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Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by Ellis21d, Nov 10, 2021.

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    Wow! Huge transfer! Skyler Fields will not be missed!
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    Ms Skinner,

    If you read this, you know how big my smile is right now. Please tell your Rebecca I said "thank you" and HOOK EM!

    I just sent your mom a text.
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    Madi had 19 kills Against us in the Championship last year. Nicer to have her in orange... the team is adding help where needed and should be dominating .
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    We got a good 1
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    Any news on the potential Penn State MB transfer?
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    I’ve heard her final list is down to Texas, Nebraska, Pitt, and Wisconsin but, Wisconsin and Pitt both have their middles pretty much set so the favorites are down to Texas and Nebraska. I’d say the favorite is Nebraska as of now simply because they are going to lose both their middles.
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    Not that it couldn’t be updated or that she couldn't still join in the Fall/Summer but our Spring roster is already updated.
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    Welcome middle blocker, Bella Bergmark from Berkeley who will grad-transfer to Texas@

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    Bella Bella! (Italiano)
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