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    After Dry and S-B committed to Texas, I went to watch. I think they played for Aledo. They were good high school players but didn’t appear to be takes. Both decommitted and neither made a mark in college. I thing one or both were at Baylor for a short time but didn’t play. I also went to see Hosey and didn’t see it.
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    Hosey was a contributor at least.
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    Hosey played two years….maybe three. Undersized power forward. Yes….she contributed at times.
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    Hosey was the queen of taking charges until Audrey came along.
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    Apparently, Latson played for Atlanta's Westlake H.S. as a junior, but played at American Heritage H.S. in Florida her senior season.

    FSU signee Latson named Florida's Miss Basketball - The Osceola

    FSU will have significant change on the sideline with longtime assistant coach Brooke Wyckoff taking over for her mentor, Sue Semrau. The Seminoles will also see significant turnover on the roster as rotational players like Kourtney Weber and River Baldwin have entered the transfer portal and Morgan Jones could move on to the WNBA. A few other reserves, Amaya Brown and Izabela Nicoletti, have also entered the transfer portal.
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    Codio also had meniscus damage. Having had meniscus surgery myself…..it’s not easy to come back. It took me well into the second year before the pain subsided….and I wasn’t playing defense for Schaefer. I agree that she will redshirt and let the ACL and meniscus get better.
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    Watching the Jordan Brand game on delay to see how Ndjakalenga did. Through the 1st quarter and she was wide open under the basket a couple of times but didn’t get the ball.

    During an interview, Janiah Barker said she’d make her announcement this weekend. Also said people have been saying where she’s going but they’re all going to be surprised. I’m not going to get my hopes up but I know a lot of conjecture out there has been about aggy so she may not end up in collie station. One thing about her - she’s a character and will be a fun interview wherever she lands.
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    Really looking forward to seeing Ndjakalenga in burnt orange (even better, my iPad suggestion auto fills her name when I type ‘Nd’).

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    If she follows Taylor to aggy, I’m not sure how that’s much of a “surprise.”

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    Does anyone know if there's any relations (cousins?) between Aaliyah Gayles and Texas alum Ashley Gayles? They're both from Las Vegas.
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    Ashley has a different last name. Her last name is Gayle, not Gayles.
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    Thanks UTExinPDX.
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    Janiah Barker will follow Joni Taylor to Texas A&M. Big time pick up for the Aggies.

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    Amina Muhammad moved in today and Codio moved in yesterday. Ndjakalenga will make the move to Austin in a few days.
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