4 George town players accused of sexual harassment, assault

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    " Forward Josh LeBlanc and guard James Akinjo were dismissed from the Georgetown basketball team on Monday night for the remainder of the season, according to a statement released by the program. Both players entered the NCAA transfer portal, which is a sign that neither intends to return to the Hoyas even if they are given that opportunity.

    A report by Hoyas247 indicates that both Akinjo and LeBlanc appeared on a list of students that have been accused of sexual assault and harassment."

    LINK to Full Story:
    Georgetown Basketball: 4 players accused of sexual harassment, assault
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    Those players/thugs accounted for 23 points and 10 rebounds in their win over the Horns.

    Wonder who would win if we played Georgetown today?
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    Fire the coach and black ball him from coaching NCAA basketball !!!!

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