A Father's Day Card

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Just a bit personal, but humorous. My daughter and I enjoy going to the three women's sport of: basketball, volleyball, and softball. It's a great Dad-and-daughter thing we have. Second, she's got the same sly, sarcastic humor as I do. I wonder where she picked it up from? Third, she has some artistic talent and almost always makes me a personal card for my birthday. I asked her as a Father's Day present to make me a handmade card. Finally, in our family, we have a semi-sarcastic saying when someone is being what we call "grumpy pants" (mostly my daughter) about school, life, doing chores, etc.... We say in a cheerleader's sing-song voice, "Be-More-Positive"

    Let me present to you my Father's Day card and all it incorporates of UT sports and some of the things I may or may not have yelled during the season(s) due to frustration watching the women play:

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    Thank you for sharing. I do the mother-daughter thing my daughter and basketball. How old is your daughter?
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    LOVE IT!!!
    I'm at Daddy's girl. :thumbup: I watch most sports because of my dad!! Cherish that baby girl of yours. Hands down the most important relationship a girl can have is with her father.

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