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Now Dunning???

The injuries to our starting pitching from last season through today is just staggering! DeGrom, Scherzer, Eovaldi, Bradford, Dunning... who am I forgetting?

FWHorn, can we keep that list of 5 starters you identified healthy until we get some guys back? Hoping Bradford gets back in the lineup in a week or two.
On heels of bad news on Dunning, the Rangers drop the opener of the doubleheader 9-4 as Lorenzen gives up 6 runs over 6 innings and Winn surrenders another 3 in his two innings of work. Need Leiter to come through in game two to get a split today.

12-11 win game 2 of double header. Take series 3-1 vs. A's.

22-17 on the season. Much needed day off Thurs. then 3 vs. lowly and dreadful Rockies!!

Game 2. What an emotional back and forth that the Rangers lead at times by big runs!!!

More bad news. Sborz came in and left after 8 pitches due to shoulder soreness....
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Rangers win a wild second game of the double header 12-11 as they take a 5 run lead to the bottom of the ninth and promptly can’t get an out before having to call on Yates to come in and get a save. Leiter went four full innings and gave up six runs, though only four were earned. Fortunately, the bats saved the day. Day off tomorrow, then on to Denver for a three game set with the Colorado Rockies, the worst team in the MLB. The injury hits keep coming but somehow Texas is five games over .500 and yes Houston lost again tonight.
Mahle was the pitcher I left off the starters on the injury / DL list.

6 total on that list after adding Dunning today.

Reliever Sborz is not a starter but is on the list after today! :facepalm:

Thankfully the Rangers are playing the team with the worst record in baseball next series before returning home.
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Well, it was nice for the offense to score 12 runs tonight - the bullpen made it too exciting in the bottom of the ninth.
But a nice start to the 10-game road trip - 2 of 3 in KC, 3 of 4 in Oakland. 5-2 so far on the road trip. Certainly need to win at least two in Denver - and a sweep would be terrific. The Rockies have the worst record in the majors so far - even wors than the White Sox!
And it's nice to see the big lead over Houston - although it's hard to believe the Astros will continue to tank much longer.
Well, your Texas Rangers struggled vs the WORST team in MLB....

Gray pitched very well... a wasted outing. Sadly the R's lost 4 -2. I think the lowly Rockies have won 9 games as of tonight? Taveras dropped pop fly that cost a critical run. :facepalm:
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Texas sleepwalks through a game and then gives it away with errors and a bottom end of the bullpen that is not nearly as dependable as the top end that needed a night off. The Rangers are going to struggle unless the offense bails out an injury-depleted staff and 2 runs isn't going to get it done very often. Hearing that Eovaldi may not be as bad as first thought and he could be back quickly after the 15 day IL period. Let's hope that is correct and not just speculative optimism.
Before the season started the third WC was the only achievable goal for this team since even with the offense hitting on all cylinders, without championship pitching, you ain't going to win anything. It remains so, but the good news is that there is a good probability that at least two of the injured pitchers should be good when they come back.
Well, sheeeeeeeit. Worst or second worst team in MLB?

Game 2 vs lowly Rockies, already down 0-1 in the series.
Tonight down 8-3, B8th and it is raining. Tight game for a while. What a **** show for the bullpen late innings. Hell Rockies may score more runs!

The Colorado fans covet any sucess vs Texas and HATE anything re: Texas.

0-2.... disgusting!
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I am going to chalk this one up to the Rangers sending all their good juju across town to the other DFW team so the Stars could win. On a serious note, I do wonder if the sheer volume of injuries is having a mental effect on the team. Last year they overcame a ton of injuries so they have experience in facing this type of adversity and Bochy is such a calming presence so I have to keep reminding myself that my own mental state about the team isn't necessarily what is going on in the locker room. Still, two losses to the worst team in baseball both of which involved blowing leads in the seventh inning or later is a bad sign. Win today though and it's a 6-4 road trip which is not too shabby given how depleted this team is.

And by the way for all our angst, it is still First Place Texas Rangers as both Houston and Seattle lost last night too.:texasflag:
With Jung and Langford out of the lineup the offense has been inconsistent. For pitchers...man every thrower in AA, and AAA needs to be getting future Rangers opponents scouting reports.
Need to find a way to tread water in the standings until the injured players (especially starting pitchers) return to form. And that means finding ways to win games - can't rely on the Astros continuing to stink it up. And have to be aware of the Mariners - they are for real.
Wow, I did not see this coming.... disaster in Denver. Swept by the lowly Rockies.

Urena pitched well in 7 innings and only gave up 2 runs. Ranger bats let him down. 3-1 Rockies.

Back home for a series with a good Cleveland club. As HHD stated, this team has got to tread water for now, but they REALLY need some pitchers back.

Meantime, the BATS NEED TO WAKE UP!!
One of those lost weekends that will happen in baseball and in 162 game schedule there will be a couple more but all the rational thoughts aside losing three in a row to the worst team in the major leagues is a gut punch when you know that it is going to be so tight at the end and these games in early May count just as much as those down the stretch run.

22-20 with half their pitching staff on the IL is not bad a quarter of the way into the season but boy could it be better. I will be at both the Friday and Sunday games next weekend against the Angels so if any fellow Ranger fanatics will be there too let me know.
Because it wouldn’t be a Monday without new injury news today it’s Evan Carter with back issues. He wasn’t in the lineup in Denver and now we know why. Seeing a back specialist and likely headed to IL for a stint.
Rangers blowing another outstanding start as Lorentzen pitched seven scoreless but Texas now trails 1-0 as LeClerc continues his inconsistent play giving up two hits and a walk before being taken out after getting just one out in the 8th and giving up at least one run. The Texas offense continues to be cold as ice.
Latz comes in and pours gasoline on the fire 3-0 Cleveland now, all three runs charged to LeClerc but Guardians still have runners on the corners with just one out. Rangers finding new and exciting ways to ruin my Monday evening.
Wild pitch plates a cheap fourth run and that is church for me. Rangers headed to fourth straight loss.
Repeat after me:

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year;

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year;

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year………
Repeat after me:

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year;

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year;

We are not allowed to complain about the Rangers because they got us the World Series last year………
And the response is - "What have you done for me lately?" I'm greedy - I want to see another World Series title in Arlington.
"LeClerc continues his inconsistent play giving up two hits and a walk before being taken out after getting just one out in the 8th"

I would say he is very consistent :smile1:
The Astros continue to make it easy to not like them as their starting pitcher last night (the one with a no hitter earlier this year) gets tossed for having a sticky substance on his glove. I’m shocked, shocked. I tell you to hear this.

Meanwhile, the Rangers losing streak is at five and after getting to a season best five games over .500, they are back at the .500 mark 44 games into the year. Frankly, right now if you told me the Rangers would still be at .500 mark record wise 30 days from now I might well take it as half the roster is on the injured list and Texas won’t be back to full strength for some time.
Rangers end their five game skid with 4-0 win tonight behind another quality start by Jon Gray. 23-22 through 45 games.

Also got some not unexpected news on injury front as Scherzer got moved to the 60 day IL and now is unavailable until after May 28. He had been carried on 15 day IL for a while but Rangers needed roster spot so moved him to 60 day list. Hearing Eovaldi may be back soon and as bad as Leiter was yesterday they need him back ASAP as Leiter still needs more work at AAA ball.

Meanwhile down in Houston Blanco got a ten game suspension for the foreign substance in his glove. Will see if that cools the Astros down at all as they win again tonight and are on a four game winning streak.
Made it out to the Friday and Sunday Angel games and the Ranger offense decided both games were a good opportunity to take a day off. Just treading water at this point as we all wait for 4-5 starting pitchers to make it back and the bats to wake up. 1-7 with me in attendance at Globe Life. But hey, that one (World Series Game One) is enough to more than make up for the seven regular season losses.:texasflag:

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