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    An example of the look long enough, you'll find a list to make you feel good. The REAL list is the Tier 1 undergraduate list, published annually, in which the Top 50 are Tier 1. Under the leadership of Cunningham, Berdahl, & Powers, we slipped from long standing Tier 1 in the 40s to being in the low 50s. We are NOT considered a Public Ivy.

    Certain graduate programs are very highly ranked

    What happened to "Linguistics"? It was ranked #1 or eons.

    So there are probably more ranking lists than schools, and one or more will suit your needs. When all is said and done, what is your education worth? Who is recruiting your school, what are you job prospects, how much money is being offered? Aren't those more important questions than the color of your skin, your heritage, or national origin?

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