#3 Texas vs. #4 aggy Sunday

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Texas Taps, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Nneka is doing great! [​IMG]
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    well, as poor as both shoot, sending them to the FT line is not a bad idea.
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    have to be happy with how our guards have stepped in the last few minutes.
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    wow! heck of a game by aggie. but Horns have a chance to win it with the last shot.
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    must be the aggie guards. our guards are losing that ball on the dribble too much. still have 11 seconds to get a shot off.
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    Empress gives the Horns the lead with a layup! [​IMG] 3+ seconds to go.
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    make that 4.6 seconds. lots of time for aggie to get a shot off, Go, D! get that stop! [​IMG]
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    Texas wins!! 67-65!! [​IMG]
    Way to come back, Horns!! [​IMG]
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    The ladies just saved 2014 from being garbage [​IMG]

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    Love couple of posters who came in and crapped on our girls. Didn't take long for someone to start dogging players and callin the game over before the 15 min left mark. If any of you've watched this season you'd know this team doesn't know the word quit and plays hard until the end.
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    Horns won this at the FT line, hitting 17-24 for 70.8%, well above their 64.6% coming into this game. A&M only hit 12-20 for 60.0%, below their season average of 67.4%. Nneka hit 7-10 FTs, That was huge. [​IMG]
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    next up in a bit: OU vs Arkansas.
    Go, Big 12! Let's sweep this challenge.
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    Good win! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Great win and what a comeback. I have to say that when Aston was hired I thought it was a give up hire and an acceptance that the program just wasnt in a place to compete with Baylor and aggy so lets just get someone solid who can keep Texas at no worse than a second level make the tourny but not much else team; but she has so proven me (and many others wrong), this Texas team is top flight and Aston has turned out to be what we all had hoped Goestenkors would be. [​IMG]
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    Good Job Texas.
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    [​IMG] Coach Aston
    [​IMG] goestenkors

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    FWHORN, I couldn't have said it better myself. So glad I was proven wrong with her hiring.
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    Seattle. You have lost all room to talk. There's reasons just about everyone ignores you.
    1. You were and for the life of me still are a complete jackass when it comes to coach G. Never seen someone spew so much undeserved hatred years after someone is gone. The act has gotten old and you now are seen as a creep.
    2. You multiple times activity rooted for our Horns to lose and do bad due to your hatred of coach G. That right there was enough for most to ignore your opinion for good. To root for your team to lose??? You have some issues
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    Frankly I want Texas to succeed whoever is the coach, I am not invested in any one person so it isnt very hard for me to eat a little crow on Aston, I have been cheering just as hard with her as coach as I did with Goestenkors and Jody before her because whoever is coach I want Texas to win. Those on the other hand who are so invested in failure of a particular coach you actually wanted Texas to lose (not just this board but most recently with Mack and now Charlie on football board), that says it all about who and what you are as a Texas fan.

    Meanwhile back to what matters, great win today! [​IMG]
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    Empress = Nerves of Steel. What an awesome drive to the basket to win the game. The Horns don't play particularly well but still beat the #4 team in the nation? I'll take it. Damn I wish A&M wasn't too scared to play us and we were playing them in the Advocare Bowl instead of the piggies. [​IMG] #dominationcontinues
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    It was hard to keep up with the game on a plane today. But, way to fight back and win!!! So proud of this team!!

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    Great win! [​IMG]

    Creep is right! [​IMG]
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    BIG WIN!!! [​IMG]
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