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    Billy Dale The History of Longhorn Sports through 2014

    Tom Penders, “Mr. March,” institutes a successful Longhorn basketball program, “Bombs Away running Horns Pro-style offense,” that rewrites the Longhorn record book.

    Penders brought a Pro-Style Running Game To The Longhorns And A Pressure Defense. The Era Of The "Runnin' Horns" Begins. This Offense Runs After Miss Shots, Turnovers, Time-Outs, And All Other Times. Coach Penders Players Own 3 Of The 4 Top Career Scoring Records At Texas

    The second-best tandem scoring points through 2008 were 1989-Travis Mays/Lance Blanks, and the same tandem ranked #3 in 1988.

    In 1989- Blanks #32 Is 3rd Leading Scorer In The SWC But Does Not Make The First Or Second Team All-SWC team. He is the pilot in the photo below.

    Blanks played college basketball at Virginia and Texas, which inducted him into the Longhorns Hall of Honor in 2007. He joined the Longhorn Network as a basketball analyst in 2014.

    Blanks, Travis Mays, and Joey Wright were known as the "BMW Scoring Machine" during the 1989–90 basketball season. That Longhorn team finished second in the SWC and advanced to the Elite 8 in 1990. The rest of Lance's story and many comments from fans is at at the link below:

    2023 LANCE BLANKS BASKETBALL (squarespace.com)
    Bombs+away+Tom+Penders1539920211269.jpg Wright,Blanks, and Mays.jpg

    Wright, Blanks, and Mays top photo and 1990 Collie, Blanks and Guillermo bottom photo
    1990 Basketball+limelightCollie, Blanks, and Guillermo.jpg 1988+basketball+(100)  Lance Blanks.jpg
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