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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

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    I do care.
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    OL recruiting has sucked for the last 10+ years. We're not competing for any championships until we start recruiting some Neal's, Roesler's, Humphrey's, Brockermeyer's (Blake), Blalock's, Studdard's, Sendlein's, etc. And a 2-3 every class.

    It doesn't matter how many 5* skill players we recruit if our QB's are always running for their life and RB's are running into brick walls.
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    247 hearing WR Evan Stewart of Frisco Liberty is likely to attend the OK State game on Saturday.

    He was a big fan of Worthy's performance against OU, and apparently has formed a bond with Worthy off of the field.

    Evan Stewart, Liberty, Wide Receiver
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    OL Tyler Knaak of Salt Lake City, UT (teammate of DE/LB Lander Barton) told 247 that his contact with Texas has been increasing, and he expects a staff member to visit him next week.

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    Why so much info regarding Brownlow......was he even considering Texas?
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    We were never a player for him.
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    Looks like we're tryin to get Will Campbell OL committed to lsu to visit

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    But it's as if he doesn't count then. He is a 5-star going to OU. That matters.
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    1. Recruiting
    2. Player development

    Both are essential.

    I think the many OL position coaches we've had for the last 15 years or so (going back to the mid-to-late Mack Brown years) have largely underperformed in the player development category. I think Flood can get it done. It's still very early, and we shall see. He got off to a rough start. The effectiveness of player development in this position group is also strongly correlated to the S&C program.

    Current OL, with Rivals star ratings (and some personal opinions/observations):

    Angilau - 4 **** (powerful brutish run blocker, has improved in pass protection)
    Majors - 4 **** (showing up very well for a youngster, future all conference type)
    Okafor - 4 **** (The coaches must see more in his play than many fans see.)
    Hookfin - 4 **** (I have high hopes for him)
    Imade - 3 *** (HUGE guy. Hasn't played much yet.)
    Jones - 3 *** (has raw tools, struggled with quick pass rushers, still young)
    Ghirmai - 3 *** (hasn't shown much yet. Should not play Center.)
    Kerstetter - 3 *** (easily our best OL, 1st team all conference type)

    FRESHMEN/RS FRESHMEN (other than Majors who starts)

    Karic - 3 *** (stuggled against OU's speed rusher, still very young)
    Garth - 3 *** (Injured bad as HS Sr. Coming off long recovery. Promising talent)
    Conner - 3 *** (???)
    Parr - 3 *** (???)
    Merill - 3 *** (???)

    So that's 4 - four star OL on the entire roster -- Freshmen to Seniors. I looked them all up on Rivals Recruit Search for their final star ratings. I know there are other ratings systems, some more generous with giving out 4 stars, but Rivals seems the most commonly referenced.
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    Wondered what happened to Javonne. Guess even aggy saw through his foolishness.
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    OU has always gotten 5 star players and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Our recent loss to them is highly unlikely to have been the primary reason he committed to the gooners.
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    I found this elsewhere. There's certainly something going on more than lack of talent.

    We have 6 OL that have played 20% of the snaps this year. Here is their national ranking vs. other OL that have played at least 20% of their teams' snaps.

    Okafor 96th
    Angilau 108th
    Kerstetter 272nd
    Karic 481st
    Majors 570th
    Jones 675th
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    You forgot Tyler Johnson.
  15. Chop

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    He is not on the depth chart.

    I think he was a highly ranked recruit.
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    Of those you listed, I think Kerstetter, Majors, and Angilau have performed the best (and in that order). Kerstetter and Majors = good technique, crafty, very quick off the ball (Majors), and mean. Angilau = strong and good at pulling. So, development comes into play.

    Also consider the fact that Rivals, 24/7, and other people who give out stars, are in a very subjective business. Further, it's hard to gauge some of the OL who mainly rely on superior size and strength to bowl over weaker HS competition. In college, there will be some DL stronger than they are, so they need technique, quickness, and craftiness as well. As stated above, the S&C program has a big impact on the development of this position group.
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    He has been a major disappointment.
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    Updated list of expected visitors for the oki lite game. You might say it's a huge weekend.

    RB, Jamarion Miller, Tyler Legacy
    WR, Evan Stewart, Frisco Liberty
    WR, Brenen Thompson, Spearman
    WR, Armani Winfield, Lewisville
    TE, Jaleel Skinner, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
    OL, Malik Agbo, Todd Beamer (Federal Way, WA)
    OL, Earnest Greene, St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)
    OL, Cole Hutson, Frisco High
    OL, Connor Robertson, Austin Westlake
    DE, Quency Wiggins, Madison Prep (Baton Rouge, LA)
    DE/LB, Derrick Brown, Texarkana Texas High
    DE/LB, Anthony Jones, Liberty (Henderson, NV)
    S, Bryan Allen Jr., Aledo
    S, Austin Jordan, Denton Ryan
    S, Larry Turner-Gooden, Bishop Alemany (Mission Hills, CA)
    S, Jacoby Mathews, Ponchatoula (Ponchatoula, LA)
    K, Will Stone, Regents School of Austin

    QB, JT Fayard, Richmond Foster
    QB, Arch Manning, Isidore Newman (New Orleans, LA)
    RB, Rueben Owens, El Campo
    WR, Johntay Cook II, DeSoto
    WR, Braylon James, Del Valle
    WR, Jalen Hale, Longview
    TE, Jaden Greathouse, Austin Westlake
    TE, Will Randle, Isidore Newman (New Orleans, LA)
    OL, Isaiah Robinson, Arlington Lamar
    OL, TJ Shanahan, Austin Westlake
    OL, Connor Stroh, Frisco Wakeland
    OL/DT, Markis Deal, Garland Naaman Forest
    DT, Avion Carter, Amarillo Tascosa
    DE, Anthony James II, Wylie East
    DE/LB, Carson Dean, Carrollton Hebron
    LB, S'Maje Burrell, North Crowley
    LB, Anthony Hill Jr., Denton Ryan
    CB, Vernon Glover Jr., Dickinson
    CB, Jordan Matthews, Woodlawn (Baton Rouge, LA)
    ATH, Rohan Fluellen, Gilmer
    ATH, Mikal Harrison-Pilot, Temple
    ATH, Dawson Pendergrass, Mineola

    QB, Mark Moore, El Paso Americas
    OL, Gibson Pyle, Klein Cain
    DT, Nigel Smith II, Melissa
    CB, Jaden Allen, Aledo
    ATH, Derrick McFall, Tyler High
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    OL Earnest Greene III of Bellflower, CA told IT his father and Coach Coleman played on that San Diego Chargers team that made the Super Bowl in the 90s.

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    Updated list of expected visitors for the oki lite game. You might say it's a huge weekend.

    Blah, blah, blah
    TE, Jaleel Skinner, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)

    TE, Jaden Greathouse, Austin Westlake
    TE, Will Randle, Isidore Newman (New Orleans, LA)
    Blah, blah, blah
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    Well that went well. If you are an okie lite fan that is. Honestly, not sure what it does for our recruiting.
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    We just need to find a legal means to attract players via financial compensation. They dang sure aren't coming here to be part of a winning culture.
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    Huge! Huge! Weekend and Texas lays a big steaming pile of:deadhorse:
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    I would think any player looking for playing time on the OL, LB, WR, or DB would be assured of a start next year.
  27. HornHuskerDad

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    The potential recruits at the game today should realize that there is playing time available for anyone who can block or tackle.
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    What the recruits saw was a Tx team blow a double digit lead on consecutive weeks. A disturbing trend that's on the coaches. Kids know that.
    We'll have to let the smoke clear from this wreckage and see where we are. We should know by mid week if there are decommits or we have been eliminated by certain players.
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    I'm only concerned about holding on to the defensive players we currently have and hopefully adding harris, perkins and a top OL or two. I could care less about any other positions. I honestly don't see Arch coming here but I don't care, great if he does, ok if he doesn't. There are 7-9 QB's in the NFL starting in the NFL on any given sunday that played high school ball in Texas and there are at least 10 QB's inside this state that can flat ball out.

    Just going to have to have to patience and give Sark time, he deserves that. He was a college qb and a prolific one, I think he has the ability to do it but going to have to give him time. the players just arent there.
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    Arizona State 21 - U of Utah 35. Final

    Cameron Rising had a good game for the Utes.

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