2023 Softball Season

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 8, 2022.

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    I'm currently standing at concessions stands drinking beer, eating hot dogs and sausage wraps because I'm starving. They are in a lightning delay right now. It's a 30 min delay. Every time they issue another lightning delay it's another 30 minutes. If this game isn't played tonight it will be because of that, not the rain. Somehow the rain cells have seemed to split to north and south.

    Figures this would be my first softball game to attend. Been to hundreds of other UT events. :(
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  2. Ellis21d

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    The game has officially been CANCELLED!!
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    We got to the game early and sat down...and then they told us to get under the stands. As we were sitting there on the floor with our backs up against the wall, Coach Kenny G is down there too since everyone had to vacate and he was spreading the OSU love to their fans. He said that, at that time (about 7:30) that he was told the starting time might be 9:00. We bailed around 7:50 and went home.
    He's being super nice to a family from Hutto. Mom went to OSU.
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  4. Jacob Johnson

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    Who came up with that new schedule :mad: they decide to play right when baseball plays which means the stabs won’t be nearly as packed but I stilll do expect a good turnout. I hope they do espn plus for the 3rd game instead of tape delaying it like they used to do.
  5. Denz Washington

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    This actually helps OSU. Coming off a tough loss on Tuesday where they had already pitched Kilfoyl. Plus Maxwell has a blister on her pitch hand.

    Still, they are coming in on a 2 game losing streak.
  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Interesting that okstate going with Kilfoyl instead of Maxwell. That blister must be pretty painful.
  7. Jacob Johnson

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    Morgan not getting that left side of the plate that Kilfoyl is getting. That seems to happen a lot to Morgan especially the last few weeks.
  8. Jacob Johnson

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    We are so impatient at the plate. We need to mix in some small ball and get on base first because right now we aren’t even close.
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  10. Jacob Johnson

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    I think these softball outlets need to re-rank the freshman class with Texas at #1! These freshman play so much older and you couldn’t ask for a better group to lead this team for years to come:hookem:
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  11. Malcom

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    Felt good to see us win this type of game. Mac Morgan did a great job today.
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  12. racerx5908

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    Stats person's Weather comment for today:
    Weather: A lot better than last night.

    Well, I predicted that at best we would go 1-2 against OSU. I don't want to get my hopes raised for the double-header tomorrow, I just want to enjoy pulling a win against the second-best team in the conference.

    I thought surely there is no way they can lose 3 games in a row in extra innings? And yes, they can. Kilfoyl is good, I can't believe Alabama started playing her less after her sophmore year. And OSU's vaunted defense with really 3 errors, not 2. Take that again, please and thank you.

    Obviously the pitchers tomorrow will be Czech and Gutierrez. Estelle doesn't do well in heat, so do you start her at noon or start her at 3:00 on a day where the high will be 80?

    Walk off single with two outs after spending the day hitting directly to most of their infielders. Amazing.
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  13. racerx5908

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    Access Denied

    I couldn't think of a player I'd like to customize for my t-shirt. They still list Logan Hulon even though she quit the team before the start of the season.

    Maybe Day or maybe Dayton.
  14. racerx5908

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    I wonder OSU will pitch in today's two games? Records so far of their pitchers:
    Aycock (FR) 8-0 [ERA 2.11]
    Kilfoyl 12-3
    Maxwell (blister) 13-1 [1.43]
    Rosenberry (SO) 5-2 [2.26]
    Runner (SO) 1-0 [8.75]

    And Maxwell and Kilfoyl are 4th yr Juniors, which means, ugh another year from them unless they transfer.

    I predict it will be Maxwell and Aycock since Kenny G can't afford to fall behind in rankings with more losses.
  15. Jacob Johnson

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  16. Jacob Johnson

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    Maxwell is a redshirt senior.
  17. Jacob Johnson

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    That 4,5,6 is really struggling. That’s two straight innings where all three struck out. Day and Cimusz need to be moved down the lineup.
  18. NBhornfan

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    What a win!
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  19. racerx5908

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  20. old65horn

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    What is important is the game. Do not have LHN so I know nothing about the game. Do not care about Maxwell classification
  21. Sangre Naranjada

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    We walked them off both times so far.
  22. UTExinPDX

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    Texas ahead 5-0 in game three. Top of sixth.
  23. UTExinPDX

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    Texas wins 5-2. Sweep of OSU.
  24. racerx5908

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    Well, eating crow! Didn't think we could sweep them. If all stays the same, we'll end up second in Big 12
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  25. Ellis21d

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    I was at the game and Atwood’s walk off home run was amazing! OSU had a large contingency of fans on hand and they were all parked in upper stands on the visitors side of the field. Maxwell had been mowing us down in order thru the 6th inning and their fans were being beyond loud and cocky. I was setting right above the OSU dugout in the first row! Before they went to the field in the 7th inning the team huddled up around Maxwell and were really chirping about going out and winning knowing that Maxwell had a no hitter going on. Only a leadoff walk to Mia Scott in the first inning away from a perfect game
    When Mia came up and got a hit right off you could tell it was a let down for the team. They wanted to show Texas the win on Friday was a fluke. Ok Martinez flies out and the fans began to get chirpy again. Goode got an infield hit so 2 on now! Then on her third pitch Atwood blasts the home run and you could see it ripped the hear right out of the Cowgirls. I watched Maxwell walk off the field and she was shattered, devastated. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting come from behind win in my life! I’ve never seen a group of fans clear out so fast and less than half of those fans came back for the third game. You could tell the Cowgirls didn’t have any spark in the third game and Czech took full advantage of it!
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  26. racerx5908

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    Snark from the home stat guy:

    Noon game:
    Weather: Not a cloud in the sky. Yet.
    3:00 game:
    Weather: Roof blown off McCombs Field.
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  27. Montana Greg

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    Could Longhorn network hire a temporary announcer that actually cares for the Horns? Spent the two games she broadcast praising the attributes of OSU, especially Maxwell!
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  28. Jacob Johnson

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    She’s not a regular on the longhorn network. She was there for the game that was supposed to be on espn 2 but got delayed to Saturday. Osterman is the normal announcer and much better at calling games.
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  29. ViperHorn

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    Get used to it. Most games after 01 July 2024 will be on ESPN+ due to the move to the $EC. I have yet to see any $EC announcer that could have made it on LHN.
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  30. racerx5908

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    At yesterday's game, behind me sat two travel ball coaches. Since one of the coaches also coached his daughter, who sat next to him, I would say that the age group they coach would be about 4th grade? Anyway, the two coaches are in the same general club and good friends and they spent a lot of time ribbing each other about their coaching.

    But overhearing them, they were gossiping about a few of our players. i.e. their reputations in high school and club before coming to Texas. I won't say what they were saying, but they were a bit negative. Again, just gossip amongst travel ball coaches.

    Then they turned to Texas and their use of players. They were grumbling about Mike White saying, "Ummm, I don't know what it is about Mike and freshmen. Look at Corona. She played a lot as a freshman and did pretty good. Then for the last two years, nothing out of her. I mean, he's recruiting players over her....and maybe he doesn't develop them?"

    They're talking about this from the perspective of a coach who eventually sends their players to college programs. They want to know that they'll be coached up in college and not just left to their own. One of them is a Longhorn fan, so it wasn't just dumping on the program.

    I almost turned around and talked to them about how our freshmen pitchers flame out and quit or transfer and how we seem to do best with experienced grad school transfers. But, I stayed out of it.

    I guess their perspective is if Mike is going to keep recruiting over older players with freshmen, then are the older players not getting much improvement from the coaches and thus needing the freshmen to play? Or do the coaches decide that the new freshmen are better than the sophmores or juniors and don't bother working on their development?

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