5 years ago today...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by borna_horn, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. borna_horn

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  2. YoLaDu

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    that could be used for the BCS championship TV promos, similar in the way they are promoting the Super Bowl with Saint celebration videos!

  3. WabashCannon

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    Never get tired of that [​IMG] [​IMG]

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    [​IMG] Best game ever.
  5. bevo barry

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    I can honestly say, being 59 years old and having been married for 25 years, that clicking on and watching that link was better than sex!
  6. tejas77

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    I was fortunate enough to be at the game that day/night. Best game ever! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. allsome doesn't even begin to describe that.
  8. needajobrob

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    I was thinking, how good could this video be seeing that I was a) at the game, b) watched it on my iPhone no fewer than 25 times on cross country flights, c) am numb from the recruitocosm pain of the last few months........BUT I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS STILL AFTER WATCHING THAT SCENE. It's great to be a Texas Longhorn.
  9. Dionysus

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    That was a reasonably satisfying conclusion to a somewhat enjoyable athletic contest. In other words, it was the ************* tits.
  10. wherzwaldo

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    I didn't have to click the link to get goosebumps.

    I may find my DVD and watch it tonight.
  11. Soviet Union

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    That was a terrible game/night. Worst ever.
  12. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    I've been following the Horns for 50 seasons and that is my favorite moment.
  13. South Austin

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    My wife was pregnant at the time with our first child and was suffering from first trimester nausea and fatigue, so I watched the game with just her at home. Still a great memory for us.

  14. TNLonghorn

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    I haven't seen that video before...Fuckin' great! [​IMG]
  15. borna_horn

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    Clean, how did that moment compare to Street-Peschel?
  16. YoLaDu

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    it's a crowd pleaser,

    it's like a country music star inserting the name of the city he is currently playing in a song during a concert.

    The crowd goes wild.

    when things are down at DKR, the godzillatron operator yells: "put 4th and 5 up"

    the crowd goes wild.
  17. AustinBat

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    Final Touchdown

    This includes the Craig Way call, which gives me chills, too!

    I was at the Arkansas game, and that touchdown was wonderful, too. The whole game was great, or at least the game after UT realized Arky was listening on on their pressbox-to-coach transmissions.

    One of the more thrilling things about that game was getting out of the stadium alive. When an old lady who was screaming obscenities at us shoved a policeman backwards down the concrete stairs, getting out alive was in question.
  18. charloscarlies

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    Awesome video. [​IMG]
  19. WillWork4Horns

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    Amazing that it has been 5 years now. I watched it at Dave and Buster's in Austin. The place erupted like a rock concert after that play,it still gives me the chills to watch that!

    "Hook Em"
  20. NebLHAB

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    AustinBat: "I was at the Arkansas game, and that touchdown was wonderful, too. The whole game was great, or at least the game after UT realized Arky was listening on on their pressbox-to-coach transmissions. "

    WHAT? Not doubting but where did you learn that tidbit?

  21. AustinBat

    AustinBat 2,500+ Posts

    Arkansas denied it, but it seemed to the coaches that they knew every play we were going to run. If I remember correctly, sometime during the 3rd quarter they stopped using the line and that's when things picked up for Texas. Could be a coincidence, but knowing Arkansas..........
  22. 11fanrams

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    I'll have to put that game on tonight to, thought I was going to have a heart attack that night. But it still gives me chills, makes me so proud to be a Longhorn fan watching that game. [​IMG]
  23. borna_horn

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    I'll never forget the "USC threepeat" t-shirts on sale outside the Rose Bowl for $3 after the game
  24. AustinBat

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    That reminds me of the first Big 12 Championship in St. Louis. The only shirts they had were ones that said "Nebraska - Big 12 Champs." We tried to buy some so we could "doctor" them but the vendors said they had been told not to sell them. [​IMG]
  25. tamster

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    goosebumps. vy forever.

  26. rickysrun

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    Anyone remember that time VY scored on 4th & 5 vs USC? I do.
  27. TexasCheetah

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    I was in the corner of that endzone and I have to admit I was worried about the 19 seconds that were left(I think it was 19). Best sporting experience of my life of course.

    Hook 'Em!
  28. zork

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    to the OP:

    That was beautiful, man. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  29. yourlordarileus

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    It is time to watch the DVD. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  30. calico

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    I also can't believe its been 5 years. That game was the most amazing football game I have ever watched and I remember screaming at the TV on that play calling for Vince to run it before the snap. The final 19 seconds were the most nervous I have ever been as a football fan. I was afraid USC would get some sort of miracle TD and when Reggie bush took that screen pass to mid field it looked like he had a lane to cut up the field with and I thought he was going to the house....my stomach went into my mouth at that moment. The rest of the night is a blur of a drunken celebration on 6th street that took me 2 days to recover from.

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