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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Per IT, S Jacoby Mathews from Ponchatoula, LA currently has Texas running second behind Florida. He's a name that has never even been mentioned before. Get used to this all.

    His high school coach was also the high school coach for Terry Joseph.

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    Looks like a man
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    Welcome, Bryan!
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    IT mentioned that the new staff would like to take five WRs for this class, as things stand today.
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    Devon Campbell announcing tonight?
  6. cnb

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    No, he made an announcement last night giving his top 7 schools. We're in it.
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  7. Sheldon Cooper

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    Here is the best part, I don't see a single reach. Back in the Mack days he would get guys that made you wonder why did we offer this guy. This class is nothing but legit guys, all but one of them is rated over .93xx, and the one who isn't has some incredible film.

    If we can keep this up, I think we are going to blow away the 300 mark on the 247 ranking system. Something we have never done since 247 has been around.
  8. cnb

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    Brandon Harris has decided to remain at Tx. Has grown close to Sark and loves the direction were headed.
    Massive win for UT.
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  9. cnb

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    Maalik Murphy after his weekend visit to Austin - "I'm all in"

    Maalik Murphy took a quick trip to Austin this weekend and came away impressed.

    It’s barely been two weeks since quarterback
    Maalik Murphy
    made national recruiting headlines by giving the Texas Longhorns a commitment. Since that time, Murphy has been beaming when talking about his decision, and he’s put in efforts to recruit other talents to Texas with him.

    This weekend, the Gardena (CA) Serra standout made his way to Austin for his first-ever visit to the city and the University of Texas campus, and things couldn’t have gone any better.

    “It was very good. It’s unexplainable, really. I had a very good time out here,” Murphy said before departing for home. “I can’t wait to be back. It’s a great feeling being able to get out here and actually see what it’s about. Not completely, but get a taste of it. It’s still dead period, so I can’t interact with everybody. But the little bit I was able to see, it was very impressive. Standing on the field, looking into the crowd, knowing this is where I’m going to be. I can’t wait to get here.”



    6'4" | 220 LBS | PRO QB | 2022

    One of the highlights, Murphy said, was getting to stand on the field of Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, where he’ll someday play his college games. Envisioning himself in that environment gave him an appreciation for the opportunities that are in front of him.

    “It was just mind-blowing. Not everybody gets that opportunity. Being from California, not everybody makes it out. I’ve worked hard enough, and it’s paying off. Being able to have the opportunity to play at a franchise like the University of Texas is crazy,” Murphy said. “Looking into the crowd, picturing my mom and dad sitting there, rooting for me, having my best interest at heart is crazy. Can’t wait to be a part of it.”

    While in Austin for what amounted to about a 30-hour stay, Murphy got a chance to get a small sample of football life at the University of Texas. The passion from the fans was not lost on the Rivals100 member.

    “The people there (stood out). Everybody is super nice, super genuine,” Murphy said. “They’re real football fans. People in California where I’m from, they love football, love the sport, but I wouldn’t say they love it as much as people in Texas. They’re serious about it here for sure. I went to the (University) Co-op on campus, and I got stopped like eight times to take pictures, for people to say what’s up. People were excited, almost as excited as me. It’s kind of crazy, people stopping me, people of different ages. There were old women stopping me, young kids stopping me.”

    Murphy and his Serra teammates will finally get to play their “2020” season this spring. Serra’s first game of the spring season is March 12. Once his team’s abbreviated spring season comes to a close, Murphy said he’ll try to make it back to Austin “as soon as possible.”

    Texas has expanded its West Coast presence with new head coach Steve Sarkisian tapping into his roots in that part of the country. Over the weekend, Murphy spent time with a couple current Longhorns from out West to get their vibe on life as a UT student-athlete.

    “I was able to link up with Bijan (Robinson), Malcolm Epps and Chris Adimora. Those were really my tour guides who were showing me around,” Murphy said. “I couldn’t get on the field without them, so they really helped me out. I was talking to them, really asking Bijan (from Arizona) and Chris (from California) what it’s like to come from West Coast and to come to Texas. They said they really liked it, enjoyed it here and they can’t wait for me to get here.”

    Murphy was already plenty happy with his decision to commit to Texas, but this weekend’s time in Austin only strengthened his choice.

    “It was just like the cherry on top. Being in the city, understanding that I like it as much as I thought I would,” Murphy said. “I know my feelings are not fake. I really got to experience it and really liked it. I’m all in.”
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  10. beijinghorn1

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    Are you referring to the end of Mack's tenure? Even at the end, his recruiting rankings were very high if I remember correctly. I am not trying to be argumentative, but he was known (unfairly in my opinion) as coach February. He is known as a great recruiter and I do not remember too many head scratchers (some turned out that way and some early signings regressed, but Mack being an honorable man held their scholarships, but they were high rated guys when they committed).
  11. Sheldon Cooper

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    I was referring to the 1998 class with Chris Simms and Cory Redding. That class ended up being about 27 recruits in size, but about 13 made it the full 4 years, the rest never made it None of the class left early to the NFL. It was a class full of guys who flunked out or got injured, or just transferred. At the time it was blamed on Mack being new to Texas and not knowing the players very well.

    The 2002 class, AKA Vince's class we signed 5 5'star players per Rivals, and only 2 of the 5 were contributors. Wr Timmons flunked out, Edorian McCullough flunked out, and the DE from Oklahoma had chronic shoulder issues. Then you had guys like Marco Martin whose career was destroyed by a cheap shot to his knees in the playoffs.

    The thing about Mack's recruiting is that we missed on a ton of guys but we recruited so many 4'star and 5'star guys that the law of averages won out.
  12. Run Pincher

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    I think the biggest issue at the end of Mack's tenure was lack of balance. He recruited some very good players, but OL was a steaming pile of dog *%($. DL wasn't much better and I still believe games are won/lost in the trenches.
  13. X Misn Tx

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    I think Texas has always recruited skill players well. Seems we have to be doing really well with our record to consistently get trench players if the same quality.

    We have a several OL we're looking good for. But the DL still needs a ton of work/momentum.
  14. Sheldon Cooper

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    It was opposite in the 80's and 90's. It was actually pretty strange when Texas signed Keith and Kerry Cash and Johnny Walker. When it comes to running the ball Texas was able to always bring in both great backs and linemen. It was recievers we couldn't recruit. That changed when Mackovic came in. That was when Texas started getting higher quality Wrs.

    The issue started as we become more of a spread offense we started recruiting smaller quicker linemen that could pass block but was hot dog poop when it comes to a power running game. Things went down from there.
  15. aUTfan

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    Agreed on the trenches, I don't want to see reaches on either side in these positions even though the spread is dominating football, the game can still be changed in the trenches.

    I would give Mack Brown the following grades on his skill position recruiting: QB - B; RB - A+; WR - B+ (subcategory of TE - F)

    The only two QB's that I would consider a success were Vince and Colt otherwise I would give him a D or C- in this position.
  16. cnb

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  17. aUTfan

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    and it seems we've never had a problem recruiting running backs except for a short period recently, for as far back as I can remember we've had great backs, many years we had multiple great backs at the same time.

    I think it would be fun to see a list all the great backs we've had the last 20 years.

    Hell, I'm convinced that if Jamaal Charles had stayed we would have won the title in 2008. I think he would have made the difference.
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    IT saying momentum appears to be sliding to Texas for WR Brenen Thompson of Spearman.

    He was an OU lean early, but word is they aren't in a hurry to take any other WRs right now.

    A&M has been pushing hard recently and will also sell him on their track program

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  19. Sheldon Cooper

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    He gets no credit for Dave Thomas, Bo Scaife Jermichael Finley and Tony Hills? Before you say Tony was a tackle, he was originally recruited as the #1 TE in the country until he was injured.
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  20. X Misn Tx

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    Yeah I meant the last 15 years. As E have struggled to stay in the top tier on the field, we've continued to bring in quality skill players at a much higher rate than the beef.
  21. cnb

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    Jacoby Mathews ATH
    I've seen a lot of Longhorn love from this dude.
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  22. rick mueller

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    Quentin who?
    If this guy is genuine and he certainly seems to be, could he be VY II?
  23. Driver 8

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    Dare we speak of such things?
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  24. aUTfan

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    I might upgrade it to a D, Thomas and Finley were good, Scaife was ok, he played like 6 years though, I mean dang, he had a lot of practice at that position over anyone else. all of those listed were prior to 2007, from 2007-2013, nothing. and yes, Hills wasn't a tight end, i'm talking about actual production from the tight end position for which he was responsible for recruiting that position.
    Maybe im expecting too much from the tight end position, for a state that created 7v7 and is the best at the spread, I have high expectations that we should have a string of really good tight ends.
  25. beijinghorn1

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    I still half expect to see Scaife and Mike Adams play a couple of games each year.
  26. dukesteer

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    This kid seems to really have a nose for the ball, and a sense of how to position himself to make plays. Impressive.
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  27. Sheldon Cooper

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    He is 10x the passer Vince was but he is no where near the runner Vince was either. It remains to be seen if he has the same other attributes that made Vince so great.

    A much better comparison is probably Cam Newton or even John Elway and no I'm not saying he is as good as those guys, but his game is like their game and his size and attributes are like theirs.
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  28. Sheldon Cooper

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    It's hard to recruit a position we pretty much stopped using. Did our offense even have a TE in 2008 or 2009? 2010 to 2013 we had no offensive identity and Same was true when Charlie was here.

    We had some good production from the TE position under Herman but again, this team was mainly a spread attack.

    I'm curious, going back beyond the Mack Brown era, is there a TE that meets your standards? As far as I can remember no TE was ever as impactful as Dave Thomas was. He caught 16 passes in the National title game against USC. We don't win that game without him.
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  29. bystander

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    My feeling about Vince is that he had the mental toughness to rise to the occasion. He was Reggie Jackson. When the time came, at the brink, glory or disaster, he kept his composure and made the play. Certainly his physical gifts were paramount, but the pressure of the Rose Bowl and his ability deliver against the "Greatest team ever" was a triumph of one who was in his element.
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  30. rick mueller

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    I should have clarified that I wasn't referencing physical attributes as much as presence and leadership.

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