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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by LonghornCatholic, Jul 14, 2022.

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    Nothing about Morris, so my guess is they were told before it started that he was dealt with in-house and don't ask questions about it. I'm worried more will come out about it as the season goes on, especially considering Ibraheem went to the same HS as Morris and was just suspended from football for a relatively similar situation.

    I am excited for Rice and Hunter to make an impact.

    Beard seemed excited that Disu was healthy and Brock made good strides over the summer.

    Worried about our frontcourt this year, but we probably have one the deepest set of guards in the NCAA. If we can get just a tiny bit out of Bishop and Mitchell to help Allen out...
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  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    I thought Trey Mitchell was going to be the shining star among last years transfers. So much for that hope. Maybe we will get more out of this season's Mitchell than last.
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    Rice hasn't missed a start since the middle of his sophomore campaign at NMSU. He was the leader of the team that nearly upset the Pigs in the round of 32 this past season. Not only will he start for us this season, but I think he gives us that leadership we were missing from last year's team.

    And we all saw what Hunter was capable of last year, albeit on a pretty mediocre ISU team. He kind of reminds me of Andrew Jones.

    I think our starters will be Carr, Rice, Hunter, Allen, and Bishop. I wouldn't be surprised if a healthy Disu cut into those frontcourt minutes.
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    I think this team will need Disu's rebounding a lot. This is a pretty short team compared to other top 20 teams. We have no Olajuwan, Abdul-Jabbar or Tim Duncan.
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    Yeah those guys just grow on trees.
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    Those players are three first vote NBA hall of famers. No one in the country, Much less the big 12, has anyone approaching those three. We will win a lot of games this season, and make a splash in the Big Dance
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    Cougar report on the scrimmage:

    Inside the Houston Cougars not-so-secret scrimmage against Texas - Gallery Sports

    Houston and Texas were in a defensive battle in the first half, the other source said.

    The Cougars were able to pull away in the second half as baskets began to fall. UH built approximately a 10-point cushion by the time the second period ended. According to one source, Houston struggled with foul trouble in the second half, keeping Texas within reach.
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    Keeping it within striking distance against a Final Four team sounds good to me.
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    Disu is tall and athletic. If he shows up more aggressive this year, he could be a big time impact player.
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    More aggression ought to come naturally with the additional year of injury recovery.
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    It’s official the scrimmage against Arkansas won’t be streamed or shown on LHN:cursing2:
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