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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

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    4* CB originally from Houston ... hmmmm

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    mini scouting report ...

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    Bama to Texas? Finkley on it ...

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    Possible help coming to D-line from Wednesday, Jan 12 Fort Worth Star Telegram:

    "But Ochaun Mathis has been the Frogs’ best pass rusher of late, earning second-team All-Big 12 honors the past two seasons under the tutelage of former TCU coach Gary Patterson. With Patterson reportedly eyeing an analyst-type role at Texas, speculation is already swirling that Mathis will likely follow Patterson to Austin. Mathis has started every game for the Horned Frogs the past three seasons. He had 4.0 sacks and 7.0 tackles for loss in 12 games last season. Mathis recorded a team-best 9.0 sacks in 2020. Those were the most by a Horned Frog since Mat Boesen had 11.5 sacks in 2017. Mathis also had 14 tackles for loss that season, which ranked third in the Big 12 and tied for 12th in the country."

    Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article257235477.html#storylink=cpy
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    He had 30 pressures for TCU last season. Tops on our defense was 15.

    TFB likes this one to happen for Texas.

    If he does transfer to Austin, he likely wouldn't arrive until summer.
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    He has two years of eligibility left too. Sweet.
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    anxious to see more portals and possible transfers from Ala roster
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    Here's one . . . (SIAP)

    Per Sporting News (Jan 11, 2022):

    "Several Alabama players, including former 5-star linebacker Drew Sanders, enter transfer portal."

    "The players in the transfer portal include quarterback Paul Tyson — great-grandson of Hall of Fame coach Bear Bryant — offensive lineman Tommy Brown, tight end Jahleel Billingsley, linebacker King Mwikuta and former five-star linebacker Drew Sanders."

    Might at least be worth a look.

    Several Alabama players, including former 5-star linebacker Drew Sanders, enter transfer portal
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    I’m still holding out hope for Tommy Brockermeyer. The case to portal and come “home” is compelling.
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    Couple of sites are reporting Sanders will be in Austin on Friday.

    He plans on visiting Arkansas and OU as well before making a decision.
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    BevoJoe, thank you but seems that is already news to most. Just keep hoping we can lure some of the Bama boys to come to Austin....

    I see where Sanders is coming down but wouldn't it be nice id the Twins decided enough is enough and hit the road!!!!
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    true to some degree....they may have peaked and we were recruiting them for past achievements as all colleges do the same. Going to Ala, they knew that there were 5 stars on top of 5 stars. They possibly could have been a plus at Texas, but we will never know. Thankfully, player evaluations are in the hands of coaches and not a bunch of 'fans'

    I suspect if and when they decide to alter their plan, Sark and crew will have that visit to determine where they would fit and help.....maybe what we have may be better suited for TEXAS!!!

    It would have been nice if they had committed to Horns!!

    Thanks for you comments!
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    The excitement of all these new portal players is fun, but how many can we realistically take ? It would seem like most of our wish lists put us over the limit of players we can actually take at this point.
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    That's what I thought too lol
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    I suspect that only a handful of those moving are potential difference makers. Obviously both the Williamses at OU would be. Perhaps a few others. I’d say that Keilan Robinson from last year probably fits into that category. Ben Davis? So far, probably not.

    The wild card now is the NIL factor which is changing the calculation, and likely motivating quality players to look around when, under other circumstances, they would stay put.

    If the Texas staff is going after a particular player, that’s good enough for me. Hope we get a quality WR, LB, and perhaps a Game 1 ready OL.
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    Change on Sanders.
    He is at Arkansas today, OU tomorrow and Texas on Friday.
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    Sanders and Mathis have to be drooling about the prospect of playing time in Austin. While we have some great incoming freshmen to play edge, these guys would basically be Day-1 starters. Much bigger pickups than Thornton and Oghoufo from last year, who were not even regular options at LSU and ND.
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    The NIL opportunity versus playing time has to be the game changer when it comes to transfers. A player with limited playing time suddenly can dial back the clock to their "star rated days" in the eyes of the team desperate to bring in new talent. It's a smart move on the transferring players part.
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    With 27 HS recruits signed and 2 announced portals now, I believe we are at or are one above our currently available ships. For each new HS commitment signing in Feb and each new incoming portal xfer, there must be a corresponding departure from the current roster. The easy section of the road is passed. The next will be more difficult and require some pain.
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    Thanks .. I was thinking we are at capacity and all these portal players are on the market. I know we could use the experience but didn’t think we had many ships left.
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    What happened to the 35-37 number?

    25+Covid 7+ outgoing portals
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    Don't think we will get anyone worth a damn by paying the Star Telegram a dollar a month for six months. I think the NIL will be slightly higher.
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    While I heard it was 32 a 34, (Covid 7 + normal 25 with possible couple extra) regardless that higher one year dispensation is for one year’s recruiting and has nothing to do with the 85 player cap, which last I heard still exists. There was talk of them expanding the 85 for one year, but I do not think that suggestion was ever ratified, or even vetted out and voted on. The numbers have been very fluid, but I think after portal entrants we currently have 28 available ships, with all outgoing portals actually going. We have 27 HS signees (including LTG) and 2 incoming transfers (29 total). Ronald Lewis was asked to greyshirt which is why he has not signed.
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    Regarding signee numbers, I have had a hard time finding much info that covers everything in one article or document. The 25 is the regular max scholarships per year that we are familiar with and it can be limited by the 85 max rule which applies at the beginning of Fall workouts, I think. The recently approved 7 additions refer to a special allowance for the chaos caused by Covid and the transfer portal to prevent teams from having undermanned team going in to next season. I read that number is tied to Dec 15, 2021. I have not seen anything that describes what happens with transfers after Dec 15. Texas had 2 after Dec 15, Casey Thompson and Jared Wiley. Those 2 "new" openings should be allowed to be filled with transfers.

    So, my best guess is that there should be 25+7+2=34 slots available to be filled. There are 27 signed high schoolers plus 2 transfers (Ewers & Watts) plus Ronald Lewis , a Hard Commit that has not signed yet. That's 29 (or 30), so it seems there is space for 4 (or 5) more players if no one else transfers out.

    One factor I do not have any information about is if the 85 total scholarship limit is in effect for 2022. I don't know where UT is with total scholarship players.

    Minnesota OL Curtis Dunlap is reportedly heading to Rutgers instead of UT as I had read earlier.
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    Sark said up to 40% of the team next year will be new. That is 34 players.
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