A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies

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    I had no idea that indigenous peoples spoke english and exclusively used the word "chief" as their leaders' titles even before the white man decided to apply that label.
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    I don't think that or reality in general matters to them. The fact that "chief" has any association with Native Americans is enough.

    And course, always keep in mind that this sort of thing (like the Redskins name change) has far more to do with giving white liberals a chance to virtue signal and look sensitive than with actually doing something for Native Americans. Real Native American advocacy groups are mostly concerned with the economic conditions on their lands, substance abuse, and preserving their culture. The "Whitey offended me" stuff is rarely a big priority for them, because they have real issues to worry about.
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    I think you're mostly correct, at least as far as Oklahoma tribes go. There's not a lot of unique hardship that an Indian growing up since the 1980's in Oklahoma have experienced moreso than just an Oklahoman growing up in Oklahoma. At least in eastern Oklahoma as much as half of the people making up the communities have some tie to Indian heritage. That said, I can't speak for the reservation Indians of the north and southwest and even of western Oklahoma. I mean, think about it, there is a difference in as much as 150 years of acculturation between the Cherokee/Chickasaw/etc. and the Navaho/Zuni/etc. I personally don't consider myself to have a dog in the fight with regard to "Redskins" or other things as I'm blessed to not have been EVER treated differently due to my ethnicity. That said, I defer to and support those natives who hold opinions on those topics.

    And, because it's that week, Texas sucks!
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    And if we really wanted to do something about this, we would give them a similar bonus chit in the government contracting/purchasing arena the way they do disabled vets. The way out of perpetual poverty is not casinos. It's each tribe finding a niche production capacity and getting the rest of the tribe involved in a business that can sell products besides moccasins off the reservations. It's that simple. If anyone really wants to help a tribe, they fund a million dollar startup to build unique faucets or furniture or something like that. Until then, it's just Charlie Brown's teacher...wuwhah, wuwhah, wuwhah.
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