2023 Softball Season

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    Finally going to get to see Fall Ball this afternoon. My daughter pointed out that I'll be seeing JJ Smith on the TX State side, completely forgot about that. Anything y'all want me to be on the watch for?
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    How are we looking and who has stood out the most so far as far as pitching goes? Really anything because there has been little to no coverage from the social media account.:brickwall:
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    Ummm what happened:facepalm:
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    Mike should be ashamed for how bad their social medias are.
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    I got back from the game. I'll got notes on a folded piece of paper with scribbles as well as text messages between me and my daughter telling her how things were going. Between those two, I'll try to stitch up a story across the 8 innings I was there. I had to get home to feed the dogs. I think I'll do this across the 4 pitchers I saw.
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    Pitcher: Sophia Simpson.
    Innings: 1-2
    Sat in our regular area, which was flooded with friends and family of the Tx State players. First, they are using a safety bag at first in Fall ball as well as regular season:

    Next, our old friend JJ Smith was manning first base:


    Mike's philosophy in this game was to play candidate freshmen for various positions and see how his pitchers are doing.

    Also, like last year, the permanent jerseys for the players, with their correct numbers and names stitched on the back have still not arrived. So players with blank names on the back are the newbies, including the transfers. And obviously, not playing with their roster numbers. This made it somewhat confusing as to who was playing where.

    Infield is where the freshmen mostly played.

    Third base = Leanne Goode
    Short Stop = Vivian Martinez (she goes by Vivi)
    Catcher = Reese Atwood

    These 3 were on the field the entire game.

    Second = Camille Corona
    First = Kati Cimusz
    Pitchers = various

    Simpson seemed to start strong, but had the occasional skipped ball (still). Of all the pitchers, she's the only one who skipped balls to the catcher. She got out of her two innings with no runs.

    Catcher was interesting. I kept thinking, "Wow, she is tall". Here she is next to the ump:
    To be fair, there's a bit of perspective allusion there since she's probably 2 ft ahead of him in the picture. But since Atwood is 6'0" tall, it forces her to "sit" in position to receive a pitch. I've NEVER seen this. This is before/after a pitch



    Runners from Tx State were able to get on due to mishandling and bad decisions made by freshmen Goode and Martinez as well as sailing the ball past Cimusz at first desperately trying to snag the balls.

    (more later)
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    Innings: 3-4
    Pitchers: Czech and Hulon
    When Czech was pitching, the first thing I was thinking was that she had picked up where we last saw her in the tournament. She was getting players up to 2 strikes, and then... a blop or a drive through the infield that was not well handled or the fielders were SLOW to race to throw to cutoff.

    And suddenly, we have bases loaded. It lists Texas with only 1 error for the night, but there was some very sloppy and lazy plays that led to bases loaded. And then JJ hit a double and scores 2 and then more poor, confused decision making by 3rd base, attempts to run down players on the base path and then the bases are loaded again.

    Finally, the bleeding stops and Tx State is up 4-0. Next inning, the same thing again and after Czech loads up the bases and lets 3 more score, she is pulled and Hulon brought out. She lets one more score, it's 8-0 and mercifully Hulon gets the last out. In the fourth inning, Camille has gone from second to third and Goode switches to second where she'll spend the rest of the game. Martinez stays at SS and Atwood stays at catcher.

    Wow, you could see the confidence in Czech just ebbing out with each score. Hulon on the other hand didn't look intimidated and just went out to do her job.


    At this point, things are looking grim and the bats aren't doing much. The rookies are just okay with hitting. Grounders to infield or pop-ups to outfiled.

    Bottom of the 4th, Martinez is grazed by the ball and takes first. Brandon, the LSU transfer, hits a monster HR that arches pretty high up in the sky but gets over the center-right fence with ease. 8-2. Then Courtney Day comes up and hits a HR right off the pitcher making it 8-3. Looks like the pitcher about to cry, Tx State pulls her and puts in a new pitcher.

    Cimusz finally gets a decent hit and sends a ball past 3rd right on the line, and she reaches 1st.

    Ashton Maloney, who had knee surgery last year and never suited up, get up and we find out she's a slapper. A good slapper. She slaps the ball, it bounces high past the charging short and then it bounces in front of second baseman who has moved back to handle it and muffs the ball. Cimusz on second, Maloney on first.

    And the Camille hit into a double play at short-second-and-first.
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    Innings: 6-7
    Pitcher: Citlalay Guitierrez

    So I finally get to see what the fuss is all about. First, she's confident. She's not brooding or got that lost deer in the headlights look when she's getting ready to pitch. She just sends it down there. She gets strikes, she gets pop ups and she just handles Tx State easily. 4 up and 3 down in each inning. Game still 8-3.

    In 7th, Bella Dayton finally shows up to bat. Mike has the strategy to put in the rookies in the first half of the game and veterans in the second half. From hearing the Tx State crowd, their coach did the opposite. She wanted to win!

    Bella walks. Pop takes her place as pinch runner at first. Goode hit a ball that drops in the outfield in front of the OF who mishandles the bounce. This allows Pop to make it to home and Goode to make it to third. 8-4. Next, Martinez hits a ball straight to second, but it's slow enough that Goode can score from third. 8-5. Day flies out. Then eventually Texas loads up the bases. A-Wash comes up to bat for the fist time and pops out. Then Atwood comes up and hits a double, scores 2 and now it's 8-7 with 2 outs and 2 on base.

    And Cimusz comes up to bat and strikes out.
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    Inning: 8
    Pitcher: Mac Morgan

    This is who I've been waiting for.

    Is the next Molly Jacobsen? Is the next Hailey Dolcini?

    She comes in and is the most "professional" of them all. Three up, three down. She's done.

    I decide to wait to see if we do anything in the bottom of the 8th. Someone (I forgot) gets a hit and gets to first. Pop is put in to run for her. Someone else (I forgot) hits a ball hard down the first base line and it's foul. Two pitches later, again hits the ball hard down first base line and this time it's fair. Pop runs up to second and STOPS to look back to make sure that the ball is fair. And then sees it's going to the outfiled and tags second and gets to third.

    And...Mike is FURIOUS. He's agitated and pointing at his chest and saying, "You should be looking at ME. You shouldn't be looking back to see the ball". And if you think about it. If it was fair, she should have gone fast. If it was foul, she would've have just been called back. Major brain lock on that running decision. She could have made it home with ease.

    So, we've got Pop and third and the other player on second with 1 out. And, they get two more outs and I left with us behind 8-7.

    And when they finished, I checked later and the game ended up being 8-7, Tx State wins.

    Pop! You're a fourth year player!
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    I’m just happy Dayton and Popelka are out of boots and back on the field. At least we know from an injury standpoint we are doing good so far. I said it before but I really think we need an experienced proven pitcher in order for this team to make some noise again this season. May be too late but I said the same thing last year and we got Dolcini so hopefully that opportunity rises again.
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    Looks like Mike was primarily looking for what new players could provide his loss on offense:

    Brandon was impressive, but looking at her stats she only had 7 hits in 25 AB for LSU. But of those 7 hits, 2 were HRs. All other players look like they're going to need some instructional time with Coach Singleton.

    BTW, Whittaker was in shorts for the game. And Pomykalski was missing from the team.
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    Get the feeling we will be a team that is hitting fewer home runs this year. We will be hitting lots of doubles and stealing lots of bases. It plays well for our field honestly.
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    I know it’s just fall ball but some things that stood out most to me in today’s game.
    1. Leighann Goode impressed me and based on the comments by the staff I do believe she gets the start at 2nd. She definitely has some pop to her bat.

    2. Martinez has a pure swing with a lot of power as well she will definitely push for that SS position but regardless she needs to be in the lineup.

    3. That’s the Whitaker we all thought we would see last season so hopefully what she’s been doing this fall carries over into the 2023 season.

    4. Bella Dayton and Mia Scott will make a deadly 1-2 punch with their speed and power.

    5. I see Simpson as more of a reliever than starter. Now if she can consistently pitch like she did against Arkansas then it would take this team to another level.

    6. Citlaly is basically Dolcini and has tremendous upside. Dolcini is the perfect mentor for her right now since they pitch so similar and our speed will definitely win us a lot of games. It’s probably the fastest from top to bottom out of the entire country.

    7. Estelle has really taken her game to another level and I was a bit worried about our staff but Mac Morgan and Estelle will be a great 1-2 combo to go along with Simpson and Citlaly.

    I was a bit skeptical but I really do believe this team can make it back to the World Series. We once again are coming out the gates with a tough schedule. Our first set of opponents will be northwestern, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and I know I’m missing one but a tough schedule nonetheless.
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    It's obvious that Mike is pushing to make Vivi Martinez the shortstop as he's keep her at that position during Fall ball, while rotating players around her. He wants her to get gametime experience. Only once was a ball hit to her directly and she mishandled the throw to first, again. Does playing under the lights with fans change her that much compared to practice.

    And as for Simpson, hearing that interview with Mike White, yeah she's going to be a closer type of player. You see it in her demeanor. She lets things get to her during the pitches. And, she's skipping the ball again....like a lot. Must be because she's trying to throw a rise? She starts skipping and her confidence goes down.
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    It might be Martinez at shortstop and Washington at 2nd or vice versa but Washington is out with an injury at the moment. Not sure how serious it is but he did say they want to “hopefully” get her back by the start of spring practice so it could be a bit on the serious side.
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    My take on the Odessa fall ball game.
    1. Reese Atwood is a special looking catcher. Katie Cimusz will be the backup unless Atwood falters at the plate.
    2. Why did Maddie Pomykalski not play at all? Is she hurt?
    3. In the interview with Coach White he said that Washington was banged up and that she would be back at the shortstop position. It will probably come down to who is swinging the bat better between Washington and Martinez.
    4. Don’t discount Corona playing second. Her defense is excellent but not sure her bat will ever be equal to Leighann Goode’s.
    5. Cat Osterman is a great commentator. She asked some great questions to Coach White and Singleton. Hope she stays on the broadcast team.
    She asked Singleton about recruiting and the momentum carrying over from our run in the WCWS. He said it’s been a great advantage?? Huh??I don’t think so. If they call reel in Townsen Thomas to go with Cambria Salmon I might agree with him but otherwise I think they have missed the boat.
    5. It looks like they are sold on Baylea Brandon at 1st. But she has a lot to prove with her bat??
    6. The interview with Dolcini was Great. She is so well spoken. She wants to get into athletic administration. She’s working with the Longhorn Foundation now and I cansee her as an athletic Director some day. Hope she stays with Texas for years to come.
    Ready for the schedule to be announced so I can coordinate my schedule!
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    I totally agree on Cat's commentary. I wish they could find someone as good for the volleyball color commentary. I still miss Nell Fortner, although I think there was another former player who was pretty good--Webster maybe?
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    Totally agree with your word about Cat. I thought she was amazing last year with her color comments.
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    There were two players in t-shirt and shorts. First was A. Washington. She had tape wrapped all above and below her kneecap. No brace, but knee area was wrapped in an "X" pattern.

    Pomykalski was there, but in t-shirt and shorts, with no obvious medical apparatus on her.
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    Atwood was very good in travel ball. She stroked the ball in travel ball--might be just getting her feet under her.

    Singleton apparently trying to save face because you are MORE THAN correct--They missed the boat big time!!! Terrible recruiting coming off of our WCWS appearance. Looks like several missteps and not sure who to blame but pretty disappointed with recruiting. Hopefully 2025 is a BIG year of recruiting and the 23 class pans out as hoped for, otherwise this "gap year" will come back to bite us in the butt without turning to free agency, that is the Portal.

    Cat is a great interviewer. Love that she asks the tough questions and she's very observant.
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    We have 1 graduating senior, and 6 in the recruiting class. Of course we will lose a couple to the portal but would imagine you gain a couple as well. Playing time and starting spots are going to be hard to come by. Will be interesting to see how that plays out in the fall and then next season as well when we presumably return every position with a very good freshman class.
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    We have the first 5 games on the schedule at the NFCA classic in Clearwater.

    2/10 4:00 Missouri
    2/10 6:30 Northwestern
    2/11 4:00 Illinois
    2/11 6:30 Tennessee
    2/12 12:30 Kentucky

    3 SEC 2 Big 10 opening weekend, with all making the tournament last year. Tough schedule out of the gate. Hope they find a way to get them on TV.
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  26. NBhornfan

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    Schedule is out and its a good one. Only on the road for tournaments twice in the preseason though.
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  28. Moooooo

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    In looking at the schedule, when you take out OU and OSU as far as marquee games, the nonconference opponents from the CWS and Super Regionals are kind of on the light side. Really surprised Coach White seems to be gravitating away from playing west coast schools. There is so much talent in the states of California and Arizona that I would think it would be beneficial to play there at least once a year.

    Along the way, the Longhorns will face off against three of last season's Women's College World Series participants in Northwestern, Oklahoma State (national semifinalist) and Oklahoma (national champion). UT will battle four NCAA Super Regional qualifiers (Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech) and will contest 25 total games against 16 squads that earned bids to the 2022 NCAA Field of 64 (Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Lehigh, Louisiana, McNeese State, Missouri, North Texas, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Princeton, Tennessee, USF, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin).

    During its scheduled 55-game regular-season slate, the Burnt Orange & White will leave the "Lone Star State" just four times with out-of-state trips scheduled for Clearwater & Tampa, Fla., Norman, Okla., & Ames, Iowa.

    For the second straight year, Texas will open its season on the road by venturing to the NFCA Division I Leadoff Classic (Feb. 10-12) at Eddie C. Moore Park in Clearwater, Fla. During the event, UT will face a strong field, including five NCAA Tournament teams in Missouri, Northwestern, Illinois, Tennessee & Kentucky.
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    Totally unrelated, but look at Cat's new delivery windup
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    I love Cat.
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