2023 Softball Season

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 8, 2022.

  1. Malcom

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    Very nice game tonight. I really like what Camille Corona is doing with this opportunity at third.
    On another note Texas Tech is bringing a very potent offense in here this weekend. Should be a good series
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  2. racerx5908

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    Wowza. What a hitting workshop that was displayed today. But to be fair, SFA had below average pitchers.
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  3. Run Pincher

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    Actually they had some pretty good ERA's until last night. I wonder what they think of their ERA's now.
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  4. racerx5908

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  5. racerx5908

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    As I was researching the Tech stats, what shocked me was the low attendance at home:

    Their stadium's capacity is over 1,100. The last time Tech had a team over 0.700 was 2012 and this is all they can draw?

    But a expected, they get sellouts when OU or Texas comes to town. Gonna be a ghost town after we leave for the SEC.
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  6. xdxmmxchxxl

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    Techs statistics are really misleading. A 25-8 record, team batting average of .340, and 9th nationally in runs scored per game.

    They have had a cake walk of a schedule so far. Being 25-8 this far into the season and only being in the 70’s of RPI speaks volumes. Not to mention a team ERA over 3.2 with the poor schedule they have faced.

    IF we can take care of business we should come away with a weekend sweep.

    haven’t watched their transfer Southland conference pitcher/freshman of the year from last season Sage Hoover any this season, don’t know how she will fare against an offense like us. Will be interesting to see if her game translates.
  7. racerx5908

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    Well......they beat Texas St. twice, which we haven't been able to do (including Fall 2022 ball)

    Totally agree with your paper analysis. But multiple games this year, I looked at the stats where the team had overwhelming numbers against the opponent only to go on a dry spell in hitting, resulting in a loss.

    The SFA game was eye popping. But was it their pitching or was it a team that got coached up on hitting?
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  8. Run Pincher

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    Texas certainly should take at least 2 at home, but SB is a strange game. Bats go cold, an error and the pitcher has a walk and before you know it, someone closes their eyes an swings really hard and all of the sudden you lose 3-2.
  9. Modelo22

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    WOW hitters looooooooked lost . Czech does great job against HI powered offense . And our hitters decided to take the night off. Oh hay White way to take the bat out of Cimunz hands
  10. racerx5908

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  11. Sangre Naranjada

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    And after all that pointless whining...who won?
  12. racerx5908

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    Before the 5th inning, you could see Singleton instructing the hitters on how he wanted to swing. It was obvious he was stressing swinging upwards, but not too strongly as he was moving his arms to show them how he wanted them to swing. It finally paid off with those boppers to mid-field in the 7th. The key thing was that, finally in the 7th, the leadoff batter wasn't called out for yet another high popup or a liner straight to an infielder.

    According to Tech's stats, their top 3 pitchers in order of innings pitched (and compared to ours):

    [data before this weekend series started]

    #1 Hoover (70) - Morgan (74)
    #2 Frtiz (58) - Czech (61)
    #3 Carlin (27) - Gutierrez (58)
    #4 Rains (27 - but really a closer like Simpson)

    So they pitched their #2 and we pitched our #2. #1's today? And #3 for Sunday?


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  13. racerx5908

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    Second straight day of a comeback late in the game. I mean....I'm glad Texas won, but that's troubling.
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  14. racerx5908

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    Coaching stuff.

    Before the first pitch, as Tech coach Craig Snyder was heading to his position at third base, he stopped to talk to Texas assistant coach Kristen Zaleski. Then at the end, he gave her a big hug. And then as he was walking away, Molly Jacobson bounded out of the dugout and said something to the effect like, "What about me?" and he gave her a hug as well. Pretty friendly between the staffs.

    Then sometime in the middle innings, between innings, I saw Steve Singleton talking to Zaleski and he started getting into batting stances and had his fists up holding an imaginary bat and then Zaleski started copying him. It was like she was asking him how he was instructing the girls on hitting. Kind of odd to be doing it in the middle of a game. Maybe she was asking him about adjustments he was asking the girls to make based on the pitcher they were facing that afternoon. So odd that this was happening in the middle of a game (we were on an LHN commercial break) that I had to snap pictures:



    He's constantly, in between innings, giving the girls pointers and discussing batting with them out of the dugout. I really like that about him.
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  15. Ellis21d

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    Good stuff Racer!
  16. racerx5908

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    Since Tech is in town with both their softball and baseball teams. I thought I might look up all the coaches that the Tech AD has hired and fired. RED means the coach left for another job. BLUE means the contract of the coach was not renewed.

    Holcutt was hired in 2011 and Del Conte was hired in 2017:

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  17. racerx5908

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  18. racerx5908

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    Roughly half way through the season if you include going deep into the playoffs.
    Team is currently 30-5-1. At the 36 game mark last year, the Horns were 26-9-1.

    Some team stats.

    Morgan & Gutierrez: 10-1
    Czech: 7-2
    Could Gutierrez the first home-grown (recruited by Mike) to have success on the 40 acres?

    Top 3 BA:
    Goode: 0.413
    Scott: 0.397
    Martinez: 0.396
    [not including Corona because she hasn't played in more than 50% of the games]

    Top 3 in Hits:
    Goode: 52 (leads the Big 12)
    Scott: 48 (tied #2)
    Martinez: 44 (#5)

    Top 3 in RBI:
    Martinez: 34
    Goode: 33
    Scott: 25
    Washington: 25

    Top 3 in HR:
    Atwood: 7
    Day: 7
    Goode: 6

    Texas 2023 vs Texas 2022 in national rankings
    [at the 36 game mark]:
    BA: #4 vs #29
    ERA: #17 vs #55
    Fielding: #106 vs #158
    HR per game: #42 vs #47
    Scoring: #8 vs #25
    Stolen Bases per game: #88 vs #30
    Strikeout-to-Walk-Ratio: #13 vs #46
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  19. racerx5908

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    How Shea O'Leary is doing at Div II UT-Tyler
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  20. racerx5908

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  21. Jacob Johnson

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    I’m nervous but not nearly as bad as I was last season. This team has fight and our offense is much improved. We can’t afford any errors and definitely have to answer back because they will score. Going to need the freshman to do what they have been doing all season.
  22. Malcom

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    I can't beleive how much of a mental advantage OU has over us...sigh
  23. Malcom

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    Very nice recovery.
  24. Denz Washington

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    Mental and talent.
  25. racerx5908

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    And yet, Baylor has been the only team to beat them this year.
  26. Dionysus

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    Keep it up girls! :hookem:

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  27. 1sahorn

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  28. racerx5908

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    Texas, with a 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the 7th, loses 4-3.

    Sigh, if softball were only a 6-innning game.
  29. Malcom

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    It just doesn't seem to matter the score or situation we find a way to lose against them. I have not seen us close or finish a game against them but a couple of times in over I think like maybe 12 years? Because of that I find myself looking for the way, no matter the advantage, that we lose to them.
  30. Malcom

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    I know there is a talent gap but....geez loweez. Can the call go our way or the ball bounce our way a few times??

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