A couple of notes from Baylor Game Day

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    OK- I had assumed that all tailgating was gone this season but I stumbled on the Hornball Tailgate Saturday at the corner of 18th and Trinity. $30 gets you all the food (prewrapped Rudy's chopped beef or sausage wraps) and drink (open bar). It is state approved- "socially distanced"- they have different group of chairs set up under pavilions/tents. We sat in front of the 86" screen and watched Clemson/Cuse before we headed inside.

    Saturday was "throwback" day as many noted on the other thread with our white throwback jerseys. There were some other nice touches- like the Angry Bevo Yeti Tumblers. I know $40 is ridiculous for a Yeti but after a few social beverages at the tailgate, I bought 2 of them!
    Screaming Bevo Yeti Ramblers

    Finally and I posted this on the game day thread- but at halftime they showed a video of Willie playing Good Hearted woman at Coach Royal's 50th bday party. Damn it was awesome- Better than any show I could have imagined from LHB (And I am an LHB Alum). I searched all over for the internet and can't find that video out there but here is another clip from the same party- see Lee Corso in the room.
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