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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. cnb

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    All indicators are Tx.
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  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    Maybe he can help Auburn beat their annual mid-November cupcake.
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  3. cnb

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    IT said today that LB Tyanthony Smith and his family do plan on heading to Austin after his playoff game in the Houston area on Friday afternoon.

    Hamilton has him as 75% to Texas, and Wells says it's 65%.
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  4. SabreHorn

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    Since sending a plane would be a red flag to NCAA, we should have 2-3 motorcycle cops "buying gas" at Bucee's. Happenstance that they pull out ahead of the Smith family, then Mr Smith cannot get around them until he gets to 19th & San Jacinto.
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  5. mchammer

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    The buc-cees in Waller (290) or Bastrop (71)? Important to get that right.
  6. SabreHorn

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    The ones in Waller & in Giddings means too many Aggies to pass, the one in Luling or Madisonville means they got directions from an Aggie
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  7. mchammer

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    Have you heard of Houston’s hurricane evacuation plan?
    - LSU grads take I-10 east to Louisiana
    - UH grads take 45 north to Dallas
    - Rice grads take 59 north to east Texas
    - Texas grads take 290 W to Austin
    - All other grads except Aggy take I-10 west to San Antonio
    - Aggy grads born before 1950 take 610, aggy grads born between 1950-1975 take Beltway 8, and aggy grads born after 1975 take 99.
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  8. X Misn Tx

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    Has recruiting changed, that we're only likely to get 2 of the top 30 Texas recruits? Are players not wanting to represent the state university like they used to?

    Collin and Kobe.With other top guys going to Georgia, Florida, Clemson, ouSUX
  9. bystander

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    They represent their NIL. Which is the new paradigm. Can't say I wouldn't do it either. Regardless of the wealth at hand, Texas probably has a budget.
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  10. Gylcomer

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    How much money has been spent by universities, outside the state of Texas, recruiting and educating Texas high school players since scholarship limits we imposed in the early seventies? I’m assuming that amount might be approaching a half a billion by now.
  11. X Misn Tx

    X Misn Tx 2,500+ Posts

    So because our top Texas players are top nationally, we don't have the NIL to get them all? I guess that makes sense.
  12. mchammer

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    Everyone has to maximize how they spend their NIL money. Focusing all of your NIL on Texas top 30 is likely not the most efficient use of your money.
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  13. moondog_LFZ

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    Sarc has stated that he doesn't want players coming strictly for NIL.
    He wants players that want to play at Texas.
    Of course he's going to take advantage of the transfer portal.
    Plus he wants the players that fit into the culture here.
    So I don't think he's going to necessarily recruit or sign somebody just because they're tops in the state.
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  14. longhornlegend

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    Absolutely its changed. Money talks especially to kids who have lacked that growing up. NIL has hurt bama probably more than anyone. Look at the first class the ags signed when NIL was allowed. Monster class and they have done nothing with it. Hoping kids will realize that having good coaching matters and playing against other good players daily also matters. I believe Texas coaching has improved on the front of making players better. Its been a while since we could show proof of that but the Texas kids are getting better and it shows. There will always be those that want to play and play now who will portal. Others will portal for the money.
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  15. bystander

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    You're right about their monster class. They spent quite a bit of money there, as old Nick pointed out, as they doubled down and went all in with Jimbo's contract. They are consumed with winning it all. It doesn't feel right. But they learned a lesson the hard way; money can't buy everything, including love and victory.
  16. ViperHorn

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    Remember, the school only monitors who is providing the NIL money (the school cannot provide a dime).
  17. dukesteer

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    In Sark’s eloquent answer to Anwar’s question yesterday about culture, he made this observation:

    Culture Beats Talent. That was much of TAM’s issue this year.
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  18. mchammer

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  19. cnb

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    This one slipped by un noticed.
    Xavier Filsaime made it to campus today with his father, and they wouldn't be surprised if he returns once more before the early signing period.

    He plans on being in Gainesville this weekend for the FSU game.

    Xavier Filsaime, McKinney, Safety
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  20. Pomspoms

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    This guy and Black are my two biggest remaining hopefuls to sign. Filsaime has size and great speed for a safety and we need speed in our secondary.
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  21. das3603

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    These would be huge but I’d also like to get the OL Carter kid to flip from Auburn. Any news on him lately?
  22. 22Horn

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    wr Miller from ag???
    cb Gipson from Clemson??
  23. DCW

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    He is also a need in this requirement.

    Also, heard that Evan Stewart is leaning on entering the portal next month.
  24. DCW

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    I asked a aTm legend about Evan Stewart. He said that he has heard the same and heard that Ean mignt not even go to the LSU game.
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  25. cnb

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  26. cnb

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  27. Dionysus

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  28. longhornlegend

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    Hoping last nights dominance will get a few more flips to Texas. Still have hopes for an elite lb since we are losing 3 this year.
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  29. txhorn_et

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    Agree on both points. I’m sure there are players on the depth chart that are developing and working their tails off that we don’t know much about.
    Whether it’s through those already on the team, future recruits, or going through the portal, we’ll be ready!!
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  30. DCW

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    This is going to be huge for those that hold offers in the 2025 class.
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