7,000 Season Ticket Holders

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Zig72, Apr 6, 2021.

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    Longhorns fans,

    One year ago today, I was honored to have the opportunity to be the next Head Women’s Basketball Coach here at the University of Texas, and what an incredible year it’s been. I know you all are so proud of us–our student-athletes; my staff; our team–for reaching the Elite 8 during such an unprecedented, trying time, and I share that sentiment. I’m so proud of this team for fighting through this challenging era, and I’m looking forward to the great things to come.

    So, thank you for your support this year. I really hate that so many of you couldn’t get the opportunity to see us play in person, but I truly appreciate all of you for supporting us as best as possible throughout the season, and I’m thankful for those of you that were able to make it to the NCAA Tournament. It was really special to have all of that burnt orange in the Alamodome in San Antonio. I could feel the pride and admiration you all share for everything our young ladies accomplished this year. Our future is bright and exciting.

    That said, we need you all back in The Drum next year and then in the Moody Center after that to keep building on an incredible atmosphere for our student-athletes as we continue to develop this team, consistently giving you a Women’s Basketball program to be proud of.

    My challenge to you is: Let’s get 7,000 season ticket holders next year charging into September, and let’s get ready to pack The Drum. Let’s make it an incredible home court advantage for our Women’s Basketball team.

    Thank you again for your love and support, and until I see you again...

    Praise the Lord and Hook 'em, Horns.

    Vic Schaefer
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    If I only lived closer.

    Hook Em!
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    You know I would buy season tickets but I live 5 hours away from Austin. This is exactly what has happened in the past. Fans, supporters and alums buy season tickets to support the team but don’t go to the game. The students are terrible at supporting both boys and girls teams. Very few attend. Vic wants butts in the seats. Hope he can bring the excitement and gets the fans to come.
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    Hear, hear!
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    Does anyone have an idea a pair of season tickets would cost? Donation included.
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    How about a promotion of two free concession items for kids with a student ID. You know they will be loud and enthusiastic. Will it put money in the pocket? NO, but it will create an interest where it seems to be lacking.
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    Anyone interested in splitting the cost of a pair of season tickets together?

    I live in the Houston area, tough to make it to all the games and wouldn't be able to make weekday games.
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    About $190 each...donation optional depending...
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    In the Erwin Center for WBB the donation was required only for the first two rows or if you wanted to travel "with the team" to away games.. The seat donation was much lower than the MBB but the team travel donation was identical to MBB.
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