2022 recruiting class

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by aUTfan, Nov 10, 2021.

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    Pierce tends to recruit a big enough class that isnt dependent on a bunch of kids staying for it to be a strong class, this one has good mix and while I fully expect we never see the Bolte kid and probably/maybe not Coffey and Flores, the others are highly likely to make it to campus. Pierce had already laid the foundation and this class just builds on it for sustained long term success. :hookem:
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    Grubbs and Porchas are studs on the mound.

    Hope we get at least a couple of years out of each of them. One report I saw said Grubbs is looking really hard at the pros. But, if the signing bonus $$$ is not enough, playing your (unofficial) "minor leagues" in Austin at UT, with good food, hot young women, good living quarters, and a free education, beats the heck out of the minor league life.
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