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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by I35, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Not sure if this has already been posted. But this letter from a young mother to the President is floating around on the internet and FB in a link.
    The Link
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    But as Republicans we don't want Obama to do a damn thing to help her- she's got to do it herself! Not sure why she's whining to a government official about her financial problems. She must be lazy. Oh and her name is Yolanda Vestal? Someone please verify her visa.


    GOP Policy
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    That's a pretty stupid post, mcbrett. Has absolutely nothing to do with the OP or... well, really with much of anything else.
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    Right Prodigal. it just has everything to do with the letter being referenced, which I actually read. Maybe your sensitive response has to do more with having right wing policies look stupid when shown in a different light- like from a letter writer who hates a Democrat but yet has criticisms that don't vet with the party she supports.

    I laugh about the Obamacare disaster. Yes, the rollout is a disaster. The website is broken and money has been wasted. Yet the 300-400MM spent on the website pales to the 1 trillion plus 4,000 American lives wasted in Iraq, which we got nothing for. And yet these voices only complain when it's a Democrat wasting money and lives, and when it's 1/1,000th the cost.
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    McBrett, in all fairness, neither party has an agenda that does much if anything for people like this woman. Basically neither party gives a damn about people like her, though one party at least fakes it.

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    What this woman needs is more incentive to do better. Food Stamps? That's not a safety net -- that's a hammock that Republicans in Congress want to do away with, leaving the Ag Department to mostly funnell subsidies to millionaire landowners. Good luck with better wages and health benefits. Republicans might pray for you, but they sure as hell don't want to constrain businesses or pay more taxes to help you out.
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    McBrett, you're not saying anything I disagree with. Waste happens, and websites get screwed up. I also understand that $300M of waste in a $3.6T monstrosity of a federal budget isn't a big deal. You were away for a while, but I had a discussion with someone else about this very issue. I don't think the GOP should make a big deal out of the website. It's easy to fix, and though it's embarrassing right now, it likely won't impact the 2014 election. However, there are legitimate problems with Obamacare that are much harder to fix and impact people much more.

    And yes, the website costs pale in comparison to the Iraq War, but entitlements, which though you have the integrity to discuss, most Democrats do not, dwarf the Iraq War in terms of cost.
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    "not a safety net -- that's a hammock that Republicans in Congress want to do away with,"
    source please showing GOP wants to " do away" with food stamps.
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    Eliminate was a poor choice of words. "Curtail" would have been more accurate. For a look at how key farm-state GOP legislators feel about who deserves help and who does not you can check out this link --The Link

    Here's another linkThe Link
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    BWAHAHAHA!!! The repubs are all of a sudden concerned about regular Americans. Bwhahahaha!!


    Oh, Happy Thinksgiving All! [​IMG]
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    I hope the site is never fixed. It's not the problem. The problem is the socialist bill and it's low information backers.
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