. I'm sure that even if I tried to sit down and come up with a better solution that I couldn't, but still I just don't think it's fair to the teams getting less prep/rest time. An extra day means a lot at this point in the season.
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  11. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    Yea that doesn’t sit well with me either
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  12. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    That happens in pretty much every college sports tournament (soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, etc.). Based on television schedule and arena/stadium availability, games are staggered across multiple days. Been like that forever. The teams who win and advance earlier will get more rest
  13. cactus47

    cactus47 25+ Posts

    We got one more day of rest before the first game than those playing Fri/Sun.
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  14. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    What I'm talking about is opponents in the same game... for instance the winner of our game tonight plays Mississippi on Friday.
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  15. xdxmmxchxxl

    xdxmmxchxxl 250+ Posts

    Watching OSU/UNC game , freshman forward Codie McMahon is the best freshman in the nation. She is so explosive, a W/F with insane speed and guard skills and can bang down low. She will be NPOY before her career is over. I am extremely impressed.
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  16. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    Haven't paid too much attention to her. I think Ta'niya Latson at Florida State was the best freshman in the country; I will for sure cry myself to sleep tonight that Vic wasn't able to reel her in.
  17. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    OU is the last B12 team dancing. And they're losing at the half. It doesn't appear their will be any B12 teams in the S16.
  18. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    Call me shocked that Baylor played so well at UConn for the first 3 quarters tonight before UConn finally figured things out in the fourth quarter. I'd have bet money that they would be the team to get blown out tonight, not us.

    OU losing at UCLA so far is not a surprise. Iowa State plays lousy away from home.

    As I said earlier, due to injuries, the Big 12 was simply composed of mediocre teams. The best performance in the NCAA tourney might have come from Oklahoma State; while they blew that huge halftime lead against Miami, the Hurricanes ended up upsetting 1 seed Indiana tonight.
  19. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    Sweet 16 so far by conference


    Notre Dame


    Virginia Tech



    South Carolina


    Ole Miss




    Ohio State







    UCLA (vs OU - UCLA leading by 7)

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  20. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    3 seed Duke falls at home to 6 seed Colorado in OT. Duke is worse than us at offense; so, not surprised they lost.

    Our region will consist of the 2, 5, 6, and 8 seeds in Seattle.
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  21. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    O Snap. OU fighting back. Down by 3.
  22. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    In the 3rd upset of the day #6 seed Colorado advances to the Sweet 16 for the first time in 20 years by beating #3 Duke on their home floor where Celeste Taylor probably played her final game as a Blue Devil although she still has a Covid year. Celeste almost had a quadruple double with 8 points, 8 assists, 10 rebounds and 10 steals as the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. I want her to be a Dallas Wing so bad
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  23. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    OU up by 1. 1:30 left in the 3rd Q.
  24. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    OU missing shots. Down by 3.
  25. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    Refs have fouled out three Bruins and several more have 4 to keep OU in it late
  26. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    The Dust Bowl Grannies go down to UCLA eliminating the Big 12 from the tournament
  27. UTSUgrad

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    KM once said that her administrative assistant goes shopping for her and selects her clothes - this was when she began wearing sequins and glitter at Baylor. Wonder who selects her clothes at LSU? You'd think she could at least wear the correct size. Guess it's too late to change now - the legend grows! :lol:
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  28. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    Latson is NFOY:

  29. Sangre Naranjada

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    Maybe Mama Boucher does Kim's shopping.

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  30. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    Just when you thought KM couldn't possibly look more hideous than the polkadot clown suit... :e-face-tears:
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