Aaron Ross on Rome Tomorrow

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by baylorbear245, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. baylorbear245

    baylorbear245 100+ Posts

    Aaron Ross will be on the Jim Rome show tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:30 central. [​IMG]
  2. Bookman

    Bookman 1,000+ Posts

    I didn't realize any Baylor fans were such big Aaron Ross fans.
  3. baylorbear245

    baylorbear245 100+ Posts

    Grew up rooting for the horns but didnt get into UT....but i still give them support
  4. zzzz

    zzzz 2,500+ Posts

    Did he ever buy a House of Pancakes?
  5. Napoleon

    Napoleon 2,500+ Posts

    Grew up rooting for SMU but didnt apply to SMU....but i still give them support.


  6. Trilla

    Trilla 25+ Posts


    That was Huff.
  7. Austintxusa

    Austintxusa 2,500+ Posts

    He did good. Gave a shout out to Texas.

    Admitted GF is faster.

    Rome loved it.
  8. zzzz

    zzzz 2,500+ Posts

  9. iiiisofTX

    iiiisofTX 25+ Posts

  10. UTxOrange

    UTxOrange 100+ Posts

    Austinxusa, I'm being stupid tonight, who is GF?
  11. swc.lives.on

    swc.lives.on 500+ Posts

    I'd guess "GirlFriend" (the track star).
  12. Austintxusa

    Austintxusa 2,500+ Posts

    Sorry for my haste. It's actually his fiancee Sanya Richards.

    Sanya Richards is the youngest woman ever to break the elusive 49-second barrier at 400 meters.
  13. Maduka

    Maduka 250+ Posts

    Is it tomorrow yet?
  14. nosoupforyou28

    nosoupforyou28 25+ Posts

    Hearing Jim Rome speaks makes me vomit in my mouth a little.
  15. toucan82

    toucan82 1,000+ Posts

    Did you guys hear what Aaron Ross's girlfriend said about aggy?

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