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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by flash34, Jun 15, 2019.

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    I took granddaughter to Plano Sports Authority for basketball practice today. Met a wonderful lady with a future recruit. The daughter is eleven and about 6 ft. The mom is 6’-2’” and Dad 6–8”. Mom says docs think daughter will be between 6’-5” and 6’-7”. Based on cursory look, can’t dispute that. Very skilled and physical with athletic body after watching her in practice. Showed me a pic of daughter and Mulkey at the Bear summer camp. Was an all-star. Gary Blair has invited her to the Aggie camp. A recent military move from up north and will attend Prestonwood as a sixth grader. Cy-Fair wanted her to play on their AAU team but mom says no. Will play in Southwest Region AAU Tournament next week in her own age bracket(11). The mom has a PhD in business and was simply marvelous to talk to. Has heard nothing from Texas. Mom wants a safe, conservative, rural college in mid-west and asked for recommendations. I recommended A&M and reluctantly Baylor. Also Iowa State as I love Fennelly. Mom doesn’t want SMU or Rice or Texas due to being urban schools. Mom is intrigued with the academics at Rice and has watched Nancy Mulkey but doesn’t like city environment and small conference basketball. They live in Prosper and like the Jordan Oliver connection to Baylor. And showed me a picture of the the recent commit (Samantha?) from San Antone. Just from that hour conversation, Baylor has a good start with her. The girl’s name is Channel Schuyler. I will follow her name in the future. I can’t express how delightful the mom was. Solid, aware, grounded.....the type lady you would love to have associated with your program. My wife agrees. Who knows what can happen in 5-6 years but my vote goes that the girl will be a high-achiever academically and a top recruit. We’ll see.
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    Thanks will pass that on.
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    While everything going on at Baylor isn't currently known, enough is known to say that the violence against women is institutional. Hopefully, with the recent court calling out Pepper Hamilton progress getting to the bottom is getting closer. Sending your daughter down there appears to be riskier than to an "urban" school like Texas.
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    My 17 year old daughter was talking about Baylor as a potential school for her two years ago. I told her its out of the question and showed her some of the things going on. She hasn't mentioned Baylor since. I would not consider giving my permission to let her step foot on that campus.
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    For sure I mentioned that situation to the mom. And suggested she look into it......and question Mulkey hard. The mom was not aware.

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