A Shout-Out to 7-31-33

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    Fifth year Senior #7 DB Antwuan Davis has been outstanding in standing in for P.J. Locke. Two weeks ago he was named Big 12 Conference Defensive Player of the Week.

    Coming out of HS he was rated the #5 cornerback in the nation by MaxPreps and #9 by Rivals. In his first three playing years, Davis subbed or started in 31 games. This season he was pretty much relegated to Special Teams. But, he never "quit;" and now he's getting to see some quality playing time and memorable results.

    His last three games' highlights are worth re-watching....

    Nice job, Antwuan!

    With Hollywood Hill out, it's been good to see Senior #31 DB Jason Hall's lumber skills again – layin' the wood on the opposition.

    Also, I was excited about Junior transfer #33 LB Gary Johnson's arrival on the 40, and he has failed to disappoint. Glad to see more playing time for him as the season progressed.
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    Good post.

    Depth is so very important to a team becoming elite.
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    I might so happy for both players. Davis, in particular, is playing at a very high level.
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    Good post but I think you misworded what you meant to say here :)
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    Do you think a little too much Wild Turkey on turkey day may have had something to do with that misstatement?:smile1:
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