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Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. Ellis21d

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    Hard to believe we are already looking at 2026 recruiting.
    Grace Halata is ranked No. 55 in the nation by Extra Innings softball and is on the Impact gold 14U top ten ranked team. She just attended the UT camp which she seemed to really enjoy.

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  2. Ellis21d

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    Isabella Maria is a highly ranked 2026, catcher/first base, player that came all the way from New Jersey to participate in the UT elite camp.

    She evidently likes Texas.
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  3. Ellis21d

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    Anabela Abdullah is another closely watched 2026. She follows Coach White and Singleton and they follow her back. You can see in the post below she is copying our coaches. She plays shortstop. They seem to love the shortstop position.
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  4. Ellis21d

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    It’s good to see Texas in the mix again after missing the 2024 cycle.
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  5. NBhornfan

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    Yep seems like Singleton has really stepped it up. I wonder if Spencer and Bartlett were the primary recruiters before.

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