2023 Recruiting

Discussion in 'Softball' started by NBhornfan, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. Ellis21d

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    I think we have some power coming with Victor Hunter. Her Mom is keeping Twitter updated!
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  2. Ellis21d

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    More recognition for Victoria Hunter. Didn’t realize she’s a shortstop as well I guess Coach thinks SS’s are the best athlete on the team?
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  3. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Haven’t heard much out of Katie Stewart this year. She look pretty strong.
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  4. Ellis21d

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    Katie Stewart’s summer travel team won the Championship of the TCS tournament.
    She’s #22 in the team picture.
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  5. NBhornfan

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    Scouting reports for 2023s I've seen:

    Kayden Henry
    Hitting 3 hole and playing CF for Bombers Gold. Fastest player on the team, if a bunt gets down she is safe 90%. Not a slapper. Swings away which is a plus for how big McCombs is. Has more power than I was expecting. Has a good approach. Could see hitting .350+ 7 to 10 HR and 20+ SB
    Floor: Mia Scott Ceiling: Lindsey Stephens

    Katie Stewart
    Playing SS hitting 3rd for Excel Elite. More athletic than I expected, but probably not the future SS. Big Powerful frame that allows the ball to jump off her bat at a different level. Could set the home run record her. However, not just a power hitter has good approach that will lend to a high average as well. 20+ home run season potential
    Floor: Taylor Thom Ceiling: Taylor Hoagland

    Adayah Wallce
    OF Texas Glory Gold. Slapper that is very fast. Haven't seen much defensively but imagine she would be able to run ball down with ease in the OF. Could be a good defense of replacement and pinch runner in the future.
    Floor: Alyssa Popelka Ceiling: Torie Schmidt

    Victoria Hunter
    Playing 1B/DH hitting middle line up for Impact Gold. Most impressed with the progress from her. Big power and compact swing. 15+ home run potential.
    Floor: Loryn Johnson Ceiling: Nadia Taylor

    Hope to see Teagan play soon. This class has a lot of talent. Really should elevate Texas to a perennial WCWS team
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  6. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Katie Stewart getting a little press for the team!
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