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    Rather than shoehorn it into the House / Senate topic, let's talk about governor's races here.

    First off, Abbott will beat Beta Male by 15. I'd laugh so hard if he whipped the soon to be 3 time loser (18 Senate, 20 Democratic Pres) worse that he beat the Abortion Barbie in 14, which I think was by 16 or 18 points. I haven't bothered looking, but has the Houston Comic done their "Any viable Democrat is our guy" endorsement of Beta Male?

    They endorsed Abortion Barbie in 14 as they thought she could win, then jumped on Abbott's bandwagon in 18 against whatever chump ran against him (wasn't it some sheriff from Dallas who had outstanding tax liens?). But will be back on the Democrat side since they think (wrongly) that Beta has a chance to win.

    Whatever you do, don't put any stock in what seems to be about the only poll anyone mentions in Texas, the Texas Tribute / UT Tyler poll. I posted a year ago or so how bad they were in 20 in both the Democrat race and the general. I think they actually had Depends beating Trump in their poll in Texas, that's how full of crap they are.
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    In Florida, DeSantis will slaughter the Tan Man, Charlie Crist, who embodies everything wrong with elected officials. He's a fake, valueless, charlatan who believes in noting except wanting to be in power. And remember, he's the candidate that GOP Inc. supported and gave money to in the 2010 Senate primary. As before, I don't want to hear a peep from them about "crap candidates".

    Kept will win reelection against the self-appointed current governor of GA, Stacy Abrams. I actually saw her listed is some leftist rag like the AP as Stacy Abrams (D-GA), as if she's an elected official currently. "Just happy to be part of your team!" the AP says.

    Now onto the competitive races.

    AZ - Lake will win against Hobbs, who's currently the Sec of State there and wrongly used her position to go to vote by mail fraud for everyone. Lake was up by 4 in the polls I saw, and Hobbs is hiding under a desk to avoid having to debate her. Expect some university position for Hobbs next year as a soft landing spot - the Democrat party takes care of their losers and makes sure they come out well as an incentive for others. Hell Brian Stelter formerly from CNN before being fired got some cushy job at Harvard, instead of what he should be doing - mop duty at an adult theater.

    Kansas - the incumbent Democrat is locked in a tight race with the Attorney General. You'd think the Republican pulls things out here - the usual pattern I've read in KS is for the GOP establishment to back the Democrat when their candidate doesn't get the nomination. But this year there wasn't much of a GOP primary race, and the AG got 78% of the vote. A unified GOP plus a bad Democrat year spells trouble and probable doom for the Democrat (Kelly).

    Wisconsin - Democrat Evers is tied or behind Tim Michels in the good polls I've seen. Rich Barris, the People's Pundit on Twitter, has Michels in the lead, and has also said that WI is a hard state to poll due to a its high rural vote percentage. Hence laughers like the Washington Post's 17 point lead for Depends vs. Trump - he one by less that 20,000 votes, all courtesy of late night Milwaukee counting efforts. I think the Republicans do the Gov / Senate sweep here and win both.

    PA. Democrat and state AG Josh Shapiro vs. Republican Doug Mastriano. Shapiro has a couple point lead in the good polls, double digits or 40 points or whatever the narrative is for the day in the trash polls. As with the Senate race here, this one will be close either way. The gov race has far better candidates than the Senate race - either gov candidate would slice and dice the other party's Senate candidate in either race. In general, with the stock market crashing, interest rates rising, and Depend's on the loose and showing the country how terrible of a president he is, both Mastriano and Oz are in good shape for a late push.
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    Michigan. Of the three rust belt states (this one, WI, and PA) Michigan is probably the least likely to go GOP. The Democrat Whitmer is a horrible governor, who locked up her state over the Wuhan, but has enough of that suburban honkey woman look to get those afternoon book club drunks to come out in force to vote for her. A shame as she's a turd but such things happen.

    Maryland will probably go back to Democrat rule now that Hogan is leaving office, but while he vetoed a number of bad Democrat bills, the Legislature over-rode him on most of them, so it's not a big deal. Plus he's somewhat of a political coward - there's a Senate race in that state this year - which he didn't run for. Somehow he thinks he can leverage his "Yes Sir's boss, Republicans are stupid" statements on CNN into winning the GOP presidential nomination in 24. Uhh, no.

    Another race that will go Democratic in in Mass, where the total RINO Charlie Baker isn't running, good riddance for the Republican party. Mass votes seem to have a thing every other cycle for a Republican governor. They hire someone who'll agree with them on all social issues, will slam the national GOP, but who won't allow the Democrat legislature to raise taxes as much as the legislature would like. It allows them to claim to be for rampant social programs without having to actually pay the taxes for it, all while blaming the Republican for it.

    There's seemingly a never ending line of cuk Republicans willing to fill this role - Baker is just the latest such fraud, Mittens did it for a few years till he saw he was going to be bounced out in 08 for a black dude, so he decided he didn't want to run for reelection.

    It's truly addition by subtraction getting such chumps out of office for the rest of the Republican party. These MA GOP governors are for gun confiscation, abortion till the umbilical cord is cut, chopping the tits and dicks off of 12 year old's who've been told by their groomer teacher that they need to change their sex, and are always good, as was Hogan, for a quote for the media about how another elected Republican's who was actually implementing the party's platform was a meanie that they didn't support. No loss when Baker leaves - another turd self flushes.

    And in Maine, the awesome LePage is running for governor - he was Gov for 8 years, then didn't run in 18 (don't know if he sat by choice or had to for term limits. Maine has the stupid and crooked Ranked Choice Voting, which is a way for more Democrats to win.

    If it favored the GOP, you'd see every Democrat columnist writing articles titled "The Racialist History of Ranked Choice Voting", the way they do for the Elector College, the Senate, the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers, or anything that doesn't help establish eternal Democrat rule. Would be nice for LePage to pull this one out.
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    Sang by another (much more likeable) Texas Gubernatorial candidate who didn’t win.

    I’m not sure if Kinky has any songs that don’t offend at least some people. He’s also a much better musician than Beto.

    Here’s to our cigar smoking almost Governor. (If by almost you mean he only lost by about 30% or so…)
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    Watching sports through September, I'm seeing a lot more Beto ads than Abbott ads. Maybe that means nothing, but it's all I got at this moment.
  7. Horn6721

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    Demz are pouring outside money in.
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    Sports whose fans are LEAST likely to vote for Beto:

    1. NASCAR
    2. Truck pulls
    3. MMA fights
    4. Pro Wrestling
    5. Womens beach volleyball
    6. Any shooting sports
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    REAL people
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  10. Mr. Deez

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    Kinky was awesome. In 2006, I met him at a campaign event in Austin, and he mentioned to me that he spends over $50,000 per year on cigars.
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    kinky's little ego trip helped put Aggie Perry over the top that year. Thanks, zhithead
  12. Mr. Deez

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    Kinky didn't put Rick Fairy over the top. A laughable Democratic Party put him over the top. The best chance to beat Perry would have been for the Democrats to officially stay out of the race and to unofficially back Strayhorn. Anything with a D by its name was toxic. That's less true now, but in the early to mid 2000s, no Democrat was going to win the governorship or even seriously contend for it.
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  13. huisache

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    Perry got less than 40 percent of the vote and Chris Bell got 30 per cent STRAYHORN GOT LESS THAN 20 per cent and Dips hit got a little over 10.
    Most of Straycow votes came from the teachers lobby, who traditionally went to the Dem

    Bell could have won if not for the cow and the clown

    can’t believe I am disagreeing with Deez
  14. Mr. Deez

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    Why do you think teachers (and trial lawyers) were supportive of Strayhorn? It's because they knew Bell (or anything with a D by its name) was unviable. It's not because Bell was a bad guy. The party was just toxic. Most voters wouldn't even listen to or consider a Democrat.

    I got a feel for that four years earlier when John Sharp (who was an excellent candidate with a strong record of accomplishment) couldn't even make it close against David Dewhurst, who was a garbage candidate with nothing to run on except having a hot ex-wife on his Christmas cards.
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    Teachers were for STRAYHORN because the idiot president of their union got them to endorse her when she was going to run as a Republican. When STRAYHORN realized she could not get the nomination and switched to running as an independent the idiot union president, a feminist dolt, felt she had to stand by Carole KSMehatever and went over the cliff with her.
    As for the plaintiffs bar, the ones I knew who gave money regularly sat that one out and dumped their cash on judicial candidates

    the dolts who voted for Kinky were an odd assortment of libs, libertarians, Unitarians and potheads. Most of those sorts vote Dem as a rule

    Perry got 39 percent which is the lowest vote for a Republican since, I don’t know, Hank Grover?
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    I always get a hoot out of how much leftist hate Rick Perry, just hate him, in a way they didn’t Bush and don’t Abbott.

    I suppose it’s because under Perry’s terms, the Texas Democrat party came to the sad (for them, glorious for the rest of us) realization that they were going to be shut completely out of power at a state level in Texas for a generation, probably two or three.

    Bush’s win in 94 was a surprise to them, thought not to anyone who hadn’t voted for the drunk Ann Richards, who they all thought was soooo dreammmy! But the old hag thought Texans shouldn’t be able to carry firearms to protect themselves, vetoed the concealed handgun bill, and that was end of her.

    Afterwards leftists bandaged their wounds by telling themselves that 94 was a good Republican year, Bush won via name recognition, and as soon as he was gone they’d be back to winning statewide election.

    Perry slammed the door in their face about that, after splashing it with ice cold water first, and leftist realized that they’ve be lost in the political wilderness for certain the rest of their political lives, and the loss of that power and influence made them hate Perry with the brightness of a thousand suns.

    When Abbott won in 14, Texas Democrats were resigned to their place as powerless outsiders in how Texas is run (as they should be), and as such don’t hate Abbott nearly the same way.

    It was as if Bush threw the Democrat party out of the restaurant, and Perry stood in the door and kept them out 3 times. By the time Abbott got to guarding the place, they’ve long since given up, and are diving in the dumpster out back, scavenging pizza crusts and potato skins like the rats they are. A fitting end to the Texas Democrat party.
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    I can't believe that in the same week I disagreed with Deez and agreed (in principle anyway) with Duck.

    What hath God wrought?

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  18. Horn6721

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    Are you the one who disdains ( rightfully) elite east coast unis like Yale?
  19. Duck Dodgers

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    Embrace the Dark Side of the Force!
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  20. Sangre Naranjada

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    He's not the ONLY one.
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  22. HornHuskerDad

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    I like your thinking, DD. Hope you're correct. I feel very confident that Gov. Abbott will win pretty easily, but I'm not quite so confident about the 15-point margin - although I'd love to see it. Perhaps that would send Beto riding off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.
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  23. Sangre Naranjada

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    Beto is far too self-absorbed to gracefully exit the political scene.
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  24. Mr. Deez

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    He got 39 percent because Strayhorn picked off a lot of moderate Republicans. I think you're talking past the point. The teachers and trial lawyers are almost all partisan Democrats. The only reason they did anything for Strayhorn or sat out is that they had no confidence in a Democrat winning. (You mention judicial races, but they didn't really do much there. They put a little token pressure on Willett for Texas Supreme Court and some of the lower court races but left the other two SC seats alone.) I was a TTLA member at the time, and they were looking at all kinds of options. They were willing to back independents and Republicans who weren't 7th Amendment haters. They knew nobody but a Democrat would truly do their bidding, but they were willing to settle for having a seat at the table again and knew Democratic victory was out of the question for statewide offices.

    And what if Kinky hadn't run? Would some of those voters have gone to Bell? Sure, but no where enough, and he would have needed almost all of them even with Perry at 39 percent. Many would have stayed home because it wasn't a presidential election and they weren't typically politically engaged in the first place (students, rednecks, etc.). Some would have backed Strayhorn because she wasn't Perry and also acted weird like Kinky did. A few would have backed Perry.

    Let's put it this way. If those Kinky supporters would have been primarily Bell voters had he not run, you'd think their presence would have helped other statewide Democratic candidates. It clearly didn't. They got their asses kicked even worse, because large numbers of the Kinky voters either skipped other races (which means they would have stayed home without Kinky) or voted Republican (which means they likely would have voted for Strayhorn or even Perry).
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  25. huisache

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    Take a look at the head of the teachers union at the time and consider why this woman would be keen on supporting a Republican WOMAN as opposed to a democrat
  26. Mr. Deez

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    Strayhorn was a pro-local government and anti-voucher Republican. For teachers, that's a big deal.
  27. Duck Dodgers

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    I'm sure the anti-voucher aspect (can't have any competition to ****** schools and lazy teachers), and local government (meaning run by the teacher's union as there's very little involvement most times at a local level, and things can usually be kept out of the public eye) were far more important that one gal supporting another gal.

    Democrats don't play the support the woman/black/gay/Hispanic above all else game, if they're a Republican. Usually the first step is for various hack political outfits like NOW for the women, NACCP for black, etc. for gay and Hispanics, to come out strongly against the Republican and try to strip them of that "protected" status.

    "She's not a woman / black / gay / Hispanic, she's a Republican!" the hack outfits all chime in with, then that allows suck-asses in the media to use any insults they want against the Republican without repercussion. No insult, from ***** to shoe shine boy to *** is off limits at that point, and is in fact reveled in by the Democrat party.

    Which is no big surprise - they've always been a party that has kept power by being race hustlers. From 1865 to 1965 they race hustled whites, by lying to them that Republicans were going to take their stuff and give it blacks. Then when they saw the writing on the wall that things were going to change, they just switched to race hustling blacks. "You're poor because Republicans want to put you back in chains!", as Depends claimed about Mittens.

    It's why seeing them out of power for the last 30 years, with little chance for anything changing in the future, has been so rewarding. The Democrat party is truly a party of rats, and it's so enjoyable seeing them resigned to their fate in this state and chewing on scraps from the dumpster.
  28. Mr. Deez

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    Texas local government is one of the most corrupt and fiscally irresponsible institutions in the country. It's built on a flawed model - nonpartisan elections that are often held at weird times (like May). A century ago, the model made sense. We didn't want the people running our cities and schools to have to answer to slimy party bosses to get or keep their jobs. However, once Texas adopted the primary system and opened up the vote to virtually all adults, party nominations became less about appealing to party bosses and more of a reflection of the citizens. Accordingly, if city and school boards were subject to primary elections, it wouldn't empower party bosses. It would empower local citizens who are politically engaged. Instead, the "nonpartisan" mechanism is mostly a tool to obscure one's agenda.
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