Absolute BIG 12 Domination

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Godz40acres, May 18, 2015.

  1. Godz40acres

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    OSU comes in 2nd @ 49, followed by ou @ 41. Everyone else is laughable.

    If we only had a wrestling team...
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  2. Godz40acres

    Godz40acres Happy Feller

    @Dionysus - if you think this belongs in another thread, please move it. Thx.
  3. BevoBeef

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    I think there is no doubt that UT has a rich tradition and history in sports of which to be proud. My thoughts, however, are mostly of what the future holds for The University. This past school year is evidence that there is a lot to be worried about.

    P.S. My personal thought is that there is enough overlap for this thread to remain in this forum category. I read your comments and likes about what should be done in the poll regarding changing the 'in-the-stands" forum category in the future. You seem to be in favor of leaving it alone. Is there a subliminal reason that you chose to put this thread in this category and not in the other subject area? I was just curious about your reasoning. Sorry for possibly hijacking the focus of this thread.
  4. Godz40acres

    Godz40acres Happy Feller

    I'm too simple minded to have any subliminal reasoning capabilities!

    I just thought that, because the information encompassed all the schools' sports, it belonged in this forum. Then I second guessed myself... which happens quite often.
  5. Dionysus

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    Makes sense to me but I too lack subliminaliminaluminum capability.
  6. WorsterMan

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    I not only lack that $5.00 word Dion used but I also lack focusness as well.
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  7. NBHorn7

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    What about Quidditch?
  8. Joe Fan

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