2023 Softball Season

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 8, 2022.

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    Have no specific individuals in mind.

    I loved what Coach White did 2 years ago in bringing in a head coach from Ball State named Megan Bartlett to be his assistant coach. I know we hate her on here, but it's what Kim Mulkey started doing at Baylor her last few seasons. "Poaching" head coaches from smaller schools to come be your assistant coach brings plenty of experience in different areas, including knowing how to run your own program.

    So, it wouldn't surprise me if he took that same approach/route this time around.
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    Katie Repole asst at South Carolina, played at ULL, and former Volunteer assistant at Aggie, plus big connections to Bombers org.
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    Someone who can improve our defense.
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    Not really hate but was disappointed in the results. The reality is that Coach Sing was infield defense (poor) and Coach Bartlett was outfield defense (average) and they both regressed in both their time here. However, Sing's saving grace is that he's obviously elevated the hitting since he's arrived and with only 2 assistant coaches and the obvious poor play when the team makes more than 1 error in a game, I was fearing that Barlett would be the scapegoat. She's actual very nice and I spoke with her a few times during the post-covid year of 2021 when our regular seats were moved out to near first base and while waiting for play to start, I would shout out questions to her and she would answer them.

    Besides the recruitment of Pomykalski and Katie Stewart (both from IL), I wonder if she had a hand in getting Czech (from IL) to transfer to Texas. The midwest isn't a hotbed of talent, but Bartlett seemed to be our mid-West pipeline.
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    Um, my "hate" comment was about Kim Mulkey.

    I loved Bartlett's positive energy as I watched her coaching during games at first base.
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    Ahhh, going back and re-reading it I see your point.
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    Well darn it! I assumed that Cincinnati had a softball team (instead they have lacrosse) that would bump up our 7 team league for 1 year into a 11 team league. Instead it will be on the additions of: BYU, Houston and UCF. Oh well, a year after THAT, we'll be going from 10 teams to a 14 team league.....assuming with all this conference swirl from football the SEC doesn't add a PAC team.

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