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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. cnb

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    IT saying WR Evan Stewart did not make his official visit to Alabama over the weekend.

    They believe it'll be A&M or Texas for him with the gags currently ahead.

  2. cnb

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    Most likely headed to a west coast school but would love to get a visit.
    Also , he is best buds with rb Kendal Milton of Ga. so theres that to watch out for.
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  5. Pomspoms

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    Totally agree.
    Brown Might very well be our Starting QB next year, freshman be damned
  6. cnb

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    Insiders like our chances here. So much so that it would not be a surprise if he committed soon after his visit. USC putting full court press on him though.
    In any event it's expected that Sark will be going after a qb with experience in the portal.
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  7. cnb

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    Coach Flood starting following this guy who is leaving Florida International.

    OL Sione Finau who is originally from Keller Central.

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  8. cnb

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    Article about Malik Murphy

    Texas commit Maalik Murphy set to play for CIF Championship

    Interesting quote

    “The coaches have been very transparent and communicated the need to bring in a second quarterback in this class,” Murphy said. “I was never blind sided or anything, the coaches always kept me in the loop. I understand the need, the quarterback room next year could be a little light."
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  9. CreakyHorn

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    Is the assumption here that Casey and/or Hudson could portal? Who is our 3rd string again?
  10. SabreHorn

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    Ben Ballard, 5'11" sophomore from Hyde Park Baptist. Don't know the kid, but I remember our last QB from a Private Baptist School
  11. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yeah, apparently Ballard is head and shoulders above Wright right now.
  12. cnb

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    IT reporting WR Matthew Golden of Klein Cain will be at Texas on Friday, and Baylor on Saturday.

    He has officials to Baylor and Houston set up in December, but Texas is trying to get his last one before the early signing period.

    Matthew Golden, Klein Cain, Wide Receiver
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  13. cnb

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    Per 247, Coach Milwee should be doing an in-home visit with QB Devin Brown this weekend.

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  14. I_Dont_Exist

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    Saw on another board Brown has officially decommitted from USC.
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  15. cnb

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  16. KillerHorn

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    Any more news/rumors on possible OL recruits. Been pretty quiet
  17. cnb

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    CB Jaylon Guilbeau has re committed to Tx.
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  18. George Bailey

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  19. Pomspoms

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    This is good news. We definitely need cornerbacks and i am crossing my fingers for Harris. He could practically walk in and start.

    We will have a rebuilt defense. Coach K gonna earn his pay. After this past season i am worried. Can somebody teach somebody how to get off of blocks? Its mostly about extending your arms, keeping his body off and keeping your eyes in the backfield.
    We need LBs desperately.
    I think we finish 8-4 next year do to our porous defense. Our offense rescues our butt a couple of times. This is if Card or Thompson is QB.
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  20. cnb

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    Per IT, RB Jamarion Miller of Tyler Legacy is on de commit watch. Likely flipping to bama.

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  21. Handler

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    It’s official.
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  23. nashhorn

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    Them what has gets, as my Mama used to say.
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  26. Handler

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    Armani Winfield gone.
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  27. cnb

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    He actually de-committed during the game. But, supposedly, the coaches already knew.
  28. bystander

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    It's gonna' get ugly. I hope I'm wrong.
  29. Texadelphia

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    Me, too, bystander. Me, too.
  30. cnb

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    It has. Ohio state has entered the Devin Brown recruitment and immediately leap frogged Tx to become Brown's favorite
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