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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

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  2. cnb

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    OSU 247 board must be getting nervous about Ewers. They are talking about back up plans etc at qb now.
    Add that to the rumors of Ewers wanting back in to UT did we say recruiting was fun again?
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  4. 22Horn

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    what do you expect players (Murphy and Ewers) and fans reaction be be if Ewers re-commits to Horns?
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    I hope he moves into one soon!
  6. rick mueller

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    If Ewers flips back, Maalik might flip. I like what I see from Maalik.
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  7. Sheldon Cooper

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    If you saw my post above you can't go wrong with either guy. Maalik is more ready to step in and play right away, Ewers is a slightly better passer with a ultra quick release However I think Maalik has the ability to equal Ewers arm. If Ewers can put on a little muscle he will be ready to play the college game and take those hits that come with playing QB. I think both guys can step in and start by their 2nd year in the program. Let's see how this plays out.
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    Here is how read the Ewers situation. Going to OSU made sense to Ewers when Herman was still the coach. However, now that Texas has a new head coach and a 5* QB commit, going to OSU may not make sense. In other words, committing to OSU only made sense if you wanted to spite Herman. Now that Herman is gone, then why not look around at other schools? My guess Ewers decommits from OSU, but lands elsewhere at Bama or Clemson, etc.
  9. 2003TexasGrad

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    I've really warmed up to Maalik. At this point I think we got our guy. Ewers is a stud and I think we'd be set with him but I'd rather not rock the boat. If Maalik is all in and recruiting the west coast for us, let's keep the gas down. I dont get the impression we've lost any respect from Texas recruits.
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  10. LonghornCatholic

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    Has Sark offered Ewers? Offer from Herman is mooted.
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  11. Handler

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    Take em both... Thunderdome...
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  12. Driver 8

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    Is the offer tied to a coach or the program? I never thought about that
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  13. DKRoyal fan

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    I wouldn't mention "BIG" Herschel in the same breath as the three Horns that I mentioned no matter how many Heisman nominations or trophies he received. I saw him hitting the turf so many times a a result of a single tackler while a member of my once fav Cowboys team that he was never a fav of mine

    However. I ran into Earl on campus the year he won his Heisman and attended most of his games that year, so I know how big and powerful he was (5'11", the same height as 247 shows for Owens by the way). I also know he was not 220 lbs when he played high school ball in Tyler.

    I saw Fozzy practice a few times in Austin so I know how light, but fast and elusive, he was. And we all know how great Ricky was; both powerful and elusive.

    All I said was I saw "shades" of each of the 3 Horn greats in the film that I viewed on Rueben Owens. And based on what I saw my opinion is that Owens is a complete "high school" RB. I do believe he has the potential to be special, but I also thought Jonathan Grey was the next coming of Earl so take that for what it's worth. lol

  14. LonghornCatholic

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    I’ve seen posts on Twitter with recruits saying ......Blessed, just been re-offered by Texas.....for example. So I guess Sark has to re-offer.
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  15. RainH2burntO

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    My understanding is Sark told em both its one spot first guy to commit, Ewers wanted to think, Maalik jumped.
    This info is not confirmed and could be pay site conjecture or fact. It seems pretty clear though that they talked at least, Sark said he had a spot...and rumors have remained that Ewers was wavering.
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    On OL Kelvin Banks of Humble Summer Creek...IT posted today that he continues to be "enamored" with the class that Sark and Texas are putting together right now.

    A&M and LSU are pushing, but this continues to look promising for the good guys.

    Kelvin Banks, Summer Creek, Offensive Tackle
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  20. Pomspoms

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    Wait, who is recruiting all these guys?
    Doesnt it get cold up there?
  21. Pomspoms

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    That's better than a "yellow submarine"
  22. dukesteer

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    But “we all live”... Never mind.
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  23. cnb

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    Nope, that's another LB from Alabama. We are after Ben Davis.
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  24. Sheldon Cooper

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    I want some of those Bama offensive linemen, that is what we need, give me a couple of those and a CB like Elias Ricks and we can challenge Oklahoma.
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  25. ViperHorn

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    Physicality alone will not get the job done on a consistent basis. We need a team that hates ou and everything it stands for plus player-leaders who know when to step up and call BS when needed.
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  26. moondog_LFZ

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    Ah...my mistake.
  27. cnb

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    Bama snagged Clemson's number 1 target at QB Ty Simpson. Will be interesting to see is this doesn't create a chain reaction of events at the qb position.
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  28. RainH2burntO

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    I've said this before but it looked to me like we were close to revealing ourselves 3 or so years ago as the more physical team in the rivalry...and they would be exposed as soft. It looked like it was about to happen...and then it didn't. I've always thought they had a fatal flaw we could expose and assert ourselves as the physically dominant team in the Big12. TH and his players blew the opp and Riley has done a good job of aiding in the cultivation of more toughness in Norman. Campbell has brought some to Iowa St., as well (and Rhule did previously at BU). I still believe in the Big12 that title is up for the taking and needs to be claimed by us. We need to be the program known for hard nosed physicality who doesnt take crap from anyone. Whoever stakes out claim to this can be the next program to rule the Big12.

    (When we let them come back in the game with Kyler a few years ago after physically dominating them for 3 1/2 quarters, I knew we weren't ready. Baylor did the exact same thing in their regular season matchup)
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