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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Ut forever, Jun 14, 2021.

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    Q: Is there a difference between the Sahara Desert and the Mojave Desert?
    A: One is in North Africa and the other is in the People's Republic of California.
    A: One is smaller than the other

    One would expect Omygod to be the better one, but Wichita is the same and closer to Texas.

    End of the day both are about the same; just in different locations.
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  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    That's funny due to the autocorrect.
  3. Giovanni Jones

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    Omaha is like Wichita, but on steroids.

    Also, there is a Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum in Omaha, which is very much worth visiting if you're a plane geek or a Cold War history geek (like me).
    Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum
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    If you go to the SAC Museum don't believe all of the adulations around Curtis LeMay. He was a hell of a General, but probably not someone you would want over for a beer (because he would eat your a$$ if the beer was either not cold enough or not his brand).
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    I'm a nerd, I keep a spreadsheet. It's officially 37 times to the CWS for Texas, although I count 1947 as a visit, because we were one of the last 8 teams (officially, only the two teams that played for the title were considered to make it to the CWS). We're 12 ahead of the second place team for appearances, Miami. Rod Dedeaux (USC) was the John Wooden of college baseball. Texas and USC have the most different coaches win titles (3). Florida State has the most appearance (23) without a title, 3rd place in actual appearance (Arizona State and Oklahoma State tied for 4th place with 22 appearances...
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    PS...besides the University of Texas at Omaha brag, it's also rumored/opined that NO ONE KNOWS what happens to all the runner up trophies Texas has procured at the CWS. As stated above, that's 6 trophies that are "unaccounted for". In the prior 36 times Texas has been in the CWS, 27 of those visits have resulted in Texas finishing in the upper half (spots 1-4), with only 9 times finishing in the lower half.
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    OMAHA? Well, they oughta know what to do with them hogs out there fer sure
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  8. Chop

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    You probably wouldn’t want to order him a Sapporo or an Asahi Super Dry.

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    Also he was a little crazy and almost got us into a nuclear war over Cuba and was the inspiration for the crazy general in Dr Strangelove.
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  10. Giovanni Jones

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    So, you’re telling me that LeMay wasn’t exactly Omar Bradley with wings? :yes:
  11. Giovanni Jones

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    I was in high school when that came out
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    First of all his fame was as a navigator and strategist; not a pilot. (If had not been rated doubtful he would even been put in a position if authority.) To answer your question, 180 degrees from Bradley. But hey, they both got the job done. A lesson in that statement - getting the job done is the important outcome.
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  13. Giovanni Jones

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    He was definitely results-oriented.
  14. HornHuskerDad

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    Giovanni is absolutely right. If you're into history (especially the history of airpower), the SAC Museum (actually west of Omaha on I-80) is well worth a visit. First thing in the door, you're nose-to-nose with the SR-71 - very impressive.

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