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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. X Misn Tx

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    8er from Decatur, county seat of Wise...Come on 5s!
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  2. Horns11

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    I'd put his college success for that year a notch ahead of how both Williams and Cosmi performed in their respective final seasons at Texas. Although I guess that's more of an indictment of how pitiful our line has been for years now.
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  3. Chop

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    Good run blocker. Not so good pass blocker.
  4. cnb

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    He came from a run heavy Ga Tech team. By his own admission, pass blocking was not his strongest suit and wanted to red shirt to work on it.
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  5. Run Pincher

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    Rain if you want to define someone that never played for another school as a transfer then OK, but I wouldn't.

    Gary Johnson was good and Calvin Anderson was decent, but probably wouldn't have cracked the 2-deep of the 05 team.
  6. OrangeClad

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    I used the term 'solid' to refer to Anderson in my original post about him, which I would consider meaning better than 'decent'. But after reviewing his stats for the season, seeing he gave up zero sacks and was voted All Big 12 Honorable Mention LT (which is basically 3rd place since they only have a 1st and 2nd team all Big 12), I'll revise my 'solid' description to 'good'. Maybe not 'great', definitely better than 'decent' and 'solid'. He contribution wasn't immediately visible by making leaping TD catches, blowing up the opponents plays, throwing bombs or making spectacular open field tackles, but it was quietly still good.
  7. nashhorn

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    Wow I’m starting to see a lot more in this ‘portal strategy scheme. So someone uses it to test the NIL waters only, or a devious transfer makes a commitment to a new team. That new team then backs off from a previously high value recruit at the same position, Then the ‘committed’ transfer suddenly says oops, changed my mind I’m staying here. That could leave a genuine hole with the dissed team now holding the bag.
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  8. Handler

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    I was wondering about him, did he use his 1 time transfer or did Michigan let him out of his LOI?
  9. SabreHorn

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    I wasn't aware he ever signed with or enrolled at Michigan.

    HornFans is such an educational site; learn more every day.
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  10. I_Dont_Exist

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    What I heard from a guy who works for IT is he couldn't get into school there.
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  11. cnb

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    He was let out of his LOI.
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  12. cnb

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  13. Chop

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    D needs:

    Rush ends, really any good pass rusher


    Freakish athletes

  14. ATX_Horns

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    Are we gonna hold a spot for Mathis ?
  15. cnb

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    If math is correct. There are 3 portal spots left.

    1. DE Mathis TCU
    2. S Brini Georgia
    3. LB McCaskill. (after Spring ball)
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  16. RainH2burntO

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    Fair enough.
    Btw...I wasn't trying to "gotcha"....just throwing out names...food for thought
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  17. dukesteer

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    Well, Anderson is in the NFL and has played for the Broncos, so there’s that.
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  18. NRHorn

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  19. cnb

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    There's a rumor going around the net today that Brini (Georgia) is coming to Texas. Arkansas, the other major contender, has stopped following him on social media.

    We'll see. Would be a big time pick up.
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  20. moondog_LFZ

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  21. ATX_Horns

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  22. bystander

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  23. longhornlegend

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    You may be right but comparing anything to this years OL is not realistic. On Anderson, glad he caught on with the NFL.
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  24. OrangeClad

    OrangeClad 250+ Posts

    Yes, this year reset a new low bar for the OL. What is scary is that we lose Kerstetter, by far the best of the bunch and one who has performed consistently solid for years. We retain Angilau who was next best, but he has not been close to the level of Kerstetter. They all should improve some with 9 months development since the last game, but I am suspect they will develop enough to overcome losing Kerstetter, the one truly solid contributor and reliable player on the OL. In 2022, no true frosh is likely going to make up for the loss of Kerstetter, either. The possibility of the OL being equal to or worse that 2021 next year is the basis for my above comments about the transfer portal, passing on Dunlap and Mettauer or another proven P5 OL transfer, etc. I am sorry we lost Brini, but if that opens up a slot for a good OL portal transfer it may be a net positive.

    Question: Does anyone know the status of Chris Adiamora? Did he find a home somewhere or is he enrolled for the spring semester?
  25. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Wow, that Ga article is eye opening.
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  26. Horns11

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    I hate to be this guy, but losing Kerstetter isn't going to make us worse. Maybe for 2022 but definitely not beyond. He was supposed to be a career backup and eeked his way into starting as a freshman due to injuries. While he had the most experience, too much of that experience was shifting around due to the need for bodies at different spots.

    Adimora has to remain enrolled until he gets his transfer papers, otherwise he's ineligible. My guess is he's holding out for some western schools.
  27. OrangeClad

    OrangeClad 250+ Posts

    Thanks 11,

    I have been focused on 2022 and the need for quality, proven P5 OL from the portal being top priority. During this thread, I have been assuming the future (2024 and beyond) on the OL will be good with the frosh coming in. However as mentioned above, new staffs sell the future and vision on a time clock. When they do not immediately turn things around, the window where they can keep new talent believing the sell begins to quickly shrink. Our # 1 problem last year was the abysmal performance of our OL. Along with the best performer on the OL not being back next year, the fact that we do not have highly talented youth beneath the starters in various stages of development further accentuates an almost desperate need to backfill with proven P5 portal talent. We passed on multiyear starter, honorable mention all Big 10 OT in Minnesota's Curtis Dunlap, who publicly asked for an opportunity to visit, and 4 year starter, 2nd team all Pac 12 CAL IOL Mike Metteaur (who ended up going to OU) and anyone else who could come this spring, allegedly because we were trying not to scare off Devon Campbell. I hope they have someone in the wings for summer because while we would love to have Devon Campbell for the future, another poor Big 12 showing next year could extinguish or seriously mitigate future recruiting momentum, which is what happened to Herman and most new coaches who don't pan out. If we don't bring in 1 or 2 good OL transfers, next season we may be missing Kerstetter more than we would like to be missing him or thought we could.
  28. RainH2burntO

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    Some predicting more dynasties.
    Could be the end of college dynasties.
    Appears the new CFB reality is success breeds discontentment...and very high attrition.
    Time will tell...
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  29. Pomspoms

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    I think this is the third time you have said this.
    We've got your point of view.
    Ok so because of you we understand clearly our o-line is going to suck next season. Now we know not to have high expectations next season.
    You have rescued us.

    But sometimes logic doesn't always happen so i will have high expectations unless the defense fails again. I am more concerned about our defense than our offensive line. I am even more concerned about our LB situation.
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  30. OrangeClad

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    You know Pom, you are not the only poster on this thread other than me. I, better than you, know how many times I have written something (trust me, I have not forgotten nor do I like repeating myself). If you read the post I was directly responding to, then you will understand why I felt it necessary to repeat myself. It really wasn't about rescuing you.
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