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    I believe Sammie committed to Baylor when she was in 8th grade. Her dad is a Baylor alum and her mom is an A&M alum. They were 110% Baylor when Kim was the coach. Sammie had an unofficial to Baylor after Colleen was hired so they had a chance.

    Yes, Vic is recruiting Sammie. She and her parents visited Texas over the summer.
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    Coach McEntire checking out Hoover HS - #11 overall, PG Reniya Kelly.

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    Every time I see "6'9" and "skill set" in the same sentence it gives me goosebumps.
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    Not sure who she went to watch at San Antonio Wagner:

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    My guess is she went to watch 2025 LA Sneed because she retweeted the Tweet.

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    Some rumors/speculation that 6'5 volleyball/basketball recruit Maggie Mendelson out of Utah was visiting this weekend. Supposedly spotted at the football game.

    She is being followed by Coach Calamity on Instagram.
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    Surprised to hear she was on campus. Much discussion on the volleyball discussion board about her. However, the crowd-think is that any school she pledges to would have to counter her as a WBB scholarship player, not a volleyball one. And then, the both coaches at that school would have to be okay with sharing this player across the whole year (wear and tear concerns). Some schools like Wisconsin and Nebraska want her badly. It's said it's down to Nebraska & Texas, and then they tossed in a "Oh and there's Stanford". Stanford makes sense because they're good at both sports. (like Texas)
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    Mendelson is a legitimate talent at both sports. Maggie has been selected to represent the Team USA squads in both basketball and volleyball. ESPN Hoopgurlz 2023 rankings, has her listed as the #20 overall player in the nation and the #5 Post in the nation.

    Here are a few snippets from an August 2021 article posted in KSM.com

    Fremont's Maggie Mendelson gets opportunity to represent Team USA junior national teams

    USA Basketball held team trials for 34 of the top players across the country for its U16 team in June where Mendelson received one of the 12 roster spots. USA Volleyball held its trials for 24 girls in July and recently announced the final roster for their U18 team. Mendelson, again, was extended the invitation to join the 12-member team.

    "Anybody that's going to be that good at anything, especially when you have to be sharing between the two sports in basketball and volleyball, you've got to be really good at sacrificing and being really disciplined with your time," Fremont girls basketball coach Lisa Dalebout said. "Her work ethic is elite. Her ability to sacrifice and do what she's got to do to take care of her body and use time efficiently is pretty unique."

    Her sophomore year for volleyball was pretty similar: another region title, another semifinal appearance and another first team recipient. In total, she had 417 kills, a .318 hitting percentage, 132 digs and 37 blocks. Basketball was a different story.

    After teammate and Oregon State commit Timea Gardiner went out with an injury, Mendelson stepped up and became a crucial piece in Fremont's state title run. On the season, Mendelson averaged 14.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.9 blocks, leading her team to a perfect 26-0 record. The team after their dominant season-long performance received an invite to the GEICO National Tournament.

    In the comments in the article, someone posted the following:

    My daughter played with her in Jr. High and those teams were so dominant most games were over by half time and Maggie wouldn't even play the second half, in basketball anyway. Half time scores were 40 point games or more. She is tall and is very skilled. Some tall kids are not very skilled but Maggie is a good all around player on both offense and defense.

    I hope if Coach Elliott and Coach Vic are both interested in her, they can work something out with her playing both sports. Scholarships are a prized possession so having to share a player with another sport isn't ideal for either coach. It also takes a toll on the body of the player, especially at the college level.

    It will be interesting to watch. Hopefully, we'll get verification if she was on campus for an unofficial visit.
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    Except that according to Stanford fans, Tara Vandeveer doesn't want to share her hoops players with volleyball. That surprises me because she did share many years ago (Kristin Folkl, for one example); but, it's been a long time.

    Texas did it when Karen Aston was around for Sarah Hattis. And, Aston even helped put Khat Bell on hoops scholarship in order for volleyball to make room for a January transfer.
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    While the scholarship roster is fluid, I don't know if Texas would have a scholarship for Mendelson if she only wanted to play volleyball since Elliott already has verbal commitments from five 2023 recruits.

    In hoops, I think post players are at a premium. So, if Mendelson is as good as her ranking, I can't see Vic turning her down (as she provides 5 more fouls a game to rebound and defend, at a minimum). While Vic does have a commitment from 2023 Abbie Boutilier, and obviously pursuing Breya Cunningham, adding someone like Mendelson really helps the frontcourt as it doesn't seem we're adding much in the post for 2022 (other than Amina, who looks pretty slender, IMO).

    I think (like my opinion matters) a good compromise would be for Vic to have Mendelson for her entire freshman season as hoops probably needs her more to help in the post (as volleyball will be loaded at middle blocker). Give her the summer and fall to focus specifically on hoops. After the initial season comes to a conclusion, she may have learned more about herself and if she wants to play both sports her second year, or focus only on one.
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    This is the scholarship count for volleyball, which is limited to 12. The * represents guesses as to walk-ons. Next year the number of players on supposed scholarship is 13, which means that it is assumed that one or more players will transfer at the end of this year.

    It's all a guess in volleyball about walk-ons. But if you don't know volleyball recruiting, recently Texas VB kinda got a "grand slam" in recruiting with some big name commits in 2022 and 2023.

    Miller might be a walk-on. But unsure.
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    I was at the game and can confirm she was there. A few other volleyball commits were at the game and she seemed to be with both basketball and volleyball girls. She even began to follow a 5 star recruit who was on his visit so I assume they were all hanging together.
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    Don't be shy. Give us some names. :D
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    Lol from the volleyball side or basketball side?
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    Spare no identities.
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    Well it wasn't too much I was kind of in a rush.

    Women's basketball: Amina Muhammad, Jordana Codio, Maggie Mendelson, and I believe Sammie Wagner( I couldn't make out her face from where I was.

    Men's basketball: 5 star Dillon Mitchell

    Volleyball: Ella Swindle is the one I saw. I really didn't see much volleyball players.

    There were a few others but I'm not really good with faces unless I really follow that recruit.
    (on social media, I promise I'm not a stalker).
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    While I'm not surprised that Sammi Wagner was visiting unofficially, I am surprised she'd come this weekend with it being Homecoming at Baylor and her Dad being a former football player at Baylor; perhaps the family took separate trips this weekend.
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    FWIW, Mendelson follows Coach Vic and Coach Elliott on IG. Probably not a big deal but it definitely doesn’t hurt either.
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