2025 Recruiting - Softball

Hannah pitched the second inning in the Futures game. She pitched a long inning. One batter hit a HR off her. However, the following inning, she hit a home run. I was impressed with Lawson. She is awesome at bat and fielding with good base speed.

In the Championship game, after MaTaia got hit by pitch, Goose hit that that Grand Slam she hit was against strong winds... She can probably hit the top floor windows of the bldg behind McCombs left field. All the top schools will be after Goose... I hope that Iowa Premier/Longhorn relationship continues.

Check this youtube link out on the Championship Game.
Go to minute 15:00.

It's the Grand Slam pretty much against the wind. 307'.


Don't know how I missed her pitching the 2nd. I was looking for her to be on the same team as Snead & Lawson but she wasn't. I scrubbed thru a lot of the game, maybe a little too fast. Hannah gave up a run but not a home run. She looked good. They should have turned the double play (Texas would have) to get her out of the inning and she would not have given up the run.
Hannah's home run was a line drive and right over the head of Alisa Snead. Very funny.
Thanks Benny! Very enjoyable watch!!
Hmm. If you listen to this and "if" they do have more insight....
They only mention Florida, OU and UT where Canady would choose...
Hannah Wells is coming to Texas as a Pitcher I believe but she brings a very serious bat and batting average with her. In the all star game she hit a home run on a frozen rope! It went out fast!!
And the below stats are against some of the best competition in the country.

Heard on local radio from "reliable sources" the reason Canady hasn't committed is because she's looking for $250k per year in NIL money. That's starting tailback kind of money.
Heard on local radio from "reliable sources" the reason Canady hasn't committed is because she's looking for $250k per year in NIL money. That's starting tailback kind of money.
Guess she can wish in one hand and you know what in the other. Does Texas really need her?
I was thinking about the rumor about Canady's demands. First, I 100% support NIL. I think that it's always been unfair of schools and businesses profiting off the skills of a player, with the player getting no direct compensation. You know how the NCAA has that commercial that says, "We have thousands of players graduating into the game of life". (roughly, I can't exactly remember). As a person who graduated college without any student debt, more NIL! Hazzah!

But I also remember a well known sports journalist about 3-4 years before NIL finally overwhelmed everyone. He said, "Well I think we'll see the star quarterback and maybe one or two skill players like his wide receivers get NIL. But, the majority of the won't and I think they'll be okay with it. They understand that these guys faces are shown almost every play, whereas linemen are pretty anonymous and they don't expect the attention and thus NIL"

I never thought that was a good analysis. People get jealous and sometimes a top, start left tackle is as important or more than the quarterback he's protecting.

So I made up a made up chart with made up numbers. I said:

1. Texas One fund will give each player on the team.....$30K each year. The estimated cost for books, tuition, room and board for one semester at UT is about $30K. I picked $30K, then switched it to $25K and then moved it back to $30K.

2. D1 Softball allows 12 scholarships. Let's take two semesters x $30K and so a full scholarship is $60K. Then, let's give them out in whole and halves. Whole scholarship is someone like Tegan Kavan. Half scholarships are someone like Ashton Maloney

3. NIL. Let's just say the most popular players, mentioned the most often and that we wouldn't want to lose into the portal would get compensated. And let's the values are $15K and $30K. (I don't know. I had to put something down there).

Then adding up all their compensation and then graphing you can see what a fantasy financial comparison would look like when it's all added up:


Can I justify these numbers? Nope. Can I prove these numbers? Nope? Then why put them up? To show how a big NIL star might affect the dugout environment.


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