2022 recruiting - T&F/XC

Discussion in 'Track' started by Ellis21d, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Jacob Johnson

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    another big time get:fire: came from a juco school with a 100m PB of 10.09 which would’ve placed him second in the D1 outdoor championships:hookem:
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  2. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Looks like Flo finally got his sprinter!!
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  3. DINO22

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  4. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Another star joins the flock. Flo knows is right!!
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  5. Jacob Johnson

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    I c
    I can’t wait to see our women’s 4x100. We now have 5 very good options in Flannel, Alfred, Davis, Adeleke, and now Thomas. I smell a national championship coming:hookem:
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  6. mchammer

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    The ladies had more points that the men (who won the indoor NC). On the men side, there were schools like N. Arizona and NC State winning the long distance events (taking points off the board for everyone else). On the women side, they lost due to pentathlon and triple jump. With more track points and other field events at play, I say the women have a great chance.
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  7. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Flo added another sprint guy. I’m not sure how track season works for recruits. Does he start competing immediately or is this for next track season?
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  8. DINO22

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    Class of 2022
  9. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    A new one added!
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  10. Moooooo

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    Transfer from A&M? Her bio has already been deleted from their official roster.

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  11. old65horn

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    Hope I can get some help with the road ahrsd.

    Noticed the men and women are losing a lot of sprinters.

    I am not familiar with discipline of the recruits. Are we getting good sprint recruits to replace the seniors or are we going with the Arkansas approach of dominating a few field competitions to win National championships.

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